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  1. So in short I want my 10 to be the most involved, my orchestrater. Killer ball machine. I want my poacher to be the goal machine.
  2. Yes I get that but I'm currentĺy watching the fill games and consider key passes or shall I say I want key passes to be through balls from the playmaker to the striker. I want my whole final ball/creation through my number 10. Balanced to start with, clean slate on TI's occasionally choosing to focus through the middle I chose clean slate to see how it would function as is. Transition distribute to cb and fb considering playmaker but he is a short player so kicks to him wouldn't be ideal.
  3. When I use the RMD I put the striker offset so it's like I have two poachers. I set my cms like that to see if it forces the playmaker to search out the poacher more often than not. I have tried AP, Eng, and Treq... I think Treq has been the better, but still... no key passes.
  4. Hi all, On last years game I played as Roma with a rule that everyone of my three tactics had to make use of a trequartista. I built 3 systems with good results but my favourite was the one I based the attack off the Roma side in 2001. CF(S) P TREQ. Totti's role for me had 20 plus assists a season and Montella (P) 40odd goals a season. Now, on this years game I am struggling to make my playmakers in the AM strata have the most impact on creating chances, and the link up play with my AF/P or sometimes a DLF (A) doesn't seem as lethal as the setup I had last year. So, my setup this season from my memory as I am at work at this time, is this... GK FB (S) CB (D) CB (D) WB (A) CM (D) CM (S) W (A)/RMD EG (S) W(S) P (A) I left TI's set to basic, as I wanted to see what type of football was being achieved. I set my Enganche to play more direct passes in hope that he plays more through balls and shoot less. my three playmakers are: Dybala Thiago Almada (sp) Phil Foden all three have different PPMS, but all have tries killer balls. My poachers Roberto Firmino (I get he is more of a CF or DLF but he seems to do ok in the P role) Regen striker with moves into channels, rounds keeper and tries first time shots. Brewster with tries to beat offside, and tries first time shots. During the matches im not seeing my Enganche being used as the main creator, a lot of my best supple is the flanks even when I tick through the middle. I tinker on a game by game basis the pass into space option depending on how the AI set up. Do you think that if I put both of my full backs to FB (S) it would make a difference? Also, is the Enganche less of a ball magnet than say AP or Treq? Also an Idea I am toying with is setting the shape to very wide, but focus play down the middle so I can give my playmaker even more room, and considering setting it to be more disciplined, in thinking that would leave my creation down to my creative player?! **side note** I think my favourite players are those with no PPMS... Gravenberch has been immense for me and he has none, but creates and scores.
  5. Post that in the bugs forum to see if its a bug, as i believe the greys should ALWAYS be from the nation of the club.
  6. Yeah i guess so, he never really liked having to shoehorn Totti into his team but his talent combine with fan pressure i guess made him have to pick him. Well in my current save I have an ageing Messi in my squad as a wide treq, but im not really seeing the results i see when central.
  7. I like this. Can i ask have you tried using the Totti role that Zeman used in his last stint? the wide left Treq. I find the wide treqs dont seem as good as the central ones. But im tinkering.
  8. Bobby Firmino is possibly the best all rounder. Savic excluded from that.
  9. the tactic works, but the throws do not. I still score a lot.. but not like i was.
  10. Good read. However IIRC @Cleon has stated that the only difference in the WB and FB role is their initial starting place and that they both can go far up the pitch.
  11. So, to make him more of a threat... every set piece including throwings I have him set to lurking outside the box and everyone else in the box or defending. I also have shoots from distance ect. The libero still looks for passes more often than not but thats because his TW stat is 16... ideally if you want a libero to shoot more try and have his teamwork around 10. But alas, even though it seems the actual libero role works better this year i cant seem to find a formation where the other roles fit together to make an efficient tactic.
  12. I like it. Nice work, will try this out. compatible for the latest patch?
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