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  1. Why were the attendances removed? No point on having the option of requesting a new stadium without knowing if we're selling out every week we play at home. Please bring it back.
  2. The Play Store for Android still has it with the 11.0.4 update no sign of this new one, any way you could help on how to dl it?
  3. I'm loving it until now. The only pet peeve is the new ball, you guys did an amazing job making it look like a real ball, but it's very hard on the eyes, I need to play with the 2D really slow to be able to understand what's going on. Any chance we can have the old orange ball back? This is killing the game... Thank you
  4. Hello guys, I need some help, Every time I need to use the DU Cleaner on my S9, it erases every save I have and every achievement, including the sugar daddy and so on, it goes back as if I had just purchased the game. Any tips? Any other app I might download for the same purposed and doesn't delete everything? Thank you for your help in advance.
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