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  1. I am trying to implement fast attacking direct approach with my Brentford squad. As one of favourites in league teams are defending deep and narrow against me. So because of that I cant create a lot of chances meaning I need to tweak my tactic to create more space for my players. Here is the tactic I am currently using Should I add TI playing wider? Be more expressive? Maybe AP instead of Mezzala? Carrilero instead of BBM? I need some help.
  2. As I said I will try Regista role in the new season. So here is a little update. Actually I am pretty amazed. I am dominating the teams so much even though they are playing very defensively. Possession is not always in my favour, I am averaging just 50%. I thought I will be struggling in defence, cause I dont really have holding midfielder but thats not the case. Teams rarely even come to my defence players cause most of the time my MC and forwards are winning the ball. I am using split block meaning my front 5 players have close down more. I dont know if the regista role i
  3. Players getting minor injuries 1-2 days before match. And its always my top players.
  4. Interesting thread. Funny enough in my save I am getting Bennaccer for free at the end of the season. Its year 2029 though and he is 31 years old My currently roles in midfield are DLPd - BWMs - MEZZa. I might try Regista on DM role for next season and BWM-D instead of support.
  5. I just love getting players on free. Doesn't always sell them for profit of course. Okay I never refuse 100m offer, thats my minimum for top class players. Rejected 95M offer from Barcelona for Odegaard this season. I'll put the screenshots in a album. Other rule is rotating all squad for cup and Europa League matches. Even if its final.
  6. How much of a problem is having 2 players with Dictate tempo trait? Can they play together?
  7. Is there any way to achieve my players to "pass into space" just to AMRL and ST positions? I dont want them to pass like that to my AMC for example, who is not very fast player and its a lot better if he gets the ball to his feet.
  8. Any really good explanation on "Pass into space"? If I use it, my players lose a lot of balls trying passing into space. If I am not using it they actually never play through ball. Even though most of them have trait "Try killer balls often."
  9. I am playing different tactic, check previous post.
  10. New season new tactic. My IW was really bad in my previous tactic and I gave up on AMC position. I rather put AP-S on my AML position and the players are playing really well on that position. Instead of AMC I put another striker and playing him on F9 role. Also pushed the DMR higher on the pitch to connect the play. I am doing okay but I am sure I can be doing a lot better. Defence is okay, not letting a lot of chances. Their chances are mostly counter attacks. I want to improve the attack. I struggle against "park the bus" tactic until I score my first goal. Any suggestions how
  11. Steal and easy pass for easy goal, right?
  12. I am not going to post Strootman SS, every can find him in the game. Its year 2024 and he is 33 years old. But look at my DM
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