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  1. I'm sorry, but hearing "It's not a bug" simply doesn't satisfy me. Either there is a bug in the injury algorithm, or the game is intentionally programmed to have far, far too many injuries occur. Which is it? Right now, in the A-League, midway through the season I have six players out (from a 20-man squad) with long-term injuries ranging from a bruised shin to a torn calf muscle to a broken arm. It's literally to the point where I can't field a team without "fake" greyed-out players. All three strikers, my starting goalkeeper, etc. - gone for periods of from five weeks to six months. It's not my coaching, either - my fitness coach has a 15 in fitness while both of my physios have a 14 in physiotherapy. Every other game, I'm losing someone long-term. I'm sorry, but I've paid attention to football... this doesn't happen in the real world! It's nonsense.
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