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  1. Sorry to hijack but yonko when clyne is fit you will still play trent more!
  2. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    It shouldnt come to that though pal lol
  3. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    tell me about it! so F'ing frustrating. ON the FM subject i was tracking Federico Di Marco too once i sold Moreno, sadly by the time Madrid finally bought Moreno Di Marco had gone up to 20 million instead of the 10 million i was going to pay. Di Marco is class. Well worth the 20 million so far!
  4. Scott I play wingers up there and they do well enough.
  5. This tactic along with my 4 1 22 1 for LFC is fantastic. Firmino Salah and Mane destroyed the first season when using this tactic.
  6. @herne79 Cheers fella, My WB's were told to target the back posts yeah.. so i had this idea that when the full backs were up they would swing a ball in and on the back post from the angled run would be the RD. so the changes i made were: FB(S) instead of WB(s) REGISTA instead of DLP (d) in the cm strata, so now i have a DM. AP(S) is still the same but without the hold ball up PI and dribble less. IIRC. Both Messi and Firmino were cutting in off there wings lovely. Just need to train them not to shoot from distance. I will check when im home to see if when i click off look for overlap it actually does anything. I left it selected so that my DLP at the time would look to switch it out to them occasionally to force my RD's inside...
  7. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    @Blinklys You are right it definitely wasnt easy BUT it wasnt hard. What i suggest is getting Hendo to micro manage the teams requests, I play 2 main tactics and one occasional tactic. 433 narrow is intense but my 4 1 2 2 1 isnt its a very slow methodical game, using this against teams position 12 and under was very good. It is also very important to use "aggressive: I expect a win" EVERY GAME! for instance I was away to Spurs, 1-nil up.. we had ten or so shots to there under 3... I STILL said this " Aggressive: I am not happy with the way you are playing" I had almost all green's (though that isnt always best its about context) and my team went out scored one more and played brilliantly.
  8. personally i would switch the IF's, right to A and left to S. Reason being is that your DLF will open space for the IF on the left but you also have your left CM set to A... so the IF and CM will occupy the same spot.
  9. Ah awesome. As for those asking about bluematter in away games... most definitely.
  10. to be fair wide midfielder's in my opinion are fantastic due to there diversity in PI's.
  11. WOW just reading through the earlier pages, most notably page one and two guys asked the question of what was the thinking behind the tactics and WOW the attitude shown to them is horrid. They were obviously interested in the tactics otherwise they wouldnt be in here asking about said tactics. Im a fan of KNAPP's work and have one as one of my 3 slots. Even i wonder how you are spotting what needs to happen in the ME to make you decide on what your tactic is doing. Probably worded that wrong but im on a night shift and been awake most of the day! Calling people fanboys is hardly offensive to be fair and some of the fanboy attitude to the two people asking questions is out of order. Knapp keep up the good work, you obviously know the inner workings of the ME very very well, i do ok in creating tactics myself but Im struggling with one of my tactics from last year coming over to this years game... but i will get there! Quick question Knapp is the Treq role as good this year for being the main man in terms of making and scoring goals?
  12. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Ok, so update, I started my season with the first window off, thats a first time for me normally its open but i thought i would make it more challenging... well we stormed the league breaking records too.. Mane Salah and Firminho all hit 15-20 goals and assists. Sturridge also had a fantastic strike rate scoring 15 or so times in as many games but he is made of glass. my first transfers were a couple of 15 year olds from the free agents who are now coming along nicely in season 3. But back to season 1 and in Jan i signed Rugani and Pellegri. Rugani was a bit part player as i had strong links with Matip Lovren and Matip Gomez. TAA had been a revelation down the right. My tactics were a narrow 433, 4231 and a 4330. We finished the league season unbeaten and won EVERYTHING which i thought was amazing. Second season I bought in De Ligt but was a bit stupid and didnt realise Ajax wanted to loan him back for 6 months D'oh! So i made a quick loan of Caldara who started off well but despite being considered consistent had a real bad end of season. Ozil (free) Bernd Leno (WOW) Kieta obviously. Ruben Neves I couldnt resist and Garath Bale for a small 38 million. (dont rate him irl but on FM he is superb) I also Upped my interest in signing Leo Messi sent scouts ect watched him personally ect. Made the usual bids getting rejected ect.. Sold Mane to Real for a massive 101million. 65 upfront annoyingly. Second season in the league i went unbeaten for a combined 66 games then got battered 2-0 by near bottom SUNDERLAND!!! was fuming. Player performances that really suprised me were: Salah.. 33 goals and over 10 assists. Pellegri.. 18 goals in around 24 games and a few assists Leno 30 clean sheets overall. More to write but wife needs me!
  13. ok for example, look at the left back he is set to attack, so may switch the DM and Vol around so the DM sits and covers the left back when he attacks?
  14. FM18 player links

    @herne79 perhaps in a different tactic that full back on defend plays on support or attack to obtain that link maybe? heres hoping for the feature being enhanced as i think its a lovely feature.. works superbly well.
  15. Can i ask... Knapp where do you get the names for your tactic from? lol.