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  1. craigd84

    Youth Development Issues

    Ditto what these guys are saying. I was using a database that had every countries youth rating set to 200. Made the game so much fun seeing decent to world class players coming from places like China, Vietnam, Honduras ect. All this can happen in the normal data just not as frequent.
  2. Not entirely true your applying the games F9 required abilities to real lifes F9. One of the original F9's Francesco Totti played there when he started to slow down. Sampaoli was/is just a manager who loves to try and reinvent the game and has poor selections.
  3. craigd84

    Messi's role

    Use Treqauartista with a poacher. Mine has 30 goals and 30 assists. Problem with Messi is that he doesn't really have a role irl. He is quite unique in the fact he plays MANY different roles in one game. I would suggest also using loads of Support duties around him except the Poacher (Suarez).
  4. Sweet jesus that is a big ol' necro smash.
  5. Yes i kind of do play FM like that, so for instance in my Frome town game at the start I aimed to get poachers with finishing of 10 or above as the average was about 9. I know there are more stats to consider but this was a sort of guide. I always consider: 14 for top tier leagues 12 for championship and league 1 standard 11 for league 2 and conference standard as my guide lines. So yeah in the level he is playing at and the players age and potential i believe his starting stats are fine for a libero. Another thought i have is... he can play segundo volante so I think he would be fine as a libero, again just my opinion.
  6. I think for the level you are playing at he is more than adequate. It's more the PPMS you want to consider as they can really enhance how the player plays the game.
  7. craigd84

    Jorge Sampaoli

    I would like to see Masch and Biglia protecting a back 4 Fazio in to help Otamendi Tagliafico on the left and Mercado on the right, and then MESSI in front with Di Maria on the left Higuain centre and Dybala right.
  8. craigd84

    Ajax 1995

    also set both Cm's to mark specific positions. Obviously this would change depending on opposition. As for the CM95 (my first CM/FM) Martjin Reuser, Kiki Musampa and Nordin Wooter normally turned out pretty good.
  9. In the 41212 formation you posted it looks ok, but you have a BPD and iirc they look to play more riskier balls. Which in FM talk.. more lofted balls. Also I would use dribble less... then if you wanted certain players to dribble then tell them so via PI's
  10. I use my TREQ along side an AF/Poacher depending on team selection. Only my Threw gets played in almost every game. AF is central and TREQ sits in the right striker role. To get a TREQ to work in a 4231 if I was you anyways I would put the SV and raumdueter on the same side both set to attack then on the other side I would have all support units.
  11. @herne79 I'm currently using a Treq. In the ST strata.. 31 games 19 goals and 24 assists. Not bad.
  12. I think I may of cracked it... I have to use a 343 which I didn't want as I feel 3 striker formations are a bit op but I am noticing my libero now picks up loose balls in the other half. He still doesn't get passed to much but it is an improvement. Rcm set cm attack Lcm set cm defend but during the game it changes to sup and attack. Both WM's set too attack. Both cb set to stopper. All my set plays have the libero lurking. Still not seeing it like I did on last year's game though.
  13. In my case then can you tell me how my set up doesn't allow him to flourish?! I have two cms so he can run into the gap, no playmaker selected. I have exploit the middle with dribble less... I switch between roam from positions and neither selected. I'm confused.. can't work it out. Maybe I managed to work it out In cm 17 then.. I dunno but it just seems to bypass the libero.
  14. craigd84

    Libero not working

    Hi guys. Testing out the libero role on this year's game and partaking in Cleons thread regarding the libero and the invisible wall. When play enters the 3rd quarter the libero tends to stop moving forwards.. which leaves the libero hanging just ahead of the centre circle basically becoming a bystander. Cleon states in his thread also that he finds this is a problem due to the ME and the libero role. The player I am using is set to attack and has PPMS gets further forward and gets in to opposition box.. so all he needs to break through the wall it just never happens.
  15. @LPQR I think your right about the wall... happening more than on 17. I'm almost done on this experiment. Last year's was fine but I can't seem to get the team to use my libero.. they all bypass him.