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  1. FM13's One Man Team Game

    Any Room left? Player chosen: Lee Cattermole Goalkeeper chosen: Simon Mignolet Team kits (Home and Away): Red & Black Stripes, plain White away
  2. FM11: Jordan Henderson

    He play RM in real life. If SI took more notice he would be beter.
  3. Save the Wales - Game Thread

    Player Name: Sam Fisher Where your points should be allocated and how many: +10 Work rate +10 Stamina +10 Off the Ball +6 Passing
  4. One Man Team Challenge

    Is anyone going to do this?
  5. Save the Wales - Sign-up thread

    Name: Sam Fisher Day/Month of Birth: 11/2 Future transfer (pick a random club or I'll pick one for you. You're not leaving until you're 38): Sunderland 1 Person Attribute at 20: Controversy Left/Right foot: Right Position: DM 2nd Position: CM 2 Mental Attributes at 20: Influence, Dirtiness 1 Physical Attribute at 20: Strength, Stamina 2 Techinical Attributes at 20: Tackling, Marking 2 Preffered Moves: Dives Into Tackles, Argues With Ref
  6. Chairman manager 2011

    Blackpool back in the prem
  7. Chairman manager 2011

    could I take blackpool?
  8. Chairman manager 2011

    any places left for me?
  9. FORM CEO Name - Sam CEO Stats (Total 50 Pts) Business - 12 Resources - 19 Patience - 9 Interference - 10 CEO DOB - 11.02.1964 (+20 years) Team Name - Hendon Athletic Stadium Name - Backhouse Park Optional Preferred Formation - 4-5-1 Preferred Formation 2 - 4-3-3 Defensive Formation - 5-3-2 Attacking Formation - 4-3-3 Club Logo (link) - Don't Have one Team Colors - Dark Blue and Yellow Kits Number/Style (From Editor) - Don't have a clue what you mean Kit (link) - Above Team Full Name - Hendon Athletic Team Nickname - Hendon Maddogs MSN or PM* - PM FM10 or FM11** - FM11
  10. Wigan News Wigan have signed James Milner for £12 million pounds the wigan fan are exited and looking foward to watching a world class player.
  11. This is tense could I stay up for the very first time? who knows.