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  1. Player Roles & Duties | Football Manager 2021 Guide (guidetofm.com) this one?
  2. i only have the save post GK signing and its now November. will this still help?
  3. So my striker signed with me whilst there was a promise to improve the goal keepers. I then found a gk who was by far better than anyone in my squad, cost me 10 million. Still the promise wasnt considered complete. So i reloaded my save, singed Rui Patricio, who is now around 37.. still better than what i had but promise still not complete. Reload, this time i get Grabara on loan from Liverpool, hes valued at 24 million... promise still not complete. So now i have a my star striker complaining and threatening to leave the club. Really annoyed
  4. ok, this is weird, ive just played the quarter finals and now i can bid. Which i did and it obviously got accepted. So strange. Sorry, i am using the default database. Thanks for replying.
  5. Hi, i am trying to purchase a player with a 9 million to clubs in continental competition release fee. I am in the knockout stages of the CL however... i dont have the option to use that clause which is odd as all the other clauses work just fine for me.
  6. im still struggling to get a treq and poacher set up. I seem to create tactics where wide men are the main goal scorers.
  7. oh ok, I have checked that out and what i like about the one where Ronaldo scored 100 goals is that the goals seem spread among the front 4 and the shape suits my side more. im also assuming that those 100 goals was over one season right? also do you have a trequartista role in any of your tactics?
  8. i still cannot get my Treq to be effective at all. I want him to be my talisman as its a rule i have on my save. Everyone of my 3 tactics must use a Treq. i have used all support roles around him, i have used a mix and used attack, i just cannot get him to work.
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