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  1. iv just started fifth season in premier league and necid was runner up in goalscoring charts for west ham in fourth season, so i picked him up for 15mill nd he still banging them in. play him as target man attack alongside doumbia as a poacher, both leathal infront of goal!
  2. cheers guys, @ Andrew just tried jovetic but he wasnt interested, could be that i missed out on europe in 2nd season. @ Darth, may try a cheeky bid for hoilett as he always seems to cause my defenders problems when playing against him. if not maybe jonas will get a reprive after he requested transfer so i moved him to reserves. as for youngsters iv only really blooded vuckic but wasnt really up to scratch in my opinion (although with fillipe anderson and super siggy competing for same spot he had a lot to live up to)
  3. hey guys, quick question. who would u recommend as an AML who will score goals in 3rd season? hazard is just too expensive and willian wont enter into contract talks. already have gaitan playing AMR as he just doesnt seem to produce the same kind of displays on left and Thsabalala who seems to have a tendancy to do the spectacular but miss the sitters! ben arfa is my rotation option but looking to move him on as he is very inconsistant. looking to play them as winger-attack budjet of around 20mill, many thanks.
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