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  1. Pretty sure you can hold international and club positions although I haven't tried on this version but it has been like that on all previous ones. If in doubt save first before applying just incase
  2. Not quite a bad mind, but I know Jack Butland from school (year below me) and for the last few years on FM whenever I have taken my team high enough I've tried to sign him, doubt I'll manage for a while now though...
  3. I'd like it if staff members would ask to have a conversation with you when they are offered a contract by another team. Such as Assistant Manager X has been offered a contract by team Y, he would like to discuss his possible options with you. Give you a bit more warning as the messages can be easily missed, especially at the start of a season, plus would make a bit more sense, especially if they listed you as a favoured staff member. Also I wouldn't mind getting assistant reports from players out on loan presented to you in a similar way to international player reviews. Just to streamline your newsfeed a little bit more and make you less likley to miss out on any info you need. Hopefully they come across as decent ideas at least
  4. Good Ass Manager

    I generally look for high judging ability to hopefully get accurate team reports so I can build up squad. Discipline and Motivation fairly important to me too but do like having high judging ability and potential
  5. Assistants : Is yours any good?!

    I had Cotton for about four years, I was on his favoured personel list, would give me good suggestions and as has been mentioned he started unemployed and was quite cheap. All went wrong when Stoke came sniffing around for him, I missed the message acted too late and he left for Stoke who had just returned to the premiership. Was gutted. Now I have an assistant that keeps recommending for the fans all the time, but is good at evaluating my team so isn't all bad (will find his name when I can), still miss Cotton though
  6. Sorry for the quality of these, but two crackers in consecutive games from the same player, Darren Gibson on a free, what a steal
  7. Perhaps now you are fighting at the top end of the premiership a national reputation doesn't cut it with your players any more? Or do you use a lot of the same team talks, they may get tired with hearing the same instructions all of the time and find motivation difficult as a result of that
  8. A transfer listed player...

    Is the player transfer listed by request? Perhaps he wants to move to a bigger club, they accepted his request but don't want to sell him so they have a high asking price? Not sure if the AI can or would do this but could be a possible explaination
  9. Great players in FM that never made it irl

    On Championship Manager 2007 I think, around that time, Craig Lindfield from Liverpool reserves was always a steal. Think he's playing lower league now in real life. Paul Anderson to some extent too, same game same amazing potential, he came out of it slightly better though and is playing in the championship now, I think at least