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  1. yeah because not only do they look to keep ball they also look to attack through it totally negating the right side if my memory serves me correctly.
  2. I also liked the idea you focus play down the opposite side of the overload. Thats how i understand exploiting too... I made a 4 33 0 on last years with Ajax with two Raumdueters, and focused play down one side and my LW one banged in a lot of goals.
  3. The bit i have made bold is the thing i was going to suggest. I used that same attacking triangle on last years at Roma, My poacher would score upwards of 40 per season, my Treq easily 20 and around 20 assists. CF around 20 plus goals. I would also consider making Guendozi a CM D or CM S with holds position. You need him to be more structured when defending closing down those long shots.
  4. i have seen what i believe to be "rounds the keeper" It generally looks like as the player approaches the keeper he runs at an angle then slots the ball past him, or hits the bar. I wouldnt say its a clear rendition of running around the keeper, just more parallel.
  5. shame its under review for FM 20 and not for this years. Upside is as always they are listening.
  6. Ah yes I remember now. For the defence I had two cbs one set defend one set as cover.. and a HB. I found this to be solid.
  7. I remember both you and I using that in our Roma saves.. CF s P TREQ Sublime amount of goals. Poacher regularly 35 plus. Treq 15 to 25 CF 25 plus.
  8. I just think there isnt enough single striker goals
  9. thats the one Ericstpeter. you could always use a DLP on support with ppm drops deep to pick up ball.
  10. This post is why id like him as a regista, especially his PPM he would be like a trequartista but in a deep role. With his PPM, low team work but decent decisions rating I envisage him dictating play from deep and picking passes not as often as a standard regista but just as good of quality. I think id like his style.
  11. @Experienced Defender Ah good, because id rather not have pass into space if it means my AMC wont see the ball as much. ok @zlatanera I'll give that a whirl.
  12. I did wonder this because using attacking the passes forwards would be quicker, but I figured a more cautious approach would lead to even more space. So, at somepoint i will trial: Attacking, with the highest press, keep my pass into space although i dont see how the AMC will benefit from that but once/if he does get the ball I envisage the poacher will.
  13. I was thinking cautious or even one step lower, with the AMC set to direct passing. I really need to he at my pc to give you more of what I'm thinking.
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