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  1. Sheer Class

    Destiny 2 Thread (XB, PS, PC)

    PS - monster101978
  2. The film is out, Ive seen it. Dont come in the thread then.
  3. Just seen GOTG2, good but not on par with GOTG in my opinion. When we all know Thanos is coming a story that has no reference apart from makes no real sense to me. Suspect the big push will be in Thor later this year
  4. Isnt it just to say theres going to be a part of Planet Hulk in the film? Biggest question is why Death is on Asgards doorstep
  5. Sheer Class

    Which films have the most ridiculous plotholes?

    Titanic, who makes a film about an unsinkable boat which then sinks
  6. Sheer Class

    The OTF gym/fitness club

    Hi all, Ive won one of these in a competition. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Garmin-Vivoactive-Smart-Watch-Wrist/dp/B01BKUB66U Does anyone want it for £150? Send me a PM if you do.
  7. Sheer Class

    Star Wars: Rogue One

    Thought it was fantastic. Subtle and major cameos which adds to the depth of this universe. Really wouildnt surprise me if Kevin Feige fingerprints are over the final cut given what he has done for the MCU.
  8. Is there a season limit on FM touch?
  9. Im buying myself a tablet for Xmas. Whats the best one for Fm touch please?
  10. Hi all, My pc is no longer powerful enough to run FM however Im treatin gmyself to a new tablet for Xmas and wondered which one is best to run FM?
  11. Sheer Class

    The TV Show Thread

    Just finished Very good season
  12. Sheer Class

    Visiting New York at Christmas

    Hi all, going to New York just before Christmas for 5 days. What are the things to definitely do whilst were there please?
  13. Sheer Class

    No Man's Sky

    Im going to have a guess that the closer you move into the centre of the galaxy the more sentinels and proper structures there are.
  14. Sheer Class

    No Man's Sky

    Is it charged?