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  1. Your way sorts it by picked players. Its different to when the game starts. it has everyone sorted by position but as soon as you pick a player in his position it auto moves him to the top of the list. I can't show you as mine has gone messed up I don't know how else to expalin it but Jng95 has the same issue Unless some one on here can help!
  2. I have attached a screen shot or my squad page. The main issue is all the players are sorted by position. When you first play the game the squad page auto sorts the players into the selected team, I clicked to resort by accident and knaffed it. My ocd has kicked in and it drives me mad. Can you reset it to how it was when I first played the game? Help Untitled.html
  3. Have managed to mess up my squad view and it will now only sort by the columns. Positions or name etc when you start the game it will auto sort by the picked player. how do I reset it?
  4. Am trying to create as near as real tactic for Inter Milan as to real life. What are peoples opinions on the ‘style’? vertical tik-tac, fluid counter attack, gengenpress, which one? how would you work Martinez and Lukaku upfront? I have found in a previous save as Roma in a 5-3-2 formation Vert tik-tac the wingbacks have a massive impact on the game possibly too much for it to be realistic.
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