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  1. Also having this issue, annoying as I use the transfer rumours to do a lot of scouting at lower levels.
  2. Not given this a go for a couple of years so here goes nothing. The new manager of Coalville Town FC
  3. Struggling to score goals, sitting in 14th after 12 games and feel a tactical change is needed before we sink any lower.
  4. Dipped into my student loan and bought FM16, giving this a blast with Hendon Profile
  5. My team Nuneaton Town first off, the only save I've had any longevity with in FM14
  6. I'll be following with interest, sounds interesting indeed:thup:
  7. Just started this as I've taken a break from my other save, love the idea of a youth challenge Rushall Olympic Hire Short
  8. Cheers fella In terms of my squad, 5 of those have YP tags after being promoting from my youth intake last season so they're effectively being payed peanuts meaning I'm still under my budget despite my large squad.
  9. I changed to mid season updates simply because I don't have the time at the moment, though im sure I'll return to more regular updates.
  10. Bromley FC - Pre Season Update - 2017/18 Results Transfers Squad 1 Squad 2 Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 Thinks are looking positive this season, we parted ways with a few players and others came in to fill the gaps left. Overall, however, I believe I've got a squad that can mature and gel together to make the playoffs. With a media expectation of 4th and a board expectation of a respectable position, it seems I have the belief of the board and personally, anything over than playoffs is a major disappointment. Look for good performances from players such as Cameron Folan, Ed Harris and Brian Whincupp in the coming updates. Next update, mid season...
  11. Agreed, felt we would make the playoffs up until that point.
  12. Bromley FC - End of the Season Update - 2016/17 On reflection, a strong first season at Bromley. Very frustratingly though, we were sitting in 5th place with 6 games left and then, well, we just completely fell apart and resigned ourselves to a top half finish, which still remains a massive achievement. That season leaves in a good position and at least playoffs have to be the aim next season. We've got a strong core of the squad which ill look to keep hold of. RB and LB could be strengthen but apart from that things look promising if I can retain some of the younger members next season. (Sorry this is a short update!)
  13. Thanks man, its definitely an improvement, end of season update coming soon...
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