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  1. I coached in Greece for like 2 years until I had full knowledge of it. Then went to England and Spain for another couple of years and now suddenly I notice my Greek knowledge doesn't appear anymore. Why? Language is still there and fluent.
  2. I'm playing a LLM save for the first time and I lose very often regardless of tactics. I've been sacked like 3 times in 2 years playing in this 3rd league somewhere. I sometimes manage to score like 2 goals but then I lose towards the end of the match. Can someone please share something you'd use with a team that must survive relegation. I prefer a 442 or 451 or 433 or 4231 or some similar variant to that. Prefer with winger ( IF works too tho). Thanks. I looked through the sub and most tactics shared here are for big clubs. Really nothing more defensive?
  3. Will FM ever be available in Romanian? I want to encourage a friend to try fm but he doesn't know the languages it's available in.
  4. seems you are better off buying cuadrado and then selling if u cant end his loan, not sure if it can be done in the same window. Can it? or at least loan him out. yeah the rubbish is a mess to fix can u screenshot which 18 year olds u bought? de ceglie is homegrown so im not sure I wanna sell him. I already gotta use him and a weak youngster to fill the CL quota.
  5. I'm not familiar with Juventus and I'm a bit worried with this squad. I have 3 old fullbacks in Alves, Forest Gump and Evra. At least Gump and Evra seem likely to retire soon. One of them I can replace I guess with DR Lirola 2* player and with big potential but I'm not sure what to do for the other 2. Actually it seems Sandro, Asamoah and De Ceglie are good enough for DL. Both Evra and Gump seem to be worth peanuts but they clear some wage and their contracts run out next year. Tho Gump's might be worth renewing as he is only 32 and his fitness is good. Alves is 33 and out in 2 but he has even better fitness. I see Real's Danilo is listed for ~8m says my scout. Could be more. there is very good central mid depth ( tho I have marchisio and another guy injured 3-4 months). The striker options are good too. Buffon is also very old. I got Marricchi and loanee Saro with some >3.5* PA but they are way too raw now and Saro costs 1mil to buy this year. His backup Neto is average. I doubt I can buy Donnaruma this window. Perin seems to be like 20m. Do I buy Benatia out of his loan? it's 17m. His value is much better so maybe it's worth to do and resell later? Gonna kill my budget. I do have good CB depth and dont particularly care to play 3CB formations primarily. Another loanee is Cuadrado who is 9.7m to buy. Do I buy because it seems I lack quality players on the wings? he's also nonEU but cheap. Coman is off to Bayern as loan. I'd be surprised if Bayern don't buy him. I dont seem to have any other midfielders with great PA. Actually the u18 u20 teams are mostly average. Why does nonEU rule still matter if a player is mine for 2 years already? like Alex Sandro. I checked my youth squads and there are A LOT of loan players that might be too much for me to handle, Should I sell the <3 star ones? Any particular ones to keep? even as backups to fill homegrown rules. Seriously, wtf is this hording? 15 GK in u20 !!!!!!! Any particular easy to buy youngsters I should buy? especially italians. I'm not familiar with this year's players. my budget is like 24m euros with 77k/w left so what transfers should I make? This is little money unless I sell some big names.
  6. Say you are Porto and you want to sign Rui Patricio of Sporting. Fans dont like this rumour about a rival star.
  7. I want to create myself as a youngster with max PA at a very weak team. I don't want him to ever be sold. How do I do this? Can I use a trick and set him to be transfered somewhere in like july 1st 2090? but in this case will he develop as normal in his team? or will they kinda ignore him cause he will go away. Or how else can I do this? maxing loyalty may not be enough.
  8. another idea: being able to train more than 3 tactics
  9. Do you think it would be a good idea to be able to set your attacking free kick instructions depending on distance from goal? 2 or 3 forms: near box, mid range and from far away. and 2nd thing: to pay for a player in 2-3 years payment's like Higuain's IRL transfer now to juve or this already is possible?
  10. How do I make my club very rich? like obscenely rich I wanna be able to just buy the best players do I have to do something about FPP too? or is there a work around
  11. how do you deal with that? a middle player has the ball, my fullback sees open space on the side of the box, runs, gets a through ball pass and then he wastes time until he is closed down and cross is blocked
  12. https://gyazo.com/0af6519be844221ab988bc9664ce9d37 the main thing is to have the CBs to go Forward instead of to posts and also the striker from deep I like to have someone come short even tho I dont aim there ( the corner taker sometimes does do that anyway and from there the ball moves the same way) this is how it looks like https://gyazo.com/164dbe7a2d3d4e96af0a21c8daf0a64c what happens is the ball is crossed in the penalty spot area where it is usually shot in ( usually not headed). I haven't tried it for long yet. It seems to help much to have technical CBs and it doesn't seem to require defenders that are good in the air since they seem to use their feet usually.
  13. in example if your opponents have a small quick striker and some good suppliers in his flanks how do you deal with that? drilled crosses would be the main threat
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