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  1. Thanks for coming back so quickly 107,000 players 11 Countries 23 Leagues/divisions Large DB with extra international players etc The crashes are just random when continuing through normal days. Nothing out of the ordinary. And it works fine the next time i go back to that time and date
  2. Hi, I am on season 8 of my save, its a hotseat game with 5 players playing. I suffer random crashes every season or so, along with some other anomolies. Usual generic error message 'your save game has stopped working' etc. I remember years ago one of the SI employees saying they could validate a save file to check for corruption, i was wondering if i uploaded my save, could it be checked? If there was corruption in it, at least i know and can start a new save, rather than play for another season (or ten) then it become unusable Just a query :-) Cheers
  3. Really? Same error/symptoms as the windows error? I have changed almost every variable apart from in game editor usage, and still get the same error. I don't see how it can now be a Linux error
  4. Oh, and that is a brand new save on different laptop. Using an edited pre-game DB (all latest transfers), and the in game editor to amend bank balance on 2 clubs. 2 graphics packs (iPhone facepacks and a club logo pack - both used by thousands of others)
  5. Hello, It has happened again. Completely different laptop, Ubuntu OS (was using windows 10 earlier) One thing I have noticed, when it happens, it appears to happen when I save a tactic mid-match, and then make subs (not every time though).
  6. Completely uninstalled, removed all folders, moved all saved games and tactics to new location to back them up...deleted as much trace as I could Reinstalled, started new game, new avatar I am flicking between the two saved games, and haven't seen it since Jan 18th real time, but will let you know if it happens again Any further advice in the meantime would be great although I appreciate this must be an isolated incident therefore low priority Cheers
  7. Only windows essentials, and I have set the FM folders to be exempt from scanning I never run ccleaner or anything like that whilst fm is running, or defrag
  8. Hello, Followed all of above suggestions Started a new save, only manage 1 team, have used the in-game editor again, and this has just started happening 6 months into the game (exactly the same symptoms and ends in same crash Do you have any more suggestions?
  9. Thanks for coming back, I had tried the first two but haven't done the third for a while, so I have completed all three again It takes me a little while to move forward in the game (managing 4 teams takes a lot of time), i'll report back good or bad Appreciate the help, cheers :-)
  10. Happening more regularly now, is there any more info you need from me? Cheers
  11. Sorry, having trouble sharing the video, I posted it to twitter
  12. It doesn't happen all the time, probably once every 30 games or so It starts when I make a substitute (or three) during a game, and 10-15 minutes later I realise that the players I have subbed on have not come on. The players I have subbed off are blacked out, and every couple of seconds the message 'Making Tactical Changes" keeps appearing and then disappearing. The match continues as normal, but the batch of substitutes never come on. If I make a further substitute then it will normally be successful Once the game finishes, and I continue 2 or 3 screens, the game will always crash at that point I have used in game editor (official one) I do have some logo and facepacks (which I have removed and it does not make a difference) I manage 4 different teams on a hotseat game (and has happened with 3 of them) I started the game on release day and played on after patches Video of one example: Tweet The crash dump is 55mb, shall I upload it to the FTP?
  13. Heard someone mention yesterday that some morale issues that carry over from Beta saves cannot be fixed in a save game. Any chance we can find out what other fixes will not work on a save game?