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    I am a teacher and a football fanatic, whether playing it myself or on FM. First started playing football management games back in 1997 and haven't stopped since! Occasionally skip a few versions if I have a save that I love.


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  1. I will also follow this. I started a journeyman save this year, but think if I get bored of that I'll be doing this type of save but probably as a youth only with instant result skin. Will follow with interest!
  2. August 2027 update Tangen is turning out to be an inspired signing. He has the highest average rating in the league and keeps throwing in key goals like this. We signed quite a few players on the 2nd August. I have a real problem with foreign players. I get the squad under control and then a scout report comes in and in a flash I've offered them a contract. I cannot resist a freebie! So let me introduce some players we don't need and who won't play! Blackburn is the first to arrive. I don't really need him, but saw the pace and physicals and thought he might
  3. July 2027 update First up we play Ranheim this month, my bogey team. I had a look at historic fixtures. Turns out I did beat them the season before last, it's just that we only dropped 7 point all year so losing to them was a big deal. Last season they did a number on us. I feel a tense game coming. Very tense indeed. We peppered their goal, but couldn't find a way through before Hartviksen got the winner. Perhaps the loss of Harkin is going to be more obvious than I thought. Only two more league games this month. Again, we've struggled to finish. The Bodo draw
  4. I expect this to improve before I leave as we currently have a number of high potential academy players.
  5. June 2027 update Now that's more like it! I think that this is my record for any competitive match on FM. Lappalainen-Uusitalo nearly matched his six in a game from last season. It means we've also now hit the following records. Bear in mind there's potentially 3 more games for us to play in the cup! Lovely, just lovely. I ended up adjusting settings to key highlights and no replays about 30 minutes into the game, as it had taken at least 5 minutes to get that far into the game! It was the start of an excellent month. We didn't conceded in the league, be
  6. I was thinking as I read through your signings that you would have an issue with squad regulations! I had the same thing at Karlstad and never really managed it very well. The problem is a lot of the cheaper and better options are non swedes and I was always tempted late on in a transfer window.
  7. May 2027 Update A nice milestone! Takes much longer in Scandinavia with shorter seasons. Usually I hit this after 4 seasons in the lower reaches of English football! We've had another up and down month. Another draw and a heavy defeat, but also 3 more wins. It sees us move up a place to third, but with a third of the season gone it looks like it may be a longshot for the title. I think there's three reasons we're having problems. One, we're a higher reputation now and in our second season in the Eliteserien. Teams are sitting back more, giving us less spa
  8. April 2027 update I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the start this year. It's the first year where I've possibly felt some level of expectation of achieving after last season. The first season was a walk in the park as we were so superior to the other First Division teams, while last season was just brilliant so I enjoyed almost all of it. This year I do feel the pressure to perhaps go one better and secure the title. At a minimum we should be in the top three again securing European football. Anyway, as a result of this, I feel this start is mixed. The 4-4 draw was crazy, we were 2
  9. Pre-season 2027 continued A few job offers arrived over the winter, from Wolves and Aston Villa. This shows my growth in stature, but also reminded me that the English Leagues are still active, so I put for them to turn to view-only at the end of the season. We played a number of pre-season games for fitness, including our first training camp in Spain. This was a mistake, as nobody was available to play so it was 12 days of no games! We also played the Super Cup against champions Valerenga. We repeated the result against them from last season with a 4-0 victory. Marlon was POM
  10. Pre-season 2027 The youth come through during the off season, and at first sight they don't look anything special. I've signed up all those with 3 star potential as I've found the potential can vary quite a bit even over the first few months. I'll put screenshots of any that start playing for us. Coming into the transfer market over the winter, I felt I definitely needed another striker, a backup AMR and potential a replacement for Ross-Lang at AML as for a foreign spot he's far too weak. I also needed to replace Rasmussen and potentially Madsen if he wouldn't sign a new co
  11. End of season 2026 update I think it's fair to say I'm very pleased with this season. Second place and a cup win and a European adventure to come. I've been really pleased with how our tactics have worked out in the Eliteserien, albeit once we switched to a slightly more defensive version of the formation that saw us promoted in a record winning year in 2025. Squad overview Goalkeepers: Hoff Tjore took over from Snorre, who played a couple of cup games but otherwise sat on the bench all year. I did trial bringing in Johnsgard, who is only a couple of attribute points b
  12. Cup final November 2026 We've won it! A first piece of silverware for me and what a way to do it. We tore them apart! The prize money has meant, we should finish the season significantly into the black for the first time in a long time (once sponsorship and the sale of Rasmussen go through). Next up I'll review the squad and the season.
  13. November 2026 update The first two games of November were relatively uneventful. Despite our injuries, we won both. I did think we were set for a draw against Viking, but Marlon headed in an 88th minute winner to sneak us the game in what was otherwise a boring, but tense game. Rosenborg won their two games, but Valerenga dropped points, taking us second. Two games to go, against Stromsgodset and Odd. However, the last game had shown our attack severely weakened by our injuries. Stupidly, Harkin would also be on international duty for our game against Strom
  14. October 2026 update October began with a bid from SIPG for Rasmussen. He's 29, hasn't always started and only has a year left on his deal. Plus we're -£1.5million again, and I'd like to be able to invest in the training facilities that were downgraded at the start of the year. I've accepted the offer. We've also guaranteed survival, as did our second side. They were marooned at the bottom before I promoted a raft of U19s and that seems to have helped them out. Having the second side in the third tier is really important as it seems to fast track the development of my young playe
  15. September 2026 update At the start of September, this is how the table looks. I'd be delighted with 3rd place, and we've got a good run of games followed by the cup semi-final. This month saw much more of our usual swagger and goal scoring self, with the exception of Ranheim. I think I'm yet to beat them with Tromso and they've become something of a bogey team for us. Two changes this month, with Kruse now fit (I didn't realise he was injured when he signed) and playing at BWM (D) in our CMR slot, I feel the team is a lot better at winning the ball back. His added pace and
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