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  1. Alas, atm there isn't anyone in the staff search database with my preferred formation.
  2. I tried it, it didn't work. When I fire him and let his assistant take over, the tactic changes to his (assistant) preferred formation.
  3. My U19 manager doesn't play with the same tactic as the first team. Under staff responsibilities - under 19s I've got the ''play matches with first team tactics'' ticked. How can I resolve this?
  4. I'm negotiating with an agent about extending a contract. The options of adding the sell on fee or sell on fee profit percentage aren't available. Is this normal? If I offer contracts to players who are under contract with a different club or free agents, I don't have this issue.
  5. I usually don't use the prevent short gk distribution but trailing the match with few minutes to go playing on overload i expect my players to press and force the issue.
  6. I play with close down more, high line and tight marking. My striker has 14 for acc, pac and wr. I was trailing a game, so in the last few minutes, i put my mentality on overload. I dont mind if there gk can still play a short pass to the cb's but there was no effort to stop it. The wingers stuck to the fullbacks instead of taking the half spaces between center back and fullback leaving my striker with 2 options. Unfortunately my whole midfield including my ama decided to sag back forming a triangle around their number 10 and even leaving 20 meters between them and there cm's.
  7. So are there specific requirements or systems needed for this to work? Is a 4-2-3-1 unable to perform this?
  8. When its by request there will be ''Req'' in front of a player and when listed by the club it states ''Lst'' if im correct. What happens when the AI keeps there squad status up is that players are less likely to move or are asking for more wages. Especially when players are in there last contract year, barely featured the year before or aren't even registered for the league i find it rather odd the AI teams don't put more effort in to move these players.
  9. Is there a reason the AI puts players on the transfer list but keeps there squad status on back-up or rotation?
  10. I was probably to quick to judge. A couple of weeks after the transfer window opened and he was transfer listed by request he was more than happy to join me.
  11. Just finished the second season. Managed to improve on my first seasons 12th place with one spot, finishing 11th. Never in danger of relegation nor challenging for the European spots. I tend to buy players from the nation im managing in and so my transferdealing were mostly British. Getting in: Gosling, Cork, Galloway, Taylor (free), Stanislas (free), Hayden, Borthwick Jackson (loan) and Long. And in January i added Fulton, Cahill, Holding and Puncheon (loan). The cups were really disappoiting losing both in the 3rd round against Championship outfit Swansea and rivals Newcastle. Defensively i was pretty solid with only Man U having a better defensive record. But scoring goals was a big, big problem (37 goals). Shane Long was my topscorer with a measly 12 followed by Borini with 8. Nobody else got more than four. Defoe got 1 goal (26 games ) in the entire campaign and another penalty in the cup. Wouldnt mind i Jermaine decided to call it quits so i can get his salary of the books! I really need some firepower in the team or tinker with my tactics of course. Atm i'm trying to add Wilson from relegated Bournemouth, if he isnt attainable i'll shift my focus onto Gray (Burnley ) or maybe Hogan (Villa). I managed to get rid of Catermole, Lens, McNair, Oviedo and Djilobodji. Hopefully i can complete my clearout this summer.
  12. I'm playing as Sunderland just finished the second season in 11th place. Wanted to sign Callum Wilson from Bournemouth after they were relegated. But apparently he isn't interested to even enter contract negotiations because he doesnt believe my squad is strong enough to playing at a level matching his own ambitions! What would those ambitions be then? Trying to win the Skybet Championship next season? Seems a bit off.
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