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  1. Thanks for the response @michaeltmurrayuk—that makes a lot of sense. The transfer isn't going to happen now anyway. After spending about 6 weeks negotiating with Dortmund and finally getting them to agree to a deal I was happy with, Passlack and his agent role up demanding a £11.5m signing on fee and a £9.5m agent fee! I sent them both packing.
  2. Brexit kicks in for me at the start of next season, and I got the scenario where EU players currently in the UK are fine, but all others require a WP. It's March, and I'm currently scouting Felix Passlack at Dortmund. He looks a cracking player and it likely to cost north of 40m, but he has no international caps. My question is, if I agree a deal with Dortmund and the player before the end of the season, will that transfer be subject to the post-Brexit rules since the player won't actually move until the next window opens, or pre-Brexit rules because the deal was done before the end of the season? Basically I want to know if I shell out 40m on a player, am I gonna be able to use him next season. There seems to be very little information regarding this anywhere, and the inbox items I've received are vague and full of ambiguity.
  3. I recently signed a promising Full Back for my U18s, and as part of the contract negotiations he wanted me to promise to play him as a Defender (Left) with the role of Wing Back. This was agreed to since it's exactly where and how I want him to play. Anyway, in the promises screen I now see the following: I checked the promise by hovering over it, just to double-check I'd not missed something: So I can't for the life of me figure out what his issue is: Unless, even though he was signed on a youth contract the promise infers he'll get first team games in that position and role?
  4. You don't have anyone up front creating space for Defoe and the IF(A) to attack. I use the same formation, but use an AP(S) on the left, and RMD(A) on the right, with an F9 in the middle. The F9 and AP create space by pulling defenders out of position, and the RDM and BBM (which is one of my midfield roles) attack it. If the defenders don't follow my F9 then he becomes a great passing options for through balls. My F9 and RDM are leading the Championship for goals and assists at the moment after 26 games.
  5. Totally agree with this one! Agreed a deal to sign him also on deadline day for just over 2m, but Capri put a clause in that they needed to sign a replacement first. Needless to say it fell through as they failed miserably. I have been tracking him since and he's had a blinder in Serie B. I did attempt to sign him again in January but their valuation has now shot up to 7m, probably due to his form.
  6. A couple of things I've noticed about your tactic. 1. You have an FB(a) and IF(a) on the same side. This will leave huge amounts of space for the opposition to attack when you lose the ball high up the pitch, and will likely pull your CBs out of position as they look to cover. 2. You have 4 players up front all on attack, but no one in there creating space by pulling opposition players out of position, with the small exception of maybe the winger in the right. Not having a DM, and leaving so much space down the left flank is probably why you're conceding more than you'd like.
  7. Roberto Insigne from Napoli. He's Lorenzo's brother. I paid £375k on transfer deadline day in August 2016, it's now January 2017 and he's worth 4.4m. He's been a total revelation! He can play several roles in the AM slot, including Shadow Striker, as well as an AP on the left (which is where I've been playing him).
  8. This suggests that you're not moving the ball quick enough in the transition between winning the ball back and going on the attack. Against stubborn defenses you could try setting you're AP to use more direct passing. I also don't think there's enough support for your striker. Are you seeing him isolated up top? As a lone striker he'll easily be marked by the opposing back 4. Is he winning a lot of the crosses put in by the WBs, or are they mainly dealt with by the opposing CBs?
  9. @abhid30007 What would you do with the RPM in the centre? I believe it's not a good idea to have 3 play makers?
  10. @abhid30007 Apart from the striker on attack, you're pretty much describing the tactic I already have that isn't penetrating tough defenses. As I've mentioned above, I tried the IF on attacking, but it didn't really have an impact.
  11. @Rashidi @westy8chimp @fmfan74 I'd like not to deviate from the base tactic too much, just add a bit more threat when facing defensive teams. Rashidi suggested the problem was with my front three, as they were all creating space and none of them attacking it. With this in mind, what do you all think about changing my AP(S) to a Raumdeuter to make better use of the space created by the RPM, and change the F9 to a DLF(S) in the hope that he'll still drop deep, but not as deep so he can run into the space or get on the end of crosses etc. Also, can pass into space and retain possession work together (one doesn't go red when enabling the other) or is it better to just pick one, maybe the former and relinquish a bit of possession?
  12. @Rashidi These videos are immense, thx! I've watched them through, but gonna do so again a couple of times just to make sure I understand what you're discussing. Also heading over to your Patreon page now!
  13. I'm not sure someone will give you the exact answer, rather it'll likely be suggestions on things you can investigate yourself. I'm still figuring out all this stuff myself, but from looking at your tactic I'd say your lacking people in the box. Your AP and CF will create space, but only your AM is likely to be attacking it. Also, you're playing a wide game, looking for your WBs to get crosses into the box, but there'll be no one in there to get on the end of them.
  14. With regards breaking down tough opposition and scoring more goals, there's plenty of great material in this thread.
  15. @fmfan74 Could you explain how you do this? I'm assuming you use the Pro Zone stuff somehow?
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