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  1. 10 years ago i got hooked up with Barnet (can't remember why) and since then, at every FM version i got my hands on, i picked up Barnet and eventually made them the biggest club in Europe, but this years version makes me struggle. After spending 2 years in the Skrill Premier League, i made back to back promotions and got us in 2018 in the Premier League. The influx of PL money makes the game so sweet, but i got stuck with my stadium which is at full capacity and made in 2009 so i can't order a new one yet. I've ended twice in the mid-table, trying to push for EL/CL places, but the stadium is holding me back, gotta wait for 2024 or 2029 to order a new stadium i think. But eventually i will become the greatest, its just a matter of time and patience
  2. Yes, finishing around 6th, not winning any domestic cups and no one outside of Portugal will notice you. You might expect Porto/Benfica/Sporting/Braga could take a chance with you, but they could also get a better foreign manager with better credentials instead of you. The only way to change your fortune is to win the domestic cup (get lucky not drawing the top 4) or get succes in Europa (surviving the EL group stages or beat the giants in CL) which happened in my case before i got the Schalke job.
  3. I had the same problem OP did. I started unemployed with sunday league footballer experience and applied to every job available. Eventually i got the Uniao Madeira job (Portuguese second league). My ultimate goal was to win the Champions League eventually and noticed that it would be impossible with Madeira. Once i got promoted, i saw that Porto, Benfica and Sporting were unreachable for me, cause i couldn't grow with Madeira. After a few years in the premier league ending around 6th place, and playing few Europa League games, i started to apply for every high-profile job. At every one, i got either dismissed or laughed at, even at Championship clubs. And NO ONE approached me for a job, not even when Porto/Benfica/Sporting were available. So i buckled down and eventually at one season i got second and that got me the Champions League qualifiers. I qualified for the Champions League and a had a very good start winning my first 3 matches. During winter break i noticed that Schalke was available and after making alot of promises, i got the Schalke job and within a few years i won the Champions League, mission completed. My point is, not winning the league or cup in Portugal gets you nowhere, your best bet would be to get international success, then you'll see those offers streaming in.
  4. Why can't he join up with the rest of the "scums"?
  5. He knows he's been banned before for biting and he knows there are hundreds of cameras around the match and yet he does it again. Either he's a) dumb b) has a uncontrollable tick for biting when frustrated or c) just doesn't give a rats ass and does it to frustrate opponents. I thinks its A
  6. The Uruguay FA should act before FIFA and withdraw Suarez from the WC squad. But ofc they won't do it, no team would
  7. Nah Mesut did fine, if he had chosen for Turkey, he wouldn't be at WC 2010 when he shined there and his career might have took another turn. Besides, our Turkish NT is a shambles, our last tournaments was the semi-finals at Euro 2008, we missed 3 tournaments in a row
  8. Impressions from last trainings are that Holland is gonna play 4-3-3 with Kuyt at left wing and Lens as main striker
  9. His Portuguese heritage might come handy there, but Louis van Gaal is very charmed of him, so it might not be surprising if he tags along with him to Man United
  10. Janmaat, de Vrij and Martins Indi will probably leave Feyenoord after this WC. Ka-ching!
  11. After not missing any WC games so far, i feel kinda burned out atm. Never thought that watching 3 a 4 games a day, some boring but most of them exciting, would make me feel this way
  12. I blame Capello for the loss though, should have brought in Kherzakov and Dzagoev at around 60 mins when Russia was dominating
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