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  1. I am playing different tactic, check previous post.
  2. New season new tactic. My IW was really bad in my previous tactic and I gave up on AMC position. I rather put AP-S on my AML position and the players are playing really well on that position. Instead of AMC I put another striker and playing him on F9 role. Also pushed the DMR higher on the pitch to connect the play. I am doing okay but I am sure I can be doing a lot better. Defence is okay, not letting a lot of chances. Their chances are mostly counter attacks. I want to improve the attack. I struggle against "park the bus" tactic until I score my first goal. Any suggestions how to create more chances? Never actually played this type of formations. I mostly use one striker in my tactics. Example when I played Dortmund away Won the game 1:3 cause they were playing really attacking and letting a lot of space.
  3. Steal and easy pass for easy goal, right?
  4. I am not going to post Strootman SS, every can find him in the game. Its year 2024 and he is 33 years old. But look at my DM
  5. I fixed the defence its all good now. Teams are now playing really defensive against me. I have 60%+ possession but can't create a lot of chances cause they are parking the bus. Even teams like Lyon are playing like that. This time I managed to win cause their defence made a mistake. They actually had 1 shot till 90 min when they had corner and shooted 3x times but my team blocked all of them.
  6. It was everything. Open play chances, set pieces, counter attacks..
  7. That annoys me cause its seem that every team is capable of playing high pressing tactics. I know mine doesnt have the quality to play that way.
  8. I dont know if its because of the engine or what but look at this. Its 93 min in the game and we are losing 1-0 to OM. My DM-D won the ball and started the counter attack. My striker who scored 47 goals last season is open for simple pass and easy finish. But no! My DM-D is thinking "I won the ball I will score the goal and be the hero!".. man I was so angry at this.
  9. Yeah already tried that and was even worse. Actually now I just put more agressive out of possession instructions and its a lot better. Sometimes I dont really understand this game.
  10. How to fix my defence without loosing the attack force? Opponents are having at least 4-5 chances per game and thats excluding the set pieces. Its actually the worst feeling ever when you are missing chance after chance and next highlight is them scoring from set piece.
  11. Looking for the same answer. Any links how to improve defending set pieces?
  12. Whats your thought on having tactic with DLP-D and AP-S/A?
  13. Yeah I already trained him to place shots. Was thinking going round keeper too, but my conclusion was that he is coming in chances from angle and wont use that at all. That video is actually very good.
  14. Actually I gave up on 3 CM, put one on AM position. Now it looks like this. Help me tweak it a bit cause I am not creating chances from open play.
  15. Best PPM for him to learn to finish chances better? He is playing AMR Winger-A. He is playing really well, having 3-4 goal scoring chances per game but constantly missing them. So he ends with poor average rating in the end.
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