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  1. @herne79 looking at your Ceara tactic i must say iam impressed. I cannot believe i made this very same tactic as you last night... whilst i wasnt even aware of this thread!! However I have a DLF and a P but have made a few HT changes of the DLF becoming a CF. My rcm has gets further forwards and move into channels, my lcm is set to standard. My BWM is set as standard but is a very technical player so can unleash a few passes and he rarely gets booked. Great read pal!!
  2. I batter them alot. BUT they have beaten me in CL finals, and a few times in the league but i have won 10 straight leagues. It helps that my tactic is built perfectly with the players i have. It also helps having Icardi! even though they have Dybala and he has been the reason they beat us a few times, Icardi is the difference maker.
  3. Concentration is Vital in defensive and attacking aspects!
  4. I use 4 33 0 with no striker, however maybe its my AMC set to Trequartista that is making my Raumdeuters behave the way i stated.
  5. Just sign Afonso Sousa.. he will tear up the set pieces and bag 5 or 6 free kicks a season minimum.
  6. :'D fantastic!!!
  7. FANTASTIC read however the fact you are using an American team in the English league weirds me out haha!! What was the reason behind not having them in the MLS?
  8. personally swap out control for STANDARD... you may find that teams are becoming more defensive against you as CONTROL is quite an aggressive mentality. So the AI have adapted gone on the defensive and your players cant find space in behind. Dont forget consistency and pressure can play a part too!
  9. im finding my raumdueter's dont run towards goal often. They seem to get the ball and run wide... im using standard mentality so i cant imagine my team are set too attackingly.
  10. I think what he is asking is which IF role will create the most chances for the AF. Would support or attack create more? well it says it in the role guide pal.
  11. then for team talks: assertive, i expect a win if leading at half time: assertive, do not get complacent.
  12. ok, so im going out on a limb and assuming you have been Spurs. If so, 4-2-3-1 set to standard/very fluid normal speed, play out of defence and pass into space. gk(df) distribute to the full backs rb (wb s) cd (d) cd (d) lb (wb s) rcm (cm s) gets further forward (Eriksson) lcm (cm d) hold position amr (if s) shoots less amc (ss) Ali aml (if s) shoots less cf (cf s) Kane
  13. Need more to go by than that. I and many others would be more than willing to give advice if you just tell us more? What tactics, what teams ect
  14. I need to test the hugs the line ppm. From what i have read on another post that ppm delays the moving inside action. I think you are right about the Treq, but the Enganche looked ok, i will try and AP(S) tonight and see then. @Analog i too think the CM role offers a great attacking outlet and gets loads of chances, Davy klaasen is amazing in this role regularly getting 15+ goals a season.
  15. info provided

    @Student Boy did you find out how to fix this?