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  1. It really is, hopefully we'll get some closure from Kipfizh at some point, pity it looks finished just as I rediscovered it.
  2. Honey, I Shrunk the Players

    “This is dreadful lads. Come on, I know you can do better than this, don’t let them get another goal in the second half and salvage some pride for yourselves. The fact that you haven’t played many games together doesn’t excuse some of the awful defensive organisation out there, keep your defensive shape and don’t get dragged out of position” “Much better in the second half defensively, that late slip up aside. There was very little on show attacking wise though, when you get the ball, get your head up and pick out a pass, don’t hoof it aimlessly. There’s a lot of improving to be done if we are to have any chance of beating Barnet” Peterborough 7-0 Leyton Orient 10th August I was expecting the Peterborough match to be tough but I wasn’t anticipating that massacre, we need to improve and quickly, I’d like to fetch in at least one more defender, most likely a left back, as I am waiting on a loan offer for one and a central midfielder to partner Kabongo. I don’t anticipate many changes for the Barnet match because we have so little in reserve and these players are my best anyway. 11th August Rob Dixon becomes what I anticipate will be my last signing of pre-season, he is better than existing left-back Walsh and will surely take his place in the team soon, possibly for the Barnet match at the weekend. 13th August v Barnet I’m dreading this match, not because of the opposition, but because of how little we’ve gelled so far. There was a tremendous team spirit in the dressing room but keeping spirits up after that thumping has been hard and the main problem seems to be how little playing time this team has had together, making it hard for them to function as a unit. 4-4-2 Schwegler © Woodward Markovic Reid Walsh Mitchell Kabongo Bishop Patterson McLean Kinsella Subs: Keenan, Corbett, Worthington, Johnson, Anderson Despite the thumping I play the same team two games in a row in an attempt to build some sense of understanding between the players. “We’re not out of this yet, there was some poor defending for both of those goals and we didn’t attack with enough verve either. It’s only two goals, you can make that back, go out there and play with a bit of freedom and we can get something out of this.” “Stop falling asleep at crucial moments, that’s what cost us several goals and the chance to get some points out of this. I’m not happy how you capitulated in the last few minutes when you should have been pushing for the draw. Too many mistakes, not enough creativity” Leyton Orient 1-5 Barnet 14th August Bishop had to be substituted in the final minutes yesterday through injury, but the physio seems to be happy that he will be fit to play in the next match. I’ve got some thinking to do before then, we’ve shipped 12 goals in two games through lack of defensive understanding, something that will be exacerbated if I make changes. 20th August v Wycombe (a) 4-4-2 Schwegler © Woodward Markovic Reid Walsh Mitchell Kabongo Bishop Patterson McLean Kinsella Subs: Keenan, Corbett, Worthington, Clarke, Anderson No changes again as I try to build some understanding between these players “We need more attacking incisiveness; there was only one good chance in that half. If we create chances we will score goals, it’s as simple as that” I had to replace the injured Patterson with Keenan and Bishop with Clarke at half time. “We created more chances in that half but we need to add more attacking incisiveness to our game if we’re going to win matches” Leyton Orient 0-1 Wycombe 21st August We looked better in that game than the last two, so I will most likely keep the same team for the mid-week game against Swindon in the League Cup and hope that we can improve as the team gells. I don’t hold out much hope in the League Cup so the Oxford game on Saturday will be what I’m focusing on. 24th August v Swindon 4-4-2 Schwegler © Woodward Markovic Reid Walsh Mitchell Kabongo Bishop Patterson McLean Kinsella Subs: Keenan, Corbett, Worthington, Clarke, Anderson [/b] Unchanged again, in the vain hope we might get something out of this game versus a League 1 side. “Well done lads, nice to be ahead for a change, keep up the sterling defensive work and try to create a few more chances” “Great victory guys, very solid defence and created more chances than in any other game this season, take this into the Oxford match” Swindon 0-2 Leyton Orient 25th August Great victory, McLean is beginning to come into form and Matthews may soon be back to full fitness. Only worry is a small knock to Mitchell, but he should be fit for the weekend. 27th August 4-4-2 Schwegler © Woodward Markovic Reid Walsh Mitchell Kabongo Bishop Patterson McLean Kinsella Subs: Matthews, Corbett, Worthington, Clarke, Anderson Unchanged yet again, as we look for our first league win after the great performance against Swindon in midweek, Matthews comes onto the bench as he is fit. “We defended pretty well but composure is what is needed, you need to be calmer in possession to create more chances, get the ball down and make your skill show” At half time, both Pattterson and Kinsella looked very tired, so a debut for Matthews and another substitute appearance for Clarke seemed the best option. “Disappointing, we didn’t test their goalie enough, big improvement needed next week lads” Leyton Orient 0-1 Oxford City 28th August A quick turnaround until the Lincoln game on Monday, and I’m not optimistic about our chances, we look incapable of scoring and always look like conceding, the guys have the day off training today as we prepare for tomorrow. 29th August v Lincoln 4-42 Schwegler © Woodward Markovic Reid Walsh Mitchell Kabongo Bishop Patterson McLean Kinsella Subs: Matthews, Corbett, Worthington, Clarke, Anderson Despite Matthews’ promising cameo, I don’t make any changes, as there’s very little in reserve. “Not f***ing good enough, I’m sick and tired of these defensive mistakes, get out there and restore some pride in yourselves” Leyton Orient 0-4 Lincoln City 30th August I had nothing to say to the team after that performance. Pathetic. We stay rooted to the bottom of the table and I’m starting to lose hope. Kinsella will probably miss the next game, and Matthews is the obvious replacement. 3rd September 4-4-2 Anderson Worthington Corbett Reid © Dixon Mitchell Kabongo Bishop Walsh McLean Kinsella Subs: Johnson, Kelly, Rose, Gibson, Murray Schwegler is away on international duty and is replaced by Anderson Woodward is injured and Worthington replaces him. Corbett replaces Markovic who is playing for Bosnia. Dixon replaces Patterson and lines up at left-back with Walsh moving to the left wing Kabongo is on international duty and is replaced by Clarke Matthewsis in for Kinsella who was injured in the last match Kelly, Rose, Gibson and Murray are local non-league players who make up the very weak bench Result to follow…
  3. Honey, I Shrunk the Players

    “Right, they’ve dominated us in the first half, and we might have to do some more last ditch defending in the second half again, but keep playing with that spirit and we might just sneak a win” Leyton Orient 0-0 Cheltenham Town “They dominated us again in the second half, the defensive organisation is not good enough, we need to communicate better. On the bright side, you all battled very bravely and we didn’t lose, but we have to improve a lot for what will be a hard game against Peterborough” 7th August Dean Bishop looked uncomfortable in centre midfield against Cheltenham so I have recruited Patty Kabongo on loan from Cardiff to play in that area, he’s a very hard working player who is also reasonably technically skilled. 9th August v Peterborough 4-4-2 Schwegler © Woodward Markovic Reid Walsh Mitchell Kabongo Bishop Patterson McLean Kinsella Subs: Keenan, Corbett, Worthington, Johnson, Anderson New signing Kabongo replaces Clark and Bishop stays in centre midfield because Patterson and Mitchell both had better games than Clark against Cheltenham. Result to follow…
  4. Honey, I Shrunk the Players

    Played on FM06 without real players, the story of what happened when Orient lost all their players When I went in for the interview I wasn’t exactly sure how they did it, losing one player could be an accident, but losing all 30+ players (including the youth team) at a club was just careless. The manager resigning because of the ignominy of it all and with no other applicants, as a devoted Orient fan I decided that mine was as good a chance as anyone’s. Sitting in the corridor beforehand I only noticed one other person, in the corner, dribbling. I was a shoo in. I was handed a £375 a week contract (about 1/5th of what the previous manager was earning) as I was informed that the club had precisely £0 in its coffers due to the rather unpleasant business with the former players (I didn’t enquire further). When I sat down in my office the enormity of the challenge ahead of me hit, I needed to stretch my £6k a week wage budget far enough to recruit around 20 players good enough to keep this team in League two. I started scouring the free transfer list, players listed for loan and transfer-listed players whose clubs would let them go for free and put in offers for over 30 players to come in on frees or on trial. 13th July 2005 Things are going slower than I expected, halfway through my first week at the club and my first player of any description turns up. Dean Bishop signs on a free transfer, the 36 year old can play on either wing, as an attacking midfielder or up front. He may be in the winter of his career but he has won 16 England caps and still has plenty of skill despite a lack of pace. 14th July The arrival of the second player Gary Reid has been another unexpected coup, the 34 year old centre-half has 3 Eire caps and is still a formidable prospect, having not lost much pace despite being of advancing years. The first triallist comes in as well; 17 year old forward Lee Elliot is nothing special but will be given a chance to impress in the friendlies. 15th July 18 year old forward Paul McLean arrives to little fanfare, but I suspect he will be an important part of my squad for this season, the youngster is a formidable finisher for this level although lacking in any other skills. Ryan Keenan, a 30 year old right winger and striker is a decent signing and is perfectly adequate for this league, although not a good enough crosser or dribbler to play on the wing so I plan to use him up front. 16th July Two young central midfielders arrive at the club looking for a trial so Tim Foster and Ben Hughes are signed up on youth contracts based on about ½ hours of me watching them train. Later that day we have our first friendly, a fully deserved 2-1 loss to Norwich in which Paul McLean scores a 79th minute equaliser before a 90th minute winner for the Canaries. We played very poorly as is to be expected, only managing one shot in the match, the 7 players contracted or on trial at the club played, bolstered by some local non-league players, none of whom looked good enough to be kept on. 21st July I take charge of a dismal 1-0 loss to a 1st minute Steve Saunders goal for Hinckley, we attacked and defended diabolically and the local non-league players I’ve got playing friendlies for me all look very poor. 23rd July I’ve spent a week looking through players either not good enough or too expensive, and although I have over 30 different ‘irons in the fire’ a lot depends on clubs accepting my ridiculous offers of money after promotion… as if we’re ever going to get promoted with this lot. 24th July Right back Steve Wood arrives on trial and despite him being about conference south standard I decide to offer him a contract; he also has an offer from Bromley (conference south) so he decides to stay on trial here and mull the two offers over. My first win as a manager arrived that day courtesy of a 60th minute Ryan Keenan goal to sink Moor Green in front of a paltry 66 fans. The life of a manager isn’t as glamorous as it seems. 25th July Hallelujah! Derby have accepted an offer for Dean Kinsella and the slow 30 year old striker becomes my seventh signing. Later in the day things get even better, a speculative loan offer for Liverpool’s young forward Scott Matthews is accepted and even more amazingly the 22 year old striker agrees to come and join my menagerie, he is easily the best striker at the club and I am genuinely astonished he wanted to join us. 26th July The signings are coming thick and fast now. I manage to persuade goalkeeper Gary Johnson to swap being unemployed to being the only keeper at the club, he must be jumping for joy at the thought of being virtually guaranteed a first team place. 27th July Early in the morning, as I pore over scout reports and the free transfer list in my office at the training ground, a Swiss international keeper (8 caps, 35 years old) arrives, introduces himself to my deputy before a 15 minute trial – consisting of me firing shots at him – results in a contract through to his retirement at the end of the season. Bruno Schwegler is also a qualified coach, so will mostly work with the goalkeepers at the club. The second signing of the day is a trial for Craig Dyer, who a manger friend had recommended to me; I thanked him for the tip and wondered why he didn’t want the signing himself. When the 20 year old centre half arrived I realised I’d been the victim of the lower league manager initiation ceremony – a dodgy tip from a ‘friend.’ Craig ‘Dire’ plays, for want of a better option in the friendly against Tranmere at Brisbane Road, and we predictably play poorly to lose 3-0. 28th July Frankly rubbish 19 year old goalkeeper Gary Anderson arrives at the club early in the morning saying he’d accepted my contract, pity I don’t remember offering him a contract, didn’t tell him that and after checking all the paperwork I find that he is indeed an Orient player. 29th July An onslaught of players descend upon the training ground today, three permanent transfers: right back Jamie Worthington is adequate as back-up, arriving on a free from Altrincham; 19 year old, centre-back Carl Corbett is great at marking but not any good at anything else, and will flesh out the squad a bit whilst 26 year old Irish defender Gary Walsh arrives from Bangor as my only left back. Two loans also arrive: Darren Mitchell from Sheffield United can play on either wing, but that seems to be his only worthwhile quality whilst Michael Patterson is a quick left winger from Burnley. Chris Murphy also arrives on trial but turns out to be another practical joke, the right back is Ryman league standard. 30th July Utility player Mark Clark arrives from Cliftonville in Northern Ireland and is actually quite a good player, whose versatility will serve us well. A Scott Matthews inspired 2-0 win over Aylesbury gives us our second victory of pre-season. 31st July Centre back Admir Markovic joins on loan from Derby and it will be a straight fight between him and Carl Corbett to partner Gary Reid. John Watts arrives as youth keeper, but I don’t hold out much hope of him ever developing into a first team keeper. 1st August 30 year old, ex-England U21 right-back Luke Woodward arrives, and will battle with Worthington for his spot in the team. 3rd August Our third win comes in the last game of pre-season for the club; Burscough dispatched 2-1 with goals from Dean Kinsella and Dean Bishop. 6th August This monumental rebuilding job has left me with 20 players to pick from for my first competitive game, at home versus Cheltenham Town. 4-4-2 Schwegler © Woodward Markovic Reid Walsh Mitchell Clarke Bishop Patterson McLean Kinsella Subs: Keenan, Corbett, Worthington, Johnson, Anderson Because of a late injury to star striker Scott Matthews, Kinsella gets a start and the bench features two keepers. The result to follow...
  5. Great to have only a point between the teams at the halfway stage, makes for an exciting second half of the season and makes the final game more likely to take on huge importance for both teams. Up the Bandits.
  6. Excellent news for next season, with the Bandits and the Sheriffs in the same division will mean a couple of excellent games. The idiots seem not to be causing any particular problems at their chosen clubs, but instead their idiocy impacting mostly on their own performances which seems to be a slight change to last time. They're also not moving between clubs as much as the original idiots.
  7. The same thing happened with Luton and several of their players including Sam Parkin and Dean Morgan, who they loaned to Orient so they could recoup some of the wages, before that they were saving money by just not playing them.
  8. Werder Bremen 4-1 Leyton Orient Not really unexpected, as a championship club who have overachieved in getting to the 2nd Knockout Round of the UEFA cup. We started well, going up 1-0 in the first half before an equaliser, a sending off then a penalty left us 2-1 down. Inevitably more goals followed in the second half and I hold out little hope for the second leg.
  9. Maybe he has "The next Pele" in his profile description and Capello thought he was Brazilian?
  10. Great report Kip. With the Bandits rising so quickly surely Striker 3 will spend another couple of years with Rangers and then return to lead the Bandits to premiership victory. You heard it here first.
  11. Devon doing rubbish, slipped down in the league and out of the UEFA cup, not good.
  12. From the signings I would predict 10th place for the Bandits in League 2, narrowly missing out on the play-offs and the Sheriffs romping away with the Blue Square Premier title.
  13. Good start for the Demons, starting well in the league, winning the community shield, and through in the Uefa cup. KUTGW
  14. Deal, shall I PM Greasy Chip Butty?
  15. Dr Z - have you sent the PM? Everyone - Looking for an AMR or ST and willing to trade Tamas or Saha. Anyone interested?