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  1. I use both types of keepers depending on which keeper i play. Donnaruma who is my no1 in my Roma save is a bog standard GK with untouched PI's iirc. BUT when i play my back up keeper i use a SK on S. @Cleon are you using the 95/96 season database? I was wondering if that was the inspiration of this post. I have a save on there and I signed Chilavert for my Liverpool team set to GK, direct free kicks and direct free kicks with small amount to shoot. I noticed though i rarely get direct free kicks when he is set as the taker but when its Rivaldo i get at least 1 per game. Chilavert is also my penalty taker and has already scored a hattrick of pens for me. he has 12 goals in his first season.
  2. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Im confused as i was on about Nicolo Barella, but i will answer... YES Neves is that good. i signed him in my Liverpool save for 30million and sold him 3 seasons later for 70.
  3. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Barella is a monster. Radja's replacement for certain.
  4. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I find Pellegrini to be a quality left back BUT is prone to the odd red card in tough games.
  5. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Funnily enough this was one of the first formations i tried with Roma, but couldnt get it going, So i settled for a 442 diamond with WB's.
  6. Pedro Ruiz Delgado - Real Madrid

    Have only just been on here to notice this, yes i will get you a screenie. He is still at Fulham iirc. but very tidy. When im off of nights i will post it up.
  7. Just a quick question.. why don' goal keepers take direct free kicks on here anymore? I could have them take them on FM17. But on here if I select them as free kick taker I do not get any free kicks.
  8. Creating a regen in the editor

    No sadly, but i think you CAN make an file where you add names that become regens and they generally always have the same positions. The one im thinking of is a regen who spawns in at LA Galaxy as a right back. He does so on every save i have made... I think his name is Simon Foote I cant remember.
  9. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    15 yrds imagine him over 20
  10. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    anyone else using the 95/96 database? Holy cow Robbie Fowler really does play like a god. Im in Jan of the first season and he already has 33 in 19.
  11. Pedro Ruiz Delgado - Real Madrid

    On Pedro, could it be that your tactic is making him perform way over his ability suggests? As for O'Riley he looks immense on my game in 22/23 season. Great regista.
  12. It has been done, I have done it but i have always been more impressed by other tactics i have made and other tactics others have made. Dont know why that is but it is lol. What have you come up with?
  13. Well I'm in the camp of HOYD favourite formations DO affect player positions and roles.
  14. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Do a save where you buy only English and only once a season.
  15. change him from a CF to either AF or POACHER. Pure goalscoring focus.