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  1. I have tried to get it to work this year, but I cant lol. I don't see the raumdeuters performing the way they did on last years. I even made a thread about it.
  2. hey all, has the ramdeuter been tweaked or changed at all in this years ME? Last year I had a set up where the Raum, moved like its supposed too but this year no matter what I do I cannot get him to make the same angled runs into the middle.
  3. No this just doesn't happen enough, I think its a way of making the game harder. I even use wingers with "prefers to pass rather than shoot"
  4. Hi all, when you get the youth previews I know that "real golden generation" is the best rating for the group on whole but what is the best ranking for individuals? "x player who looks promising" for example?
  5. low risk game and short passing would help get the enganche involved. No other playmaking roles either.
  6. Cheers for that mate much appreciated. I have a quad core 3.0ghz cpu it says so on the PC so 4 times 3 is 12? Im not really tech savvy at all, i just go by whats on the screen. This laptop will be 90% of the time for FM only, but my step son may want to play GTA V with all the bells and whistles in terms of mods. Is that possible too?
  7. will this play FM with multiple leagues and around 250k of players loaded at a quick speed? https://www.johnlewis.com/asus-zenbook-pro-15-ux580gd-e2046t-laptop-with-screenpad-intel-core-i9-16gb-ram-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-512gb-nvme-ssd-15-6-inch-touchscreen-ultra-hd-deep-dive-blue/p3635165
  8. Looking at this https://www.johnlewis.com/asus-zenbook-pro-15-ux580gd-e2046t-laptop-with-screenpad-intel-core-i9-16gb-ram-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-512gb-nvme-ssd-15-6-inch-touchscreen-ultra-hd-deep-dive-blue/p3635165 do you think playing with well over 200ks worth of players would run fast on here?
  9. well, my PC is a quad core running at a total of around 12ghz. Im in a position to be able to purchase a new machine but i really do want it to be able to run FM as fast as possible.
  10. 1v1 issues and other small bugs. Yes the 1v1 issues really do have that affect on me.
  11. Hi guys, I have a very good PC that was built 5 years ago that at the time played ArmA 3 on ultra at 60fps... I had this built specifically for FM though. However, im currently on FM19 waiting for the 1v1 issues to be fixed ect on FM20 before buying it. I have just upgraded the ram in this machine to 16gb as i was told ram is important for FM. I since got it back home and tried setting up a 5 league game with loads of background players totalling 90k approx. My star system was 1.5. I was hoping this recent upgrade would make a vast difference to the projected speed, as my other saves were around 1star for a lot more players. So what i am asking is this: What are the premium things to look at when it comes to running player and league heavy games? ram? processor? Im on scan looking at PCs and laptops but i really want one thats gonna make FM very very fast. Kind regards
  12. yeah because not only do they look to keep ball they also look to attack through it totally negating the right side if my memory serves me correctly.
  13. I also liked the idea you focus play down the opposite side of the overload. Thats how i understand exploiting too... I made a 4 33 0 on last years with Ajax with two Raumdueters, and focused play down one side and my LW one banged in a lot of goals.
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