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  1. SIgned Erling Haaland from Dortmund for United in Jan 21. He wins player of month in same month, news article says I signed him from his old club RB Salzburg
  2. Hi all, any advice on this would be greatly appreciated :-)
  3. Hi, Miles mentioned yesterday that he did not recommend starting a multiplayer in the Beta and carrying on into the full game. Can someone please confirm if this related to network games, or hot-seat games? I want to add a second manager on my career game, but not put the game at risk so i cannot carry on Cheers
  4. Oh hang on, noob error, turns out the game was waiting to go through a tutorial with me
  5. Had just done all my coaching setup etc, and gone to hire a new coach. In the contract negotiation Screen, no buttons on screen work, Had not pressed continue at all during the game Macbook Pro 2019
  6. Has there been a shift away from the public beta testing of patch releases? I thought it worked really well previously, and with the (in my opinion) large flaws in this years ME, I for one would be chomping at the bit to help test
  7. Ive had it with Man U, Everton, Hertha B. and FC Chambley-Thelle Every club i have managed, all in one save Not a single takeover has actually happened in that time for me
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