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  1. That IS my libero, hes picked up a few extra moves too.
  2. I find that this year the Libero is involved more in the play HOWEVER i dont know why but my Ajax tactic of last year using a 3 5 2 is not working this time around. Im not sure what im doing wrong but i will keep plugging away.
  3. with the real name fix, i couldnt translate the site... do i delete fake.inc and the other files or do i just put your file in there?
  4. Lincoln was good on last years but looks just as good on this years. It looks like i have found my first signing for my Roma team too.
  5. Whilst that may be the case, AF and Poacher will just be adding the crucial finishing touch of a possession based move.
  6. what about setting the striker to either Adv. Forward or Poacher, Poacher would be my choice.
  7. for me i use a treq on the right of a central poacher. 25 goals and 40odd assists in one season.
  8. Ditto what these guys are saying. I was using a database that had every countries youth rating set to 200. Made the game so much fun seeing decent to world class players coming from places like China, Vietnam, Honduras ect. All this can happen in the normal data just not as frequent.
  9. Not entirely true your applying the games F9 required abilities to real lifes F9. One of the original F9's Francesco Totti played there when he started to slow down. Sampaoli was/is just a manager who loves to try and reinvent the game and has poor selections.
  10. Use Treqauartista with a poacher. Mine has 30 goals and 30 assists. Problem with Messi is that he doesn't really have a role irl. He is quite unique in the fact he plays MANY different roles in one game. I would suggest also using loads of Support duties around him except the Poacher (Suarez).
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