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  1. Summary: interaction leads to a dead end when talking to a player. 19.0.2 Description of Issue: my player became unhappy when I rejected the bid from his favourite club. I started a chat with him and picked "I want you to stay here, we should be the only team..." and it led to nowhere Steps to Reproduce: easy to reproduce with Petr Cech and human controlled Chelsea and Arsenal right at the start. As Chelsea bid for Cech above his market value, as Arsenal reject the bid and Cech will complain. Talk to him and the "I want you to stay here, we should be the only team..." option will be available in the conversation.
  2. Hello! I've managed to upload the save. It should be called "spartak board request aff club.fm". I should add I started the game on 19.0.1
  3. Summary: interaction leads to a dead-end when I ask the board for a new affiliate club. Latest Steam beta version 19.0.2. Description of Issue: all interaction options are gone once I ask for a new affiliate club to send players on loan, then the chairman refuses, then I pick the response ("Some of our younger players...") and then nothing happens Steps to Reproduce: board -> make board request -> networking -> affiliate clubs -> new affiliate to send players out on loan -> if the chairman refuses, pick "Some of our younger players..." -> the interaction just stops The SI cloud service doesn't open for me so I couldn't upload the save file. Hopefully the screens should be enough.
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