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  1. Can't see how people are saying Insipidus is knee jerking with his reactions, I don't agree with his points on Stirridge but both Allen and Rodgers are poor in my opinion.
  2. Great effort that, sounded like a great atmosphere gutted I wasn't there. Only criticism was Brendans two subs when we'd just scored. Daft to say the least.
  3. Which is exactly why I would rather play a more natural defensive midfielder than him. Partly because he's useless and Henderson and Stevie are far better than him so don't want him in the team at all. When you're going away from Europe you aim to keep it tight and try and get an away goal. Our club has done it for years and it's worked pretty well. Rodgers is either incapable or too stubborn to set us up to play on the break.
  4. Also as a side note, heard from mates over there that loads of our fans have been getting jumped all day. If you're going to the return leg next week watch your back as there will be trouble.
  5. So utterly predictable and Rodgers gets it wrong again. Can already see people saying it was the players fault as usual. As soon as I saw that Allen was playing in midfield I knew we had now chance. Would rather play a more natural defensive midfielder from rhe reserves than him. Just clinging to the hope that Rodgers can learn from his mistakes and improve for next season, somehow I doubt it.
  6. Apologies for the long post, just been reading a Liverpool forum (not RAWK) and this post explained the way I and many other feel about Rodgers and the current situation. Sums up a lot of my issues with the current regime as a whole. Not posting this to have a go at Rodgers, as I say I think he should be give more time, thought is was just a really good post. Re: Brendan Rodgers « Reply #2933 on: February 13, 2013, 01:07:17 PM » To be honest I don’t want Rodgers sacked, not because I think he is going to come good rather it is because I don’t trust Ayre, Henry & Werner one iota to get it right. Let’s face it EVERY appointment/decision made by FSG has been an unmitigated disaster. They kept Hodgson for too long what it was apparent he was not good enough, indeed most of us had made our minds up before they had even taken over the club. *However they took the best part of 3 months to make a decision and even then it was down to that night at Ewood Park. They appoint the people’s choice, Kenny Dalglish, on a temporary basis and to their horror he exceeds their expectations meaning that they have no choice but to offer the old, unmedia-friendly Scot the position full-time. *They didn’t want Dalglish longer than 6 months and were forced into giving him the job because of the results and the fans. As regards the events of the January 2011 transfer window, no one will convince me that Kenny convinced Henry and co. to spend £35m on Andy Carroll. *There is no organisation in the world that would allow a temporary manager to make a decision like that. *He no doubt said yes to having him, but the £35m is down to Comolli, Henry, Ayre and Werner. *Of course Kenny the club man is going to agree with the partyline that he was privy to the decision to spend this huge amount. *The club were desperate, we were losing Torres and only had the then unproven Suarez and David N’Gog as it’s strikers. *They were definitely caught with their pants down. As regards Carroll now I was as shocked as anyone when we spent £35m but as I recall Spurs had a £28m bid rejected by Newcastle so it seems that was the going rate for him. *I also understand that Rafa tried to buy him whilst he was a Newcastle reserve player but they wanted £5m for a player yet to make his senior debut. Summer 2011’s transfer were let’s say unspectacular, however the likes of Henderson, Enrique and Downing are showing signs of finally settling in. *Shock, horror players take time to settle at new, bigger club. *Who’d have thunk it? We were spoilt in 1987 as Barnes not only hit the ground running, he picked up the ground and made it an art form. *Beardsley, as good as he was, took almost 6 months to start playing like we know he can. *However Barnes was that good, he covered up for Beardsley’s less than inspiring start. I still can’t believe that fans turned on Kenny. *Here was a man who picked us up after Heysel and made us double winners. * A little story. I work with a guy who doesn’t rate Kenny as a manager. *When you say 85/86 or 87/88 all he says is “Paisley’s team.” *I kid you not. *He didn’t want Dalglish as manager as he didn’t rate him others didn’t want him because he “was out of touch”, “been out of the game too long” and that “the game had moved on since he was a manager”. A great man once said “football is a simple game complicated by idiots.” * The rules are the same, score more goals than the opposition. *The only change since the last time Kenny was the manager and his second spell was the influx of foreign players. *Alan Hansen once said that when it came to knowing players there was no one better than Kenny. * Do you think this knowledge stopped at the White Cliffs of Dover? Alan Shearer said Dalglish was the best manager he had ever worked with, “he gets inside your head and makes you believe you are a better player” and “I was a better player after my first day working with him” are quotes attributed to the former England number 9. Now think about this – we sack our greatest player, one of our greatest managers and appoint the manager of Swansea after ONE SEASON IN THE TOP FLIGHT. This is a man who was sacked by Reading, however he “has worked for Mourinho” as if that means anything. *The Chelsea tea lady is awaiting the call from Buckingham Palace as she too “worked for the special one”. “Tika taka football” is his mantra, yet Liverpool played pass & move for all of Paisley’s reign, Fagan’s and even Dalglish’s. *It is not an alien concept to Anfield, yet if you listen to Rodgers and some of our fans he’s a visionary who has introduced it to the club! It is all smoke & mirrors. *Granted he is more media-savvy & friendly than Dalglish. *I mean where is the criticism over our performances in the national media? *Had a certain rotund Spanish genius presided over this he’d have been ridiculed and mocked, the same goes for Dalglish. *However Rodgers is “Teflon Brendan” when it comes to the press and some of our fans. “He was left with Dalglish’s/Rafa’s mess” you mean Suarez, Johnson, Lucas, Gerrard, Carragher, Agger Skrtel, Reina, Henderson, Enrique? *No team with that quality of player should be floundering in mid-table and getting beat at home by West Brom. We have gone backwards at a rate of knots. *The league table doesn’t lie, the football is not better and Fabio Borini will never be a 20+ goal a season striker while I have a hole in my rectum. The new mantra is “he needs new defenders” and “we will have to wait until the summer.” *I heard this last night, seriously. Kenny and Clarke never had a problem with the defence, in fact West Brom’s manager had us well-organised and solid. *Under Pascoe we are softer than Charles Hawtrey’s weedy brother! I fully expect we’ll see Agger or Skrtel dispensed with in the summer and a clogger like Ashley “I want to punch Luis Suarez” Williams brought in. *The problem isn’t the personnel it’s the fact that we have the organisation structure of a house of cards on a foundation of sand in a hurricane. All I hear is excuses and how we shouldn’t replace him because the club needs stability now. *It needed stability in the summer and it didn’t get it, why does it need it now? * If the manager isn’t up to the task, and the evidence seems to suggest he isn’t, then surely we shouldn’t just keep him on for the sake of it as some are suggesting? Kenny Dalglish is a perfectly capable manager, and had done more by the age of 40 than Rodgers can dream of. *He was dispensed with, why not Rodgers? Oh and another thing. *“If Dalglish was that good he’d still be our manager” I read the other day. *Well that one worked for Rafa Benitez didn’t it? *He was a good manager who was sacked by people who know-nothing about football, like Kenny. *A straw man argument if I have ever heard one. The Livepool job is one of the biggest in the world, yet Henry & Ayre would have you believe that the only candidates were Martinez and Rodgers. *That is like being asked “would you like Cancer or Aids?” FSG and Ayre have fooled us into believing we are not top drawer enough, we are. *What they want is a “yes man” they can bully and one that won’t rock the boat. The likes of Dalglish, Benitez, Van Gaal and De Boer are picky, prickly perfectionists who will not sit idly by whilst the club suffers a summer transfer window like that last one (Carroll out and no replacement). *They’d have been in Ayre’s office laying into him, if it was Shankly he’d have him by the throat. * The reason they wanted Rodgers is because his inexperience means he won’t rock the boat, plus he is that grateful for being massively over-promoted he’ll sit by whilst Ayre & Henry let Anfield burn. I just have absolutely no faith in anyone above the players at that club (besides Borrell). *Remember too that the club lost Pep Segura too ultimately because of Rodgers and his desire not to have a Director of Football. In the space of 4 years we have replaced perfectly capable and quality managers with massively inferior ones, not once but twice now. *It really depresses me.
  7. Lucas was the best player for us without a doubt. And had Stevie buried the pen we would've won the game, I think people claiming that it's the players alone costing us points are naive. As has been said when it's a mixture you have to look at the management. Agger looked top class at the euros and at his best is a brilliant centre half, him losing his man isn't usual. I always think back to some of his performances under Rafa in the champions league, top players don't lose their ability.
  8. Haven't been on much as I'm out of the country so not just coming in to moan about the west brom game. Very disappointing that we didn't build on two good away draws. Becoming very frustrating to watch now, with Sturridge being cup tied we will probably go out of the Europa v Zenit if not probably the next round. Difficult to see what Borini does, I thought he was a striker? 9th in the league is where we deserve to be at the minute, on the one hand Rodgers deserves some praise, our form against sides in the bottom ten has been really good this season, a big improvement and an area that we needed to address from as far back as Rafa's reign. The question is how long can he fail against the top sides? Id give him one more year to prove it but he needs to improve big time against them. Otherwise we won't climb the table the way we all wish.
  9. Played some decent stuff tonight. Thought we sat back too much at times. Henderson in particular played quite well, thought Stevie had a great game as well. Disappointing to drop a two goal lead though and further shows our lack of mental strength this season.
  10. Worried about tonight to be honest. As said earlier be happy for us to turn up and have a go at them rather than play the way we have against the top half this season. Would love a draw.
  11. Just read the Rodgers interview, some bad quotes in there. Needs to look at himself before having a good at teenagers. 2 in midfield today was a poor decision. As others have said play the first team, get the game won then take off players needing a rest.
  12. Think Rodgers got that wrong today personally. Having said that the players need to have a look at themselves as our starting team was good enough to win that comfortably. Hopefully Coutinho coming will mean we never seen Downing pull on a Liverpool shirt again.
  13. Will definitely be the case then, if we can get this lad in and Downing out then I'd be happy. Haven't seen much of him but can't be worse than Downing.
  14. Haha this lad is fantastic. We haven't done too bad for a small village. But you're right it is difficult to compete with the European power house like Galatasaray. No matter how much money we offered he would've still gone there. Also we can't offer the likes of Baros for him to play alongside. On a side note ive just seen Downing is evens to be at Sunderland by the end of the transfer window, anybody heard anything about it?
  15. Id like to see Coates and Suso both going to Wigan for the season. That rumour isn't in the echo by the way. Heard it from Pearce himself earlier tonight.
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