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  1. So I'm just about to finally purchase FM12, and after browsing these forums have seen that the advanced panel has been disabled by SI? yet it also appears that some people are still using it, for example the new J-League expansion. I myself was going to delve into it, so what's the deal with the panel now? Is it available at all and if so...how? Either way can someone potentially PM with details? Cheers!
  2. Out of curiosity how did you get into FM if not a football fan? Or was that sarcasm? Will definitely give this a go once I've bought the game, loved the one for FM10 despite not being from the area. The mix of Christmas holidays and being dumped recently will help with my playing time haha. May have to get back into the database mix myself.
  3. Wait, Accrington start as a professional team in League 2. Surely after just one season they wouldn't drop status upon relegation?
  4. Talking of villages, it should be noted that South Marston a village in the borough of Swindon has a population of around 800 and is included in the default SI Database, as are many tiny villages. So I suggest anyone complaining about the inclusion of places such as Emley or wherever else shuts the hell up and lets Leghinf, Gason and Co get on with the database. It's not even an issue.
  5. See I actually had the play-offs working prior to creating the West and East conferences as secondary divisions; all I did was select each individual team and aligned them East to West so they were placed in the correct groups, and then edited the individual group rules to take 4 teams from each conference. So is it the secondary divisions that are causing the issue here? But yeah that would be great and there's no rush anyway mate, I'm learning a fair amount just by messing around in the editor myself!
  6. Yeah I've figured that out, I have however decided to use your conferences as separate league format in my database to sort the teams into West and east, in the hope that by doing this I would be able to create promotion and relegation between two divisions, which you cannot do when manually selecting the teams. But since I've changed to that from manually selecting the teams the play-offs fail to generate, meaning no MLS champions is crowned? I've uploaded my file, not sure if anyone can take a quick look and see where I'm going wrong. I have a habit of missing stupid things it seems! http://www.sendspace.com/file/kbrdme
  7. Maybe it's a USA based problem as I've just set it up correctly...when loading up a new game it seems to get stuck during the 'setting up game database' stage, no reach or anything it just simply won't move past a certain point? I remember on last years game the MLS being horrible to edit so I have a feeling this has something to do with it! That said is there a limit to how many clubs can be in each conference? Currently I have 12 in each for a 24 team league.
  8. Sadly this seems to have rendered the MLS un-selectable. It reads something like "MLS requires 24 teams, found 0"
  9. Cheers mate, I'll take a look...I've actually got the teams in the correct conferences simply by selecting each team individually and going top to bottom with East teams at the top if that makes sense. However my initial plan was to sort the league regionally so I could have a two tiered MLS with conferences in both divisions, with promotion and relegation into the correct conferences. However that went awry when my Minnesota based club was placed in the incorrect conference and the conferences divisions seemed to be reversed, so East teams played in the West and vice versa. But I'll take a look and see what I can come up with, cheers mate!
  10. See what I was initially hoping to do was have teams play sides from their conferences twice with a single round of games against the sides in the opposing conference for a 34 game schedule. Now I guess I could do as you suggest, but I still kinda want every team to face off at least once, but right now my only alternative is the 46 game schedule which could be far too many games!
  11. Yeah ticking both boxes seems to have no effect, not sure what I can do to reduce the schedule now as I am quite set on having all of the expansions teams in there and don't want to lose any.
  12. I'll give it a go and see, I thought initially I did try that but maybe I was wrong!
  13. There's a swap fixture venue option?...However that doesn't seem to be working which is annoying!
  14. I'm actually creating my own fantasy MLS update, thus far I have managed to get two conferences working by creating a straight hidden league, then having those results put into the conference stage which has no rounds itself. However I have 12 teams in each conference meaning each team will play 46 league games per season which may be too many. What I wanted to do was an uneven schedule, so that each team plays each other once, with a further round of games against teams in their own conference. However when I tried that on occasions it would throw up fixtures where a team would play home against another twice and vice versa, with seemingly no way of making sure that the venues are reversed. Is there any way I could set up the league like this, only it makes it a major pain in the arse otherwise and can lead to an unfair schedule where you may play more games away from home. If not I think I'll just have to go with a 46 game schedule and expand the season a little.
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