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  1. This needs be addressed, say I bought pogba and then sold rakitic and players become unhappy at the fact rakitic is sold due to his influence. I don't have an option to tell players I have already bought a better replacement. Only option is " I will buy a better replacement". So basically unless I sell first and then replace I will be making a lot of players unhappy as the game can't process the fact that I have already bought a player.
  2. Hi, it happens randomly, not any specific dates just freezes for like a few seconds the closes the game without any error messages. Feel like giving up now with trying to play it.
  3. Sorry if it's been mentioned, but would love the realistic idea of players potential ability going up and down depending on training and commitment. Kinda like with bale, he was good but not that good to point he is as an attacker. The improvement his made is incredible. There's others players too who are good but really explode after few seasons. Or some who look good then drop down a lot. It's just boring to know a player who has good stats at young age but will never be more than a 2* but if he trained hard had the right guidance could he not become a 3-4*. Just a suggestion to keep game feeling exciting for longer save games.
  4. Love to see animations for league/ cups titles. It's the same rubbish all the time I dont event care when I win the title lol nothing overwhelming.
  5. I would love to see this implemented and I think it can be done. At the moment the only celebrations we see is players running onto the pitch after cup or title won. If SI could take this to the level where players are handed the cup n the animations e.g all players standing in middle of pitch receiving the cup n the jumping n sparks out would be an amazing addition.
  6. Seriously is this how you like to play the game? Finding exploites. Lol I'd be bored with the game in aday if I did.
  7. That's the issue loads of players have 20 stats even high technique but none can shoot from distance. I'd rather they have 15-17 stat and actually score.
  8. Iv just noticed a crazy amount of regens with 20 long shot attribute, anyone else notice this?
  9. Not that good but "Dan Crowley" becomes amazing! Better stats than fabregas and is in my 1st 11 on my Barcelona save.
  10. This is so strange, on my third season and all my Barcelona B Team coaches have been released, i havent got a single coach. How do i sign coaches for my B Team? i dont think i even can.
  11. I agree to much miss shots that go wide, talking in regards to players like messi and ronaldo. Messi has so many one v ones in my Barcelona save he missed half them can't be tactics. Plus all the goals come from the wingers for me so know I play two up front and am getting more goals but only cause of crosses. The shots need work on and so does the passing for the strikers.
  12. When I go to steam workshop in the game it freezes! Can anyone help?
  13. I was really hoping this year the ME would have special players like messi and ronaldo do tricks like step overs or faints. Every player in fm run the same. I remember in fm 12 any flair players used to move in a different way and did step overs. Why is this not the case for fm 14?
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