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  1. Ive scanned through the above ideas so sorry if any of these are repeats Youth managment -This may be a big ask but i'd really like to see more on the youth system, with the ability to change the kind of set up you have, having acadamies which can be adjusted to focus on developing different kinds of players - ie, coaching fitness and strength, or speed and creativity. For me the kids promoted from the youth ranks in FM can be very random even when you have a top youth system training involvement - i'd liek to see the training become more than just a set of sliders. Nothing too drastic, still incorporating the current system but with the adition of controllable once/ twice weekly training sessions involving small matches, drills , etc. Additionally this could be a handy inclusion especially for International managment prior to matches and during competitions Board interaction - the expansion of the boards influence in the game. Involving meeting pre-season setting out their expected targets for the season, whilst also including some sort of system to 'barter' with the chairmen over wage and spending allowance etc etc In depth physio reports - Over the last few incarnations of FM the scout report has developed but sadly the physio reports seem to have been ignored. More in depth comments about a players injury would be welcome, stating more than just the general nature of the problem - just a few medical terms on the kind of break a player has sustained ie, the old Beckham metatarsal saga over again but with your star winger instead Press conferences - I'ce always thought this would be a neat little inclusion in the game - having conferences to unveil a new signing, with questions from the media on your aims for the new guy and his role in your team. Or post match tunnel interviews with Sky sports/ BBC on how the match went ..... wtih the option to opt out if the news agency has claimed you are corrupt in the past ((see Alex Ferguson)) Trophy room - maybe just a jumped up achievments screen , but seeing an actual cup with your teams colours attached would be great rather than just your clubs name on a list. This could also include mocked up pictures of youre teams celebrations after winning the league , or the misery after lossing in the play offs 2D match engine - although i have no problem with the match engine in its current form I would love to see the possibility of its expansion to include your grounds stands, showing the fans as they cheer your team on or boo them off! Come on , seeing a Mexican wave formed from a bunch of bobble heads has got to be a sight worth seeing!! On the playing side of the match engine I would be very much for a slight change from being soley top down. Now im anti-3D at the moment but I cant help thinking how great it would be to play FM with a retro style engine as a nod to classic games from back when we were kids and didnt have the likes of FIFA and Pro Evo to disolve our eyes with their photo realism Perhaps something like the follow: Shot at 2007-07-20
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