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  1. Thanks. From reading about the tactics I've learnt: Keep things very simple to begin with but have your own style of play e.g. for United this could be play wider, push higher up and slightly quicker. Then watch the match in full for the first 15 mins to see how your style suits the match you're playing in and make any adjustments from there using the match shouts. Rather than do what I do and what the game encourages through the ass man shouts, is to focus on how you're attacking rather than how the other team are. So much of the time I'm adjusting to how the other team is playing rather than asserting my own style, even if I am winning (which is rare). Depending on the team you're playing look to exploit the space in different ways. A defensive team like Shrewsbury last night in the cup can drop very deep to not give much space between the backline and the GK which is why Martial struggled to impact the match. So you can think creatively around this by either going deep yourself to set up a stalemate and tempt the oppo out of their lines, then exploit the space. Or as United did fairly well last night is push right up but play in front of the oppositions' back line and try to win free kicks and score from long shots and creative moves. There's always a root cause of something happening and an opportunity cost. Having your centre mid man mark will drag him out of position but then this could stifle the oppo or mean you're sacrificing your structure as the player you're man marking could be having an off day/less impact than normal. What I've learnt is that it's all about being very strategic and waiting for your opportunity to attack to emerge and then executing it. I've been playing in 'attack mode' where I just expect my players to pick up the ball and run instead of planning the match and responding to it as it goes.
  2. Can anyone offer me some tactics advice please? I'm in season 1 with United in October and having some LVG style results with almost as many wins as draws and defeats. I'm trying to play more like the classic United way with fast attacking football but I've made a few mistakes so far which have seen me loose to Lazio, Stoke & Seville while drawing with West Brom and Watford at home. I've listed too much to one of the coaches who after a defeat told me to make about ten changes so I did. I now realise it's probably better to go back to basics and have two or three key instructions and adjust in the match from there. What I'd like to know is how can I get my team back on track with more classic United tactics? I'm about to go into the likes of City, Liverpool (twice) and Arsenal fixtures now and need a good run to save my job. I've seen on here some people getting great results so obviously I'd like to reach that level but right now we're languishing in tenth in the league. How do I go from where I am now to this level? Thanks
  3. I'm doing some reading at the moment about tactics - using the links in the top part of the forum. What I'm wondering is is there a sort of sandbox environment where I can play a series of matches against teams with particular tactics e.g. park the bus, high pressers, long ball football, LVG style possession football to work out how to play against them in the real game? Is there any sort of school environment where it walks you through how to use the tactics in game for specific situations either as a video, an existing save or an interactive website? Thanks
  4. Just realised I've now played 16 games with United in Season 1 and only won 4 of them and just been held at home to bottom club Watford. The game is surprisingly realistic. Much like LVG in real life, the signs don't look good for me as I linger in 10th place with all the usual tough fixtures coming up. What I'd like to know is, how can I improve my tactical analysis in the game? I know there's a load of data I could look at to get insight but none of it means anything to me. If I look at avg. position I just go 'the team played slightly deeper/wider'... great. If I look at the stats I go they had more possession, we had less shots... that's the extent of my analysis. I have no idea how to improve this, mainly because in FM its very hard to get to the WHY but you get a lot of the who, what, where, whens and it's these things which mean very little to me. Despite having a good team on paper, my defence resembles a leaky bucket and even looking at the stats I can't find a culprit. The only insight I've got is that I'm conceding way too many placed shots and I don't even know what to do with this information. I'm still very much in the mode of just picking the team and pressing play and making the subs when I want to strategically beat teams instead of just over powering them. I have about 14 instructions for my team, most of which my assistant told me to do so I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I'm aiming for a tight defence with great attack (as is everyone) but I have no idea where to start in analysing how to do this. Can someone please give me some tips on how to move towards a more strategic game plan? Thanks
  5. I've just downloaded FM16 for the first time and I've had a nightmare pre season. I'm playing with Manchester United and lost the first two friendlies 2-0 and 3-0 and both the teams (Victoria Pilsen and Dusseldorf) completely outplayed out United with them hardly attacking at all - which is quite lifelike even though I'm trying to play 'The United way.' I wanted to know if this is something to expect from FM16, that it's generally harder or will the team naturally pick up going into the season and play some much more confident football? What's been your experience? Thanks
  6. Great, so end of Feb by the looks of things. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi, I have had a search and didn't find anything on it but I'm wondering if there's any news on a 16.3 patch and when roughly it will be due for release? I remember from previous versions it's not until after the January transfer window but I'm just wondering roughly how much longer. Is it in the beginning or end of Feb? Thanks
  8. Is it possible to play the matches on your macbook while using your iPad sat next to it as a screen specifically for viewing stats and player ratings? I use the 2D matches and it's annoying not being able to see the pitch while you have the ratings and stats boxes hovering over it. Is it possible using something like this? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/duet-display/id935754064?mt=8 or is it possible with FM Mobile this year - to use it as a companion app? Thanks
  9. Thanks Lucas. Yeah as I said the game is 'playable' and therefore not having a thermal shutdown, just the overall experience of the hot macbook is incredibly annoying and makes for a bad FM 16 experience, which is why in this state I won't be buying the full game. I'm happy to upload what you need but as I asked to one of your colleagues in the other forum can you please explain how this would benefit me? As I said in the post above, I'd just like to know how to plan for FM going forward. If you're just going to help us manage the problem for now, then maybe I need to invest in a PC/Steam Console going forward. Hope you can see my point of view and give me an honest answer. Thanks a lot
  10. Aside from the advice that SI is giving to solve this problem, is there likely to be any hardcore change in the experience of FM overheating on mac? For all intents and purposes the game is 'playable' but the experience the overheating creates is so unbearable it makes the overall concept of playing FM16 far less appealing - I haven't loaded it up since it overheated. I had a similar problem with FM15 with overheating, albeit not as bad but still unconformable (without really running many leagues and depth), so it's a fairly historical problem that we're looking at here. I appreciate SI's problem here that Macs aren't built for games - fair enough, but where does that leave us going forward? Does SI build a lighter version of FM17 on Mac designed to provide a better experience for mac gamers? Does SI just be honest and say the game is only going to get more advanced going forward and mac gamers are better off running FM off a Steam console or buying an Alienware PC? Or does SI plan to just offer advice on managing the problem rather than actually solving it? An honest answer (even an 'I don't know yet') from SI would be appreciated here. I'd like to buy FM16 and don't want to write off future FMs forever but some advice for a longer term plan from SI would be very useful here. Many thanks
  11. Hi Tonton Zola, I sent you a PM last night to share ideas on emotional FM - I have some experience in this area so thought it would be worthwhile introducing myself to you as I liked your ideas in the opening post. Just wanted to make sure my PM got through to you as it's not appearing in my sent mail. Cheers,
  12. Can SI please give us an answer on how they plan to fix the problem? As things stand I can't play the demo so therefore can't buy the full game and it's likely that I won't be able to buy future FMs if this is how intensive they are on macs...
  13. Thanks Neil, I will. But can you explain how me submitting my data will help solve my problem? The game is currently unplayable. Will SI release an emergency patch to fix it? What's the likely scenario to solve this? Thanks
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