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  1. I am planning on creating my own transfer update for Football Manager 2019; I would be able to spend considerable time completing updates for the community - I would include the following: *Updated Transfers - Worldwide *Manager/Coach movements *Contract renewals *International Caps/Goals *Long-term Loans *Boardroom changes *Promotion/relegation - Worldwide *Data Issues - from the Football Manager forums *Non-league transfers - England *Injury amendments And any other little details that make the game more enjoyable. If anyone is interested in this please let me know; I realise there are some excellent updates already happening but I can offer real quality with an eye for detail. I am a former researcher for 2016; 2017 and 2018 versions of the game.
  2. its a small folder they have added for beginner's instructions.
  3. Did anyone download this and want anymore. Happy to continue
  4. CARRINGTON TRANSFER UPDATE This update is as comprehensive and thorough as I hope you will find in the community. It consists of * All current transfers since 17.3 - From across Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America - English non-league down to level nine * Manager and coach movements * Retirements and contract changes * All missed date issues from Sports Interactive Forum Please download this and let me know your thoughts. The second download is all international caps updated for most international teams http://www.mediafire.com/file/uxcjt247pl453qd/Carrington_update_v1.0_075BF097-98EC-4434-BFD6-96EACFAB4E8B.fmf https://www.mediafire.com/?ek1bw05clnayf07
  5. FM2017 Transfer Update v1.0 (Currently update to 11/02/17) I have edited the database with the following league transfer and manager changes England (To level 6) Top leagues complete for most of Europe. I aim to add the following in my next update England level 6 and below All suggested data changes from the FM forum. This is my first attempt at a transfer update and would be happy for any suggestions for future versions. Carrington.fmf
  6. I have done my own update and found literally hundreds of transfers not completed. Sorry but Pro usually does a great update.
  7. I didn't, but I thought this would have been done without me saying. I will be happy to contribute in future though. Didn't mean to have a dig, I know it is still a fantastic update.
  8. Not much done in the English Championship. Don't mean to seem ungrateful but have been waiting for a really good update. Transfers such as: Ben Marshall - Wolves Zach Clough - Nottingham Forest Haven't been completed.
  9. I have loaded all leagues, will this take an age to process on 64bit laptop. I have most countries as view only apart from England, Scotland, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Holland
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    Filter at the top of the page
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    I can load through filter settings
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    Hi, Not sure if I'm being stupid, but I cant locate the search box for the editor. Unable to load up players.
  13. Are we going to hear anything about the editor before release day please
  14. I'm sure it came out before Midnight last year.
  15. Hi, I have a new laptop which is really good for FM2017 although I'm not so sure about the graphics card. It is an Intel (R) HD Graphics 5500. Will this be good for the 3D match engine as want to be able to be tip top for this.
  16. http://www.very.co.uk/hp-pavilion-17-g102na-intel-core-i3-8gb-ram-1tb-storage-173-inch-hd-laptop-blizzard-white/1600020597.prd Is this any good please
  17. When I download this file it doesn't show up in my editor. Ant other files do. Please can anyone help. Cheers
  18. Yes cheers der dude, I will use this website for my research.
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