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  1. How, when and where do I go to adjust the pitch size please?
  2. Im buying myself a tablet for Xmas. Whats the best one for Fm touch please?
  3. Hi all, My pc is no longer powerful enough to run FM however Im treatin gmyself to a new tablet for Xmas and wondered which one is best to run FM?
  4. Every time Ive seen Kante play hes been excellent. Reminds me of Lassana Diarra when we had him. Absolute no brainer to sign him
  5. From an outside pov I cant see what Vardy will add to an Arsenal team
  6. Speaking from years upon years of researching the game. The only players who are able to buck the trend are players with exceptional pace. Vardy, Wright are players with that pace because its something that cannot be taught or easily defended against. Then they have luck, right manager willing to take a chance on them. He is having the best possible season if he recreates it then time to have a look but he like Wrighty are in the top 0.1% of players who made something when they looked dead and buried.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35450504 Look at some of the saves from today
  8. Your keepers must be amazing given how good Fulton is.
  9. You need to see Fultons penalty and folow up save. Immense
  10. Been so busy with work that Ive got a game going will post updates
  11. Hoping Liverpool and England star Richie Lambert has a superb game
  12. Might as well wait a few weeks/one month till the data update is out
  13. Right then, how many World Class players have you had in your teams! Currently got two with one being valued naturally at £58m!
  14. I must have the most expensive 3 central defenders ever Paid around £40m for each of them, 21, 22 and 23 years of age.
  15. Ive got a dillemma. Pompeys all time leading goalscorer Alan Dugdale a 6 ft 6 gentle giant has become surplus to requirements despite being 28 and having been at the club since a £7.5m move from Man City at 17. Hes picking up £140k a week for doing nothing but is a club legend, financial prudence or let him pick up his money for a few games a year
  16. Only problem with the new stadium Ty is the £130m odd loan to pay back over 18 years Plus it turns out not to be big enough
  17. He is at my club. The best right back in the game Snapped up for a mere £7.5m as a 20 year old
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