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  1. Am going to start a Spurs save. Was goint to start with sending Adebayor back to man c and buying huntelaar. Does anyone have any experience of Huntelaar? I had him on my Schalke save as a deep lying forward attack, and he was devastating!
  2. I am starting a new game as Bayern. Signing Ze Roberto to tutor David Alaba, good idea? It looks like he will be a useful man for the job. I want to get some decent staff in, does anyone has any ideas who to get? Defence coach especially!
  3. Have been looking at starting a save with Napoli but I don't know what tactic to play? 3-5-2 seems best with wingbacks. But They have Mascara and Sosa who can play on the wings. Using wingbacks would make them useless. I want to stick with 2 upfront, Cavani and Lavezzi. Anyone help?
  4. Has anyone ever tried playing a 4-4-2? I think this should be tried but purchasing a decent right winger must be done. This would involve me buying Fernando from Liverpool.
  5. Thanks, will have a look in the editor, but they need to sort it out. It annoys me a bit like the spanish league b teams, and the way they are mananged and run.
  6. Am trying to sort out Gerd Muller as my first team coach, can't seem to get him to move from Bayern II staff? Anyone know how, or is this a bug.
  7. What tactics and roles are people playing? Was thinking a 4-4-2?
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