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  1. than you for being so helpful always wanted to do a newcastle save but dunno just neva had time think im gona use 4231 thanks for the help wid cabaye intructions
  2. hi i am about to stat a newcastle game always wanted to do one but never have could some one recoend me the est tactic for newcastle and how to get best outta tiotie and cabaye thanks
  3. hi in my 2nd season 3 games left to go oncourse to finishing 3rd in final of europa league after beatin leverkusen 7-1 on agr 1st season i won league wid like 10 or more games finishin on 121 points and won league cup i dont know hiw to do screen shots or else i would
  4. can any one recomend some good young players or highley rated players that will join blackpool thanks
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