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  1. There are loads out there mate to be honest. Look in the download section.
  2. Curled shots animation?

    places shots DEFINITELY works. I see them all the time. Lobs GK works too, rounds the GK doesnt work AS much as the others but i think they work best on AF's s they are highest up the pitch and likely to be in a few one on ones. Curled shots happen, i have Ozil in my team and hes scored quite a few of them!
  3. 806 Years On!

    a guy on youtube, the Liverpool supporter iirc did a 1000 year holiday save with european leagues loaded. But good job because i know this is one long process!
  4. and that my friend is what FM is all about.. YOUR intuition.
  5. either of those striking options. Thats what i would do... possibly set him up as a trequartista.
  6. holy moly this was funny.
  7. Romario is a player that sticks in my head of "party lover nature but goal machine on the weekend"
  8. Mother of all newgens

    LOL yeah Ronaldo was easy to sign, but wasnt all that great in his first six months (signed him in Jan) he score 12 in 18, but the next season he was dire and mainly used as a tutor. 16 million iirc on a tutor :'D Messi though was a different story, played him as a CF (s) and he was fantastic despite being old two decent years but definitely played a major role in developing Casey. I also had Suarez he was superb for me again 20 odd million despite being around 33/34. Cost me a bomb in wages too... could of cried. But again helped tutor one of my main three now.
  9. Mother of all newgens

    I do have a striker called Danny Baan on my AJax save who came through with another striker called Vedat Kilic at the same time. Kilic looked like he was way better, but i gave Baan his debut and he scored so i thought ok i will give him a run the following season. The other "more impressive" striker i played about 6 times before the season didnt score, following season i played them both but it was the "less impressive" Baan who was scoring in the cups and a few league games, so i loaned out Kilic to see if that helped. He did well on loan so i brought him back and he started scoring Baan was back in the Jong team scoring too. Kilic then stopped scoring for a while, dropped to the Jong team... but i noticed my assistant played Baan more, Baan was banging goals in as a DLF (A) (i was training them both as CF's) so the following season Baan became my main back up striker and without really noticing scored an impressive 26 goals in around 30 games, Kilic was offloaded after managing 3.. Baan is now worth 50 million! But i refuse to sell... he has won me so many CL's i have won 6 or 7 in 10 years.
  10. Mother of all newgens

    That Messi deal took 3 years to happen!! and a load of trophies and convincing even over paying most expensive tutor i have ever bought, even got a 37 year old Ronaldo too hahaha. Your team looks immense, so much balance! i really like the balance you have on all your players very very well rounded. So many tactical options, you could play a REALLY REALLY effective strikerless tactic.
  11. Mother of all newgens

    I have, i will post up one later!! His name is Corey Casey from my Liverpool youth team. He had the best stats i had seen on a 16 year old, 18 for technique being one of them. He was a world cup winner at 17 for my England squad. I managed to have him tutored by a 36 year old Messi i had to pay about 25million for him and a HUUUUUGE contract BUT i had freakin' Messi lol. My only Gripe is that he is now 21, and has only just managed to break the 20 goal mark in a season scoring 21 lol. HOWEVER for my England team he is prolific 60 caps 64 goals. HOWEVER because i have Mauro Icardi ( club record goals scorer 310 goals in 290 games) as my main striker in a front 3 Casey gets more assists than goals, but for England using the same tactic he plays Icardi's role and bangs them in. So i am kinda holding his goalscoring back but at 21 i have many years for him to smash Icardi (33 yrs old) goals record. I will also post a few of my Ajax ones up!
  12. Mother of all newgens

    Yeah he is a bit of a beast lol. Gerald is perfect for a Raumdeuter, i would train him on MOVES INTO CHANNELS, and possibly GETS INTO OPPONENTS BOX.
  13. [FM17] *Actually* Good Freekick Takers?

    Afonso Souza FC Porto Hakim Zayiech Ajax I have had both of these lads and they score quite a number of FK's Souza being the most consistent taker.
  14. Mother of all newgens

    Though i just noticed there is a difference of 20 appearances on his goals scored for you... perhaps to get the best out of him you may need to either tweak your strikers role... OR depending on how you play remove the "runs with the ball often"