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  1. you can achieve that kind of movement with roles & duties if you play like that the AI will bombing your left side of your defense
  2. if he has the right attributes it has no downside CMIIW @Rashidi playing an AMC in the LIBERO position in his lyon guide
  3. wow thank you for the insight, that's more knowledge than i understand this ME 1) for the SK i want him to sweep the line when defender got caught and it's pair with rushing out attribute 2) my 2 defender has bring ball out of defence trait, so what i thought was they will dribble with the ball a lot into midfield and it's actually work, bypassing pressing from opp striker, play out of the defense is intentional, i want opp striker to press us from goalkick and GK will find space at front, that why i got 2 BPD to dribble through them and pass it to open teammates 3) that's better config for midfield i suppose, apart from halfback, 2 other midfield need to be tweak because i need halfback to split the DC for build up purpose 4) good advice too 5) every role i tried on striker nothing works except for targetman on supp, either they got isolated or shooting off target, guess i'll try your advice 6) what i understand is preventing GK to short pass to DC, as for offside trap defender always in the same line no matter what, my idea behind the TI was to play counter but i dont know why we have all the possession instead
  4. i have tried that in multiple occasion, but tammy always got low rating when i play him as advance forward but when i play him as targetman he got standard rating. i like bolasie, he's lightning fast that's why i play him on attack duty maybe a role change in midfield can make an advance forward more alive?
  5. my aston villa team can play both possession and direct style same for the pressing style they capable of both , so i choose mostly balance with team instruction what i'm asking is, how can i improve goal from striker or goal as a team? i play mostly 1-1 or 1-0 or even lose with bottom of the table team
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