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  1. It's all random, perhaps his determination isnt high enough for first team? I know you said the lower determination players still progressed better but were they first teamers? getting tutored? ect
  2. I had a so so experience with a libero attack, my set up was this, Lib a cd d cd d HB d /Anch d Rw a cm a cm s hold position Lw a am a cf a Now, it was so so because sometimes it worked and sometimes not, however someone on here set up a similar tactic but set the Lib to SUPPORT and the two cb's to STOPPER. now this was far more effective the LIB still came forwards but on defense it was far more secure. The STOPPERS maintained a higher line which seemed to flow with the HB and then allowing the LIB moving forwards.
  3. The OP's player would still be an efficient CB. Also dont forget some physical stats dont really start growing until they are 17-18 yr old.
  4. The Firmino

    According to @Cleon (iirc) Work rate can make a TREQ close down.
  5. FM18 Liverpool FC - Return to our Glory Days

    WOW i could of signed him second season for 35 million. You sure you aint over spending there?
  6. Awesome, I too have a game going in Iceland. Im in .3 Kelid with Kari. Just want to know how long the seasons are, as .3 Kelid is just 18 games iirc... so its now October and i have no football until pre season Feb 2018 LOL.
  7. Secrets revealed...?

    Surely that has to be a joke?
  8. 199 PA

    He can easily make that PA become a reality. Good tutoring and good coaching.
  9. @herne79 Whilst i agree with you, it would be nice to be able to train that attribute individually.
  10. But when i watch football in the countries you speak of i will say the technical and tactical side of the game is better. I was watching bologna against Roma two years ago and the Bologna defence could all control a ball under pressure and pass very very well. Some of the lower prem teams cannot.
  11. FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

    HEHE that is fantastic.
  12. FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

    Please upload a screenshot of the ridiculous ones?
  13. Secrets revealed...?

    No there isnt.. which is a shame. But i do ok on FM, its just things that get ignored, genuine questions ect that i dont like. The tactic gurus are pretty swish though. Heads up... Change the title of the thread, you make it sound like you have secrets revealed... when you dont.
  14. nice work pal, at first i was thinking why Evra IWB but then read fully and understood, the Scholes/Pogba role i like very much there good job. Now all you need to do is sort me a Riquelme based tactic either a Boco one or the one Argentina used against England when Riquelme dominated that game until he got subbed.
  15. But... still one of the greatest players of all time.