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  1. Just one quick question. Not worth it to open new thread. I am wondering why am I getting more assist from DR than DL? Last season my DR got 16 and 14 assist each, while DL got just 2 each. All assist were from open play so my DR is not taking set pieces. All players are same quality too, actually back up DR have crossing 9 and still manages a lot more assist from DL with crossing 14. I am just curious is there any particular reason for that in my tactic or its just "random" that happended like that.
  2. Yeah its ridiculous even though I am playing with shoot on sight ticked on. Right now you can't rely on CCC cause players are missing them like crazy and I am having so much success with shoot on sight. I mean look at this match. Half time and I have already created 9 CCC. Scored just once from that. Other goal was long shot. So my players missed 8 CCC in one half and I am playing with the best team and strikers in my league. Its actually crazy and frustrating if you are that type of person. BTW match ended 2:0 with me missing 2 more CCC in second half.
  3. Guess I need better tactic. Just kidding. This game was exception where I really could not create a chance, had like 36 long shots jesus christ. I just let it go cause I won the first match 3:1. But yeah classic last minute equalizer happend once again.
  4. I am seeing that my players often get complacent or uninterested during matches. Why is that? How can I fix it?
  5. I mostly get annoyed when 2-3 players get cold before important match.
  6. This is my AML. He is talented so I am playing him in the first team. Maybe (for sure) I expect too much from him anyway. His traits are not the best as you can see, so I will probably sell him if good offer comes for him. My first choice for AMR is this guy. I dont like that he has trait to cut inside from wing. So I guess thats why he plays like that. Anyway he was my best player this season and I dont mind that a lot. I started experimenting with AP instead of DLP last 5-6 games, when I was sure I will win the league. Wanted to see whats the difference. I think after that I would rather play with DLP. It just works better. About DR I didnt say I dont like the IWB role but him and Mezzala just stood next to each other. I know that IWB is supposed to come in middle and help when MCR goes in attack. How do you think it will work with CM-A? I would use IWB-D in that case like you suggested. I mean IWB role must be good cause lot of you guys are using it. Got me thinking is there any good IWB in real life playing for top club? I think Alaba or Kimmich from Bayern could play that, cause they both play full backs and MC/DM. Almost forgot to ask. Why is important for BPD to be on right side?
  7. Okay I watched full first half. Of course he has low rating, cause all he is doing is dribling and losing balls. My DL is always open on left side, has a lot of space, but my AML is not giving him the ball. Do you think overlap left would help with that? In theory it would not, cause my DL is overlapping very well, he just doesnt get the ball. I want my AML to play smart, not rush things. Same story for AMR, but he is just better player and manages to drible through. Of course he is trying to finish alone, not to assist even if I have 2-3 open players for easy goal. I guess thats just ME and cant do anything about it. BTW this is my current tactic. I was changing a lot of things during season. Occasionally I would start with Attacking mentality. In the end I conceded same amount of goals in the league (34 games 15 conceded goals) and scored 10 more. AMR is best scorer and have the most assist. Both strikers have 15 goals in 30 matches so that could improve for next season. What do you think?
  8. I am asking cause I am not happy with my AML. He barely assists and when he fail to score he has 6.4 rating at most. Striker and AMR are doing very good. I dont know how I feel about my MCR. Some games he is the best on the pitch, next game the worst.
  9. Firstly thank you for your advices. Changed DL to FB-A and he is doing so much better than WB-S. I am not so sure about DR though. Tried for one game and he stayed next to my Mezzala all game. So maybe use it when playing with CM-A? What do you think about using IF-S on left wing? Is it maybe better for me cause he is more direct than IW? About defensive I am still looking for right one. Higher LOE and higher DL doesnt work. I havent conceded 3 games in a row with that, but opponent had good amount of good chances so it was just lucky. And what do you mean with split block? I dont know what that term means. Is there any read about that?
  10. Sure you can tell me. Player roles seems really good to me. Had DR for a while on FB-A, he was always open on right flank but my players ignored him all the time. Tried Winger on attack duty and he never passed the ball. He just dribled until he shoots on goal or eventually lose it. Striker role looks ok to me against the teams I am playing. In CL matches against PSG and Man. United I used PF and he killed it but that doesnt work in my league matches. So yeah I am open for your suggestions but also I wanna know why would that work.
  11. I am playing with Sporting from Portugal. All teams in the league beside Porto and Benfica are playing very defensive style against me. I am very good in defence. Opponents cant manage more than 5 shots per game, I am not vulnerable on counter attacks. So what I can change to create more good chances for my team? I am getting good number of shots but they are not CCC.
  12. I dont really understand this game. So tactic was nice, great results and everything. Suddenly my players forgot how to play and I went for 6 games without win, with poor play and 1-2 chances per game. I dont know what happened.
  13. I have a new setup and it looks a lot better now. Havent really thought of having Winger on possession based tactic. How does he behave? Probably standing wide and waiting for a ball to cross.
  14. Actually I realised that about Work ball into box. In my mind I thought I cant play possession tactic without that, cause my players would cross a lot more or try long shots. So early I decided to play without that, put my striker on DLF-A, both wingers on IW-S, and my DM to DLP-S. Its working okay. I am not sure aobut DM yet. Just improvising things for now. But to summary I create a lot more chances now. BTW isnt BBM agressive runner from midfield? Or you had more like CM-A in mind?
  15. Lobotka have composure, vision and concetration over 16. So he is good. But I dont wanna to play counter attacks. We are building slowly from behind. I am having my striker on support, because i want him to be involved in a game and to open space for both IF. I will try that with LoE hope it works. For attacking trio maybe two IW with DLF-A? Ideally i would like F9/DLF-S, IF-A on one wing and IW-S on other. AP-A middle with CM-S/BTB. But tried it couple of times and doesnt seem to work. My IF-A doesnt play the passing game, he is not much involved and when he gets the ball he just dribles..
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