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  1. I'd like to see the match engine completely overhauled (no NOT 3D!!). I have a few savegames, one of which is Notts County and i'm able to do quite well with them by acting on the information provided by my Scout. It's a low league club, LOW on tactical skill and talent, the scout says the opposition play a fast direct game Team Instructions : Slow Tempo + Short Passing I win the match, but slow possesion based football is a HIGH skill game, talent is needed to pull it off A few seasons later i've been promoted to the Championship, my squad has been replaced with talented & HIGH skill players. The Scout says the opposition play possesion based football. Team Instructions: Fast Tempo + Direct Passing I win the match, using a LOW skill tactic. It just all seems back to front, when i have a poor team im successfully playing football that should be technically BEYOND them, and when i have a strong team im successfull with tactics that should be the domain of the poor team. Its too clinical, its too Rock-Paper-Scissors, in short it's not really football.
  2. Id like to see an improvement made to the tactics screen, specifically for the Individual Instructions. It would be better if they were actually located on the player profile as they are meant to be specific for that player, and then loaded from there if the player is selected in the starting 11+subs eg 2 MC's MC1 Passing 15 Crossing 15 Finishing 7 Longshots 6 MC2 Passing 9 Crossing 8 Finishing 12 Longshots 18 Obviously the II's for Longshots, Throughballs & Crossing Instructions need to be different for each of the MC's, but at the moment if you sub MC1 for MC2 and forget (in the heat of the game) to alter the II's in the tactics window your game is going to suffer from that point. Although it means increasing the database size slightly due to more stored data, it will help when customising the standard tactics to suit your team better. +2p
  3. On a players profile id like to see a "report" page (prolly best in misc with Notes) which would list all the reports generated for that player Training Scout Coach Physio Ass.Man etc. Id also like to see a little more info in some of those reports, ie Ass.Man training report runs to "decent member of the squad" atm, id like to see "has worked hard in training this season but is unlikely to progress any further" 2p
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