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  1. if your using fire and water with two strikers , does the AM man mark or can one of the strikers as my AM is one my best players and don't want him stuck man marking and not influencing the games???
  2. I thought id post incase it hasn't been said anywhere else and it may help some people. I have found that what ever the score line in games shout 'show some passion' after the on and after 70minutes of a match has a positive effect on most of my players. have only been trying it for a few months but some games where nothing much was going on second halve after scoring 5-7 goals I then have scored up to 3 goals in the last 20 minutes. one game noting happening after half time at 6-0 went on to score 3 goals last 20 minutes and win 9-0 some games we have scored but ha
  3. how do you improve tackling then as theres no option? @RDF Tactics @knap
  4. Any idea when the tweaked tactic will be released @RDF Tactics? thanks
  5. @knap I'm using beta from steam and my save is saving 20.2.4 but your beta tactics are saying 20.3.4 does this mean using the wrong public beta and if so where can I get 20.3.4 thanks
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