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  1. OMG - I just lost a game 1-0 against much better opposition !! THIS TACTIC SUCKS :-D (jokes, still loving it)
  2. Never normally one to download other peoples tactics but thought I'd give this a go after reading the thread and I have to say I'm rather happy with the results !! I'm playing as Havent & Waterlooville in league 1 having guided them up from the blue square south using my own tactics which just stopped working. I found myself languishing in the league conceding virtually all my goals from set plays, own goals and penalties which is a sure sign that the game has sussed you out so I changed to this tactic and 9 games in I've lost only once and my team is playing some attractive football. The defending at set plays is noticeably better creating many chances on the counter attack and my midfield seems to be controlling the game so much more so I'll keep at it but it looks very much like it'll work with lower league teams too. Great work so far.
  3. FC Baku

    Brilliant :-) http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/oddballs/918759-baku-fc-name-21-year-old-as-manager-based-on-computer-game-experience?ref=fb_invite_declined However with just 10 years experience with FM I think they should have looked for somebody a bit more savvy, maybe it was a language thing.... If you are watching Roman I've been playing football manager simulations since 1988 when I wasted the time I should have spent experimenting with alcohol, drugs and girls by sitting in front of my ZX Spectrum playing Tracksuit Manager. Maidenhead Utd to the Champions league final ?!?! Come on big Rom you don't need that Spanish waiter. :-)
  4. Knowing your tactic works.

    Have you really not had the woodwork comment during a press conference? I had it four times on seven post match conferences.
  5. Knowing your tactic works.

    I shall consider that. Thanks :-)
  6. Knowing your tactic works.

    Tongue in cheek my good fellow and I bought the game, signed up for this forum so I'll discuss it as I see fit.
  7. Knowing your tactic works.

    Do you play as Darlington?
  8. I'm completely over the whole AI cheating thing. I've accepted that it's part of the game and I've even kind of embraced it because it shows that what you are doing works. It's not cheating of course, it is indeed your tactics as all the brown nosers on here will jump quickly to tell you. So how do you know you've created a great tactic? Well it's simple, these things start happening - You concede from virtually all set pieces given away in the final 3rd of the pitch. The opposition will always win the ball in the air from attacking corners scoring very often. You give away many more penalties. Circa 90% of all goals conceded come from set pieces or own goals. You'll hit the woodwork more times in just a few games than most teams do in a season. They'll even bring this stat up in post match press conferences bless their little cottons. So don't be down in the dumps if this is happening to you because what you have done is created a tactic that the AI cannot beat legitimately. You're doing great :-) It's not your fault that morale has no effect on AI teams, likewise it's not your fault that all of a sudden your supposedly "motivated" 6ft+ defender is standing still or getting out jumped by hobbit'esque strikers scoring their "First goal of the season" I have 3 tactics I use with 3 different formations, you know just like Manchester Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona etc etc do all the time (sic). Getting absolutely bored to death of the game after guiding a team from level 9 to league one winning promotion year after year, surely wouldn't be the case would it ?!?!?! Why would you keep playing hour upon hour if this were the case ?!?!? Can't wait until FM2013 to see if the continual lack of imagination from the team at SI carries on, unless of course they've decided to put down their copies of the new scientist and actually started watching football, who knows maybe even playing it a bit...............which come to think of it is probably quite difficult in chinos and deck shoes. Well that wasted a few minutes of the working day.....where was I?
  9. Homesick

    OK I signed a Brazilian/German left back for my lower league team as a key player and within a few weeks he's homesick......fair enough. We had a chat and I offered him a leave of absence which he was happy about. He's started every single game since signing yet upon his return he demanded that I give him more first team opportunities?!? We had chat and I said I'm more then happy to do this.....he was pleased. Now I get a reminder from my assistant about my promise and that the player might take things into his own hands?!?! How the hell can I give him more opportunities if he's started and finished every single game ?!?!? When I go to chat the player says our relationship has broken down and we have nothing to talk about. I've given him nothing but support and never raised my voice in a conversation. Answers on a postcard..........................
  10. Assistant recommends dropping GK

    HAHAHA now that IS a bad day at the office.
  11. Happy Birthday to me...

    Cool - I'm sure I suggested this on a post quite a while ago.....
  12. I keep having my assistant suggest that I drop my goalkeeper due to his poor form. Problem is I think he's doing great. My team is storming the league and he has far less to do than any other player on the pitch which is why I assume he's getting a lower average rating. The poor chap has only conceded 9 goals in 20 games, surely the assistant must be able to take this into account? :-D He's had a 60% clean sheet record and it's been 290 mins since he last let one by which was an own goal and he's getting pelters from the assistant............bad day at the office or what?
  13. Unable to create new schedule.

    OK worked it out......... FYI - I'm managing Henley Town in the Hellenic Prem.....Have absolutely no contracted players at the start therefore unable to choose Part-time schedule from the pull up menu. I usually like to get my training schedules in place right away, even before pressing continue for the first time but I'm guessing that the game assumes you only make up your mind about training schedules when you have contracted players.....seems a bit silly but hey ho.
  14. Wasn't sure where to post this but anyway I'm sure I'll be prompted if wrong...... I just got the gate started after the update and setup a new game using a custom database (not sure if this is relevant) When I go to the training section and try to add a new schedule I just get a small box open up with nothing there to click. Very frustrating!
  15. How is Balotelli doing in your game?

    In my game he retired after setting himself a blaze with a firework in his bathroom..........These programmers no something we don't!