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  1. My team is Galatasaray and i don't have a squad totally suits with that tactic but i tried, and the results are amazing.Just give some time to it.Great job mate.
  2. Actually very good results, i will give it a try and leave feedback.
  3. Playing with Galatasaray, transfered just 2 players, Douglas(AMC) and Kleber(DL). Well, played 12 game and won 10, conceded just 1 goal.Last words, thanks Dave.
  4. Of course it is.Team is playing great without conceding, so it's just a coincidence.
  5. Playing Dave's tactics for years and i think he creates the best for every year.
  6. Which schedule do you think I should use for players like Erick Torres ? (I use him as a striker.)
  7. There is nothing left to say.Stuttgart, first season, 12.0.3.
  8. First season with Stuttgart.Version 12.0.3.Not bad for the start ha ?
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