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  1. Football Owner XD after 15 +/- seasons you will have gain enough money to buy any club you might want XD since you don't spend money in anything
  2. well this would be good but also improve the rpg talking system, the things you say are always the same the players must think you are mentally challenge and can only say the same words XD if there was a chance you could write your own phrases but that might be way to future-tech for the time we live in.
  3. yup i like this idea, already taught about it sometimes, even taught about the possibility of having family, players having personal family drama, etc.. maybe i like rpg to much XD but starting from the lowest possible would be quite fun and frustrating haha i do belive it would be easy to do maybe someone more expert will know better.
  4. Hello, my first time making a request on any game XD, i noticed that my team had under 21 and 19 sub teams, and they play in some kind of league and cup, so my request and susgestion would be that I first team manager can talk to my staff (under 21&19 Managers) and tell them what to do or if they are losing help or give warnings that if they don't improve i will have to fire them etc.. yeah i know this must not be very important but i just taught it would be fun, realistic and more rpg-like for the game
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