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  1. European super league

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on how to create a super league of the best teams accross Europe with fm editor? was browsing through it and couldnt find an add competition tab so was thinkin possibly change a random league within?? Is it possible? Cheers
  2. Hi...gotta say its an awesome tactic, went the whole season unbeaten with my united team in 2011/12 season winning league, fa cup and champions league...seems to get alot more goals from all over the pitch than previous tactics, i think one of my strikers got 20+ goals and had quite a few players 10+...will see how it goes with a full second season...how do i post pics up by the way?
  3. Hi Can anybody tell me how many points you get for each trophy in the hall of fame? been tryin to work it out for a bit and am struggling... Cheers
  4. totally agree with all your ideas, especially the ones about agent involvement...another thing which annoys me is when you buy youngsters who arent good enough to get in the first team, you get slated in the club confidence section as the players arent playing!!