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    I am a teacher and a football fanatic, whether playing it myself or on FM. First started playing football management games back in 1997 and haven't stopped since! Occasionally skip a few versions if I have a save that I love.


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  1. Elliot Aerial ability to 10, agility to 8 and communication to 8
  2. Pacar finishing to 14, strength to 6. Elliot Aerial ability to 9, Handling to 10, One on ones to 10 and strength to 5, leaving me with 2 points over I believe.
  3. Ellis Handling to 9 Pacar finishing to 13, heading to 8
  4. Pacar finishing to 12, composure to 11 and first touch to 8 (leaving 1 point unspent I believe) Ellis Aerial ability and handling to 8 (leaving 4 points unspent)
  5. Jurica Pacar finishing to 10 and first touch to 7, leaving 3 points. I'll save Elliot's for now.
  6. Thanks for all the advice so far. I thought I'd post the tactic: Extra comments:: No matter who I play in the DLP (D) role they don't score above 6.8, but mostly not lower than 6.6 either. This compares to low to mid 7's for most other positions, with exception of GK and (this season due to poor form) my Pressing Forward. The rare exception for the DLP (D) is an assist or goal, but these numbers are low from this position. Pass completion is in the 90%s for DLP (D) and CM (S) - it is slightly hard to distinguish as I've swapped my CMs between the roles. Immediate thoughts: Higher tempo could be reducing the effectiveness of DLP. He is also mainly responsible for intercepting and breaking up opposition attacks as he is one of 3 players who sit back. I may be misusing this position itself, but having success overall? I've played around using a BBM rather than CM (S) as I wasn't getting enough presence on the edge of the area when breaking teams down, and use attacking forward/ complete forward rather than poacher, with mixed results. The DLP (D) has been in place since vanarama national. Any extra thoughts more than welcome, I stumbled across success with this tactic (although I did read quite a few of your guides @Rashidi when creating it) so appreciate there is always room for improvement!
  7. Agency name: GKsRUS Player name: Jurica Pacar Branching out!
  8. I've been playing with Farnborough and have been very successful with a flat 4-4-2 tactic I've developed. However, I don't seem to get any of my midfielders to 'play well' in the DLP (defend) role. Many of them are very well suited to this role, but the highest average rating over a season is usually 6.80 ish. I'm on mobile so haven't got actual data and figures, and this isn't a complaint about the nature of the game or anything like that. Now I'm aware that match ratings aren't everything, but because I watch games on key highlights only (my relative success means I don't need to go too much deeper) I do use ratings as well as key passes etc to help decide who to keep and who to sell. Really, I'm wondering the cause of the low (ish) ratings. Is it my players not doing their jobs? My tactic requiring the DLP to sit back and simply pass the ball around therefore they lack goals and assists (which boost match rating significantly) or something else possibly? Should I be looking at other statistics to help me decide who to keep? I'll post up my tactic if that would help, but wondered if anyone has any ideas or experiences the same thing?
  9. 13 points moving handling to 7 7 points to move aerial ability to 7 4 points to move acceleration to 4
  10. Really interesting read! Made me want to play in your league as the current USA layout is a fun alternative to European League structures, but the league is too weak for my long term enjoyment.
  11. My bravery in taking on a GK may prove to be folly, fingers crossed he gets some game time at some point :P
  12. Are you still taking new agents still? Agency name: GKsRUS Player name : Elliott Ellis
  13. Has worked 3/6 times since then - so obviously is a bit hit and miss, but still an excellent way to improve work rate!
  14. I picked this up from a post in Dafuge Fm20 challenge, but when you have a player who played badly in a previous game (6.20 rating below ish) then if you discipline them for poor performance (in interactions) immediately after the game, a positive response equates to a +1 jump in their work rate (pretty sure it's work rate, not on the game and can't remember 100%). I've not actually had to fine anyone yet as the warning alone has worked. This has worked 5 times in a row for me this season.
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