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    I am a teacher and a football fanatic, whether playing it myself or on FM. First started playing football management games back in 1997 and haven't stopped since! Occasionally skip a few versions if I have a save that I love.


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  1. The thing to remember about switching mentality to cautious is it mainly affects the risks players take, not how defensive you are. Player roles and instructions will have a larger say in how attacking you are. So perhaps look at the tactic that was working and see if there's any elements that could be tweaked. I've often found just a slight tweak in roles or duties can make a major difference. Watch on comprehensive highlights, where are the gaps, are some players crowding together due to similar duties or overlapping roles? If you can work out roughly where the problems are, a tweak at a tim
  2. Taken me days and days to read this, but an excellent read (I hope reinstalling the game works for you!) The youth recruitment 19 is something I've had for Farnborough on a dafuge challenge on fm19. Looked it up to check and it's 19 despite 9000+ reputation. No ability to request an upgrade. I've 'completed' a youth only challenge before on Fm19 with Bari in Italy which was very good fun, but I really like this challenge and it's inspired me to do something similar on FM21. The instant result button option is something I'll look into for it, as I find players bring nicked very dishe
  3. You're 2 million per month over your wage budget which is probably a large part in why you're losing money. Selling some players to get rid of that excess wage will boost your finances AND mean you're not making a loss per month. It is okay to make a loss per month (most clubs do) if you are successful as TV payout and rewards from the league and champions league etc. will boost your finances at the end of the season. However, if you're significantly over your wage budget usually the board don't see that in a positive light.
  4. In real life there is no 'potential ability' of a player. Yes, some people are much more talented than others, but a good example of how training has an impact is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has trained his body to exceptional levels through putting in significantly more effort than the average, or even top level professional does. Lots of articles on how he improved his jumping for example. If a very good player can become an all time great through dedication and training, it stands to reason a bad player can become better through training. Totally agree with you about multitude of factors, bu
  5. I would disagree with this. Superior training in real life develops players, while tactics can help hide huge weaknesses in players and bring out the strengths. I remember watching Reading in the prem as a season ticket holder when we finished 8th. Most of those players were not as good as the teams performance suggested and most failed to kick on when moving to other teams, while the next season wish showed the realistic ability of the squad. There are many other examples of teams who exceed expectations through their style of play, overcoming the natural limitations of the individual players
  6. I'm still playing on FM19, so my thoughts are only regarding that game, but having played one long term save (10 years+) with plug and play and one with my own tactics (and a lot of reading forum posts/ guides) I find this debate really interesting. I have struggled to create my own tactics from about FM10 onwards, and started using downloads which generally won me everything. The problem with that is I then expect my own tactics to also be as good and get incredibly frustrated with not always knowing the answer/ solving problems that arise. My most recent save, following dafuge chal
  7. Some players won't join you if you are a low reputation team in Vanarama South. I play dafuge challenge so start in year 2 with a fresh batch of released players, but I generally try to offer trials to prem and championship and sometimes league 1 youth players who were released. Most won't come on trial, lots are rubbish and a few will come on trial and then won't sign. There are always still some left over who will, but my point is the success rate will most likely be quite low. Using player search function for free agents who would be at least slightly interested could be an alternative
  8. Try loading players from those nations?
  9. Elliot Ellis rushing out to 9 and acceleration to 6, leaving 3 points spare. Pacar finishing and pace to 15, first touch to 9, concentration to 3 and positioning to 3 which should also leave 3 points spare i think
  10. Ellis balance to 7, acceleration to 5 leaving 1 point spare Pacar strength to 7, passing to 6 and balance to 8.
  11. Elliot Ellis strength to 6 and agility to 9, leaving 2 points spare.
  12. Pacar heading to 9, leaving 1 point. Ellis positioning to 8 and stamina to 3.
  13. Pacar = Teamwork to 6, balance to 7, jumping to 7 and penalties to 5 Ellis = One on ones, handling and aerial to 11. Communication and concentration to 10. Composure to 3, leaving 1 point I think.
  14. Elliot Aerial ability to 10, agility to 8 and communication to 8
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