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  1. How should I approach fixing that then? As simple as a mentality adjustment on one (or both) of my wingers? Instead of an advanced playmaker, maybe a more attack oriented midfielder (a CM on attack for example?)
  2. So, I'm creating a new club in the lower leagues of England (have a database down to tier 10) and am wondering about youth and reserve teams. For most of the clubs attributes I've been modelling them after similar clubs in the tier (reputation, finances, etc.) However, teams at this level don't have youth or reserve teams and obviously I will want those as I get promoted through the ranks. Does FM automatically give me the option to start a youth team or reserve team as we become more financially successful, or is this something I need to include from the start via the editor. If this is
  3. I'm in year 3 of my Leeds save and am heading backwards... Finished 6th, then 8th and now I have 13 points through 11 games with 9 goals scored and 14 conceded. We just can't seem to put the ball in the back of the net, some games our xG looks alright, but most games we're just getting outplayed. We generate more low quality chances, but the opposition usually gets one or two high quality chances that they convert. Leicester and Palace both got relegated, so I thought bringing in Maddison and Eze for pretty good deals would be a huge boost, but... it hasn't really materialized.
  4. Are you Klopp? Guardiola? Or a specialist at saving the relegation candidate like Big Sam? After flaming out in my 3rd season in charge after significantly over-achieving for my first two season I've come to the conclusion that I'm Mourinho, not really a long-term solution at any one club. Maybe it's my transfers, or my tactics are being found out by the AI and I am incapable of adapting... or maybe the players just stop playing for me, I can't say. This has been a repeating issue I've had with FM for... as long as I can remember. Tends to be why I find my most long-term success in a
  5. Maybe intentional, or just part of the random statements generated by managers, but I've repeatedly had managers of teams who are in last place come out claiming that my team is likely to get relegated despite my club being in European competitions and fighting for the league title. Just a little immersion breaking. I noticed this in FM20 as well, but now that I've seen it persist in FM21 I figured I may as well bring it up.
  6. That did allow me to advance past it, I should've thought of that right away... been playing since FM11. Thank you!
  7. I'm just about to start my second season with Leeds. We finished 3rd and have Champions League football to look forward to... Except I'm stuck in an endless loop on the pre-season meeting screen and can't progress. That's the beta for you I suppose...
  8. Heading into my second season, I've gone through the pre-season meeting with my players and after clicking through to the summary it sends me into a loop where I can't progress. I complete the meeting and exhaust all options, then it sends me back to the inbox where it then shows "Must Respond" again. I've re-loaded and attempted this three times without any change. When I click "Summary" at the end of the meeting it takes me to the squad view and the pre-season meeting is shown as being incomplete.
  9. Y'know... I thought the beta was too easy. Went 16 games undefeated with Leeds to start, then lost to Brighton... then this happened... Was really hoping to use the first couple FA Cup rounds for youth development... I guess I gave too many of youngsters a crack in the first team? But really I'm going to blame Patrick Bamford not being accurately portrayed in the game as Hattrick Bamford.
  10. Obviously just my personal preference, but I like the idea of general descriptors rather than hard numbers. Makes it feel more realistic. A manager doesn't know if their player is 65% sharp and 97% fit. They just know generally what they look like in training and what their recent workload has been. The icons themselves I'm pretty indifferent towards, but I do like the overall concept of fitness and condition.
  11. System info uploaded. I did load a face pack. I will remove that for the rest of the beta to remove any complications in troubleshooting. MacBook Pro.spx
  12. Playing as Leeds, attempted to generate a match report for my match against Arsenal. The "generating match report" overlay came up, but never completed causing the game to freeze up and requiring me to force quit. I have been able to generate match reports to analyze individual player performance, but this was the first time I attempted to do so for full match analysis. I'm playing on a Macbook Pro, running Catalina (10.15.6). Let me know if there's other details you would like.
  13. SI staff are loving the hype train. We need to end it, for the sake of the beta!
  14. It's only 7pm here in Canada. Going to be real lonely in here if you all go to bed.
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