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  1. oh ok, I have checked that out and what i like about the one where Ronaldo scored 100 goals is that the goals seem spread among the front 4 and the shape suits my side more. im also assuming that those 100 goals was over one season right? also do you have a trequartista role in any of your tactics?
  2. 200 Goals with 4231 skew that one? where the guy had Ronaldo score 100 goals lol
  3. this the proper version? the version i downloaded had two IF;A roles.
  4. i still cannot get my Treq to be effective at all. I want him to be my talisman as its a rule i have on my save. Everyone of my 3 tactics must use a Treq. i have used all support roles around him, i have used a mix and used attack, i just cannot get him to work.
  5. only selected pass into space, again that was on and off at times. Mix crosses. player instructions were basic, apart from wingbacks crossing was set to front post on the right sided wb and far post on the left sided wb, the idea being i wanted most of the goals to come from my poacher. i was basing my front three on Totti Batigol and Montella.
  6. Ah yes sorry, it was balanced and was wrote in fm style, right to left. ok, so something really odd today, i literally set up a basic 4 2 31 wide which i had been using already but a downloaded one that didnt get any CCC's, but the one i set up with nothing but two role changes has been creating 2 to 3 CCC's every game which was refreshing.
  7. Hey guys as usual i have started my Roma save and for some reason i cannot seem to create clear cut chances despite the tactic i use. Last year i built a incredible tactic using this set up CD c CD D CWB A A D CWB S CAR S MEZ A TQ A P A CF S i was creating a very good amount of clear cut chances, the TQ was my best player by a mile, 20 plus goals and 20 plus assists. This year i started with the same tactic but i couldnt seem to see the same amount of football let alone amount of chances. Im really struggling here...
  8. I have tried to get it to work this year, but I cant lol. I don't see the raumdeuters performing the way they did on last years. I even made a thread about it.
  9. hey all, has the ramdeuter been tweaked or changed at all in this years ME? Last year I had a set up where the Raum, moved like its supposed too but this year no matter what I do I cannot get him to make the same angled runs into the middle.
  10. No this just doesn't happen enough, I think its a way of making the game harder. I even use wingers with "prefers to pass rather than shoot"
  11. Hi all, when you get the youth previews I know that "real golden generation" is the best rating for the group on whole but what is the best ranking for individuals? "x player who looks promising" for example?
  12. low risk game and short passing would help get the enganche involved. No other playmaking roles either.
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