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  1. Jaketomsett

    FM19: The English Football League thread

    Having read this thread from the start I decided to start a save with Reading FC, my home town club. I really struggled to sign players, with many of the usual free transfers going to rivals or clubs abroad for much higher wages than I could offer. Therefore, I settled for bringing in some loan signings Alexander Sorloth from Palace, Aaron Lennon from Burnley and Hamza Choudhury from Leicester. This meant I was heavily reliant on loan players throughout the season, often fielding 5 in my starting line up. It did mean I could get rid of some of the dross though and try and keep finances under control! Early season form was surprisingly good, 3 wins on the trot got me dreaming of promotion to the promised land! However, reality set in and our pre-season prediction of mid-table looked very likely until around December. I then started reading some of the threads Knap posts and although the tactics didn't really suit all of my players (I tested out a few with an older back up save), I managed to adapt some of them to fit and my form drastically improved. 5 wins on the bounce got us into the play-off places. Samir Nasri joined around this time on a free transfer (I snapped him up in late November to avoid competition) and he proved a fantastic acquisition, as you can see in the stats below. Chelsea's Ethan Ampadu also arrived on loan in Jan to provide cover in defense and was superb. Heading into the final weeks of the season, I snuck into 2nd place with two superb wins over Bristol City and Brentford. However, I was then sucker-punched by West Brom with two late goals meaning I faced the last day knowing I needed to win and Brentford had to lose to Preston at home. Everything was on track but Brentford came back to win 2-1 meaning the play-offs for Reading. I was surprised by how easily we negotiated the play-offs. Bodvarsson, who had been out of the team most of the season due to the form of Sorloth, had spent the last few weeks scoring some excellent goals, and he continued his form with a fantastic long range effort 14 seconds in to the play off final! Our 4-1 victory meant that we have returned to the Premier League! The challenge ahead is immense. £37 million and a £600k wage budget for a squad reliant on loans is going to be interesting. I'll post an update after the transfer window ends but I'm scouring the forums for prem bargains at the moment! Player stats below:
  2. Trying this tactic now with Portsmouth in League 1. Away at Blackpool, 3-0 up in 4 minutes! Thanks!
  3. I usually only play all nighters when on a joint game with my housemate or a friend from back home - my record is 23 hours straight from 6pm to 5pm the next day; i think it's why i've ended up wearing glasses!
  4. I've used players with CA of around 140 or even lower and have been solid at premiership level. It does depend on stats though. Decent, but average i would say less than 150 as at that level you'll have a player who could potentially perform in any side with the right stats
  5. I have seen a post asking this exact thing, and the official response was no, not in the foreseeable future as there are so many more important aspects of football manager to concentrate on
  6. Is he a short CB? I seem to recall many people had problems that because 'headers won' is so important in a CB rating, their short CB would get a low rating despite playing well, simply because he doesn't win many headers. Whether this has been fixed since i read it, i don't know, but it is a possible cause.
  7. Jaketomsett

    Problems with reversed league structure

    Oops, this is meant to be in the editors hideaway, is there any way to move it?
  8. Hi all, I have edited the english premier league to have 20 blue square prem teams in it, each edited to a reputation, finance and wage structure suitable for a prem club. I know that all 20 clubs have functioning budgets because i've tested them all. However, the problem i am having is that the clubs insist on buying championship quality or below players, and giving them ridiculous wages i.e. Chris Wood from west brom is on £27,500 for Crawley!! Is there any way to get clubs to buy players appropraite to the premier league? I have tried adding 1 player of 140 ca, 140 pa to each team, which seems to have had no real effect! Any help much appreciated!
  9. Jaketomsett

    promotion transfer budgets

    With Brighton i had a budget of 1 million in the championship and then 22 in the prem and that was only for 'trying to avoid relegation'
  10. it'll be transfer deadline, feeder clubs has nothing to do with being able to appeal.
  11. Jaketomsett

    into me 2nd season in game with leeds need help

    When i went up with brighton in the first season i signed barry bannan on free, davenport on free, (although he couldn't play for a while but evry worth it) convey also and maybe a couple of others i'm forgetting! But those three players were incredible at championship level, davenport and convey can do a job in the prem too if you get there, if not convey at least raises money for you. Of course, these players might not be available on free on your game, but if they are, well worth it!
  12. Whilst i don't know the exact numbers, 5 is definately not good enough for BSN, i always look for at least 10 in a couple of the key ones, you'll be surprised by what you can find with those sort of stats.
  13. Jaketomsett

    overload and fluid play

    The only problem is that unless you manually change your goalkepers settings, he decides he's a striker at corners
  14. Jaketomsett

    How much debt is too much?

    I'm not sure of exact figures, but i'm pretty sure i've seen people on here with a lot more debt than that before administration
  15. Jaketomsett

    Which player is better?

    They do, i added ca points to heskey in the last game, (for a laugh) up to 200CA and his attributes shot up