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  1. After 5 seasons I finally managed to get my balance into green numbers thanks to numerous board cash injections This let me convince my board to improve the youth recruitment and youth facilities for the first time! Yahoo
  2. FK Inter Bratislava Season 5 - 2025/2026 Slovak First Division - 4th EURO qualification through Cup victory! League | Fixtures part 1 / part 2 | Squad / U19 | Transfers | Facilities | Finances League / Cup: From the beginning of the season we were hovering around the middle of the table, which was nice improvement compared to relegation zone from last season. A few lucky wins sent us into upper half of the table and towards the end of the season we put in some okay performances to finish in the 4th spot. After coming close to winning the Slovak Cup several ti
  3. Pretty good progress for an 18yo player over 3 years of development in my basic youth facilities, I reckon he will be worth some millions later in his career gotta squeeze what I can from him for the time being
  4. Strange thing has just happened to me - I had a youngster in my U19 squad who had 1 star current ability and 3 star potential ability - fringe player who had 6 months left on his current contract. A lower league team's U19 has offered him a contract. I was planning to release him on the end of his contract so I wasn't concerned, however they signed him immediately and overpaid like hell for him, even though he's a weak player. Has this happened to anyone? 275k€ with potential of 700k€ is so much for a fringe player like this and honestly if they offered 1000€ I would gladly sell him
  5. I hope the board will be pleased that I am working within the wage budget
  6. FK Inter Bratislava Season 4 - 2024/2025 Slovak First Division - 9th League | Fixtures part 1 / part 2 | Squad / U19 | Transfers | Facilities | Finances League / Cup: A better season than the previous one, even though we had a pretty bad start. I changed tactics afterwards and finally found one that actually works and makes us competitive, even though we are still on the end of the top league clubs. At least we can ensure our survival in the league with the occasional wins. In the Slovak Cup we've reached quarter-final where we were knocked out by weaker op
  7. FK Inter Bratislava Season 3 - 2023/2024 Slovak First Division - 11th League | Fixtures part 1 / part 2 | Squad / U19 | Transfers | Facilities | Finances League / Cup: Coming from extremely surprising last season where we finished 3rd, I don't even know how we managed it. This season it was poor performance after poor performance and I even tried changing tactics after finding some recent ones on tactics forum, but I guess the ones people use to win world trebles are designed for top teams we didn't pull off anything remarkable using them and I have now tried mak
  8. A french young player gets called up for international duty, remarkable considering how strong french squad usually is He may hatch into capable player! He is quick at least
  9. The country I'm in is so scarce regarding money (Slovakia) - every month I'm losing about 100k EUR and the prize money is like ... 100k for finishing 1st is it that way in countries like Norway/Sweden too? Or in every league you are basically reliant on European competition money and board injections to survive financially?
  10. Last season it was my first time in highest league and I managed to qualify for EURO This season because of the EURO games thrown in the schedule I've lost 8 out of 10 league games at start I'll be happy to not get relegated this way
  11. I've watched this video: And some of his follow-up videos on the topic where he went into greater detail and changed some things, for example he set up his training to focus more on attacking one month, and defending the next month with last week in each month focusing more on goalkeeping interesting stuff really, the biggest thing for me probably is the match preparation training before the actual match and some team cohesion trainings which seem to have a big impact on performance Also apparently sometimes assistant manager schedules physical training on times when you
  12. Phew just spent 3 hours watching tutorials and learning about general training, discovering that assistant manager sets it up badly and it has big influence hopefully the newly gained knowledge will help me over time
  13. So guys, what are the order of things you are looking at, when searching for a new HoYD? I have not attempted this challenge for several years but now I will continue and want to get all advantages I can, and from what I've read, the HoYD plays a big role in intake. Are you just looking for best personality and then as high recommended stats as possible?
  14. FK Inter Bratislava Season 2 - 2022/2023 Slovak First Division - 3rd - EURO Cup II qualify League | Fixtures part 1 / part 2 | Squad / U19 | Transfers | Facilities | Finances League / Cup: I was worried coming into the Slovak First Division because I thought the only matches I would be able to get in some points would be upsets, but thanks to my tactics we managed to be equal opponents most of the time except maybe against top 3 Slovak clubs. We started the season very strongly and even managed to hold the 1st position, although only because the two teams which ac
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