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    Dave's Guide to League Swap/Super Leagues

    Would either of the two things above be why I would happen to get a crash on August 1st when I try to do some team swapping (within the same league)? Been trying occasionally to make a database where, for example, I swap the English Prem teams to the Conference (and Conf to Prem League), English Championship teams to League Two (basically invert the teams from top to bottom, from EPL to Conference). And I've tried to do this with other leagues, as well. For example the Bundesliga teams to the German Regional divisions, Serie A teams to Serie C1, etc. Whenever I try this, the game starts up fine (and all leagues are selectable, so the correct # of teams are in each league), but I get a crash on August 1st (even if I try to holiday through that date).
  2. I'd like the ability to tick a box that allowed me to automatically refuse ANY offers. Having these clutter my future transfers in page is annoying, when there's no way they're coming in, but with so many damn offers (including the same ones over and over), it's too time consuming to refuse them (IMO). It'd be nice to be able to clear out the scout reports on my scouts. I'd like for bids that meet my requirements not be rejected for some unknown reason. For example, I set a "reject all bids 14.99 million $ and lower" on a player. A club came to me with an enquiry on that player. I said I wanted $15 million and a 20% sell-on clause, they agreed, yet I auto-rejected the bid. It would be nice if combo bids (such as 5 million now, 10 million over X months) would count as a 15 million bid (which would meet the requirements to not get auto-rejected, which they currently do). Better logic in generating gray players in emergency situations would be nice. Just had a horrid Gold Cup final vs Mexico as the US manager. 22 man rosters, and injuries just piled up over the tournament. Had 9 injured players for the final. I had started the tourney with a back line of 4 (DL, DR, DC, DC), but injuries left me with only TWO healthy defenders (I had called up a total of 7 players who could play on the back line, and was left with 2 DCs and 1 DM). The computer generated some grays for me, but not a one of the grays was a defender (of any sort). Did give me a GK, though (even though I had 3 healthy GKs available), and some MLs and MRs. Needless to say, I got trounced in the final.