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  1. Sorry if wrong section but I’m really looking to get into a long term save. Any league,the team must not have been in top flight before,any suggestions? only things I am really looking for. thanks
  2. Yeah I had a few bids in for Simao but not accepted yet,how did you get on with boavista?
  3. Has anyone played in the Portuguese leagues and Is there much income from the league or is the main source of income going to be through European football? Just started a boavista save,try and get European football then bring the title back and there doesn’t seem to be much funds outside of the top teams thanks
  4. What is some of the strangest manager movements you have seen in your game? For me it is AVB going to manage Kilmarnock ha
  5. really need a new save,anyone able to suggest a good foreign challenge if possible?,don't really need much money but a few million would be nice
  6. has there been an official date set for the beta release or it it just roughly 2 weeks before?
  7. Just wondering what's the longest you have played Football Manager for without a stoppage?(except from food and that obv!ha) Mines is 18 hours,taking hibs to the champions league final took over my life!
  8. Bayern are pretty crap in that save likes.... Well I'm into my 5th campaign with them now, managed to sell a regen for 8.5 million so got 6m of that to spend!,gonna give it one last push and then probably going to leave,mon the hibs!
  9. Yes and I've done it before with Aberdeen and Ross county but in this save Celtic are very over powered and I can't take over them! And yes let's see your team mate ^^
  10. So do you prefer spending millions on players or a couple thousand and making them worth millions?
  11. What do you prefer....? Having a lot of money to spend? Or Having very little money and having to scrimp and save to buy the players?
  12. My point being was this: Celtic-millions to spend,losing 2 games a season and scoring 90+ goals a season,bloody tony watt has hit 30 goals+ every season Hibs-most I've had to spend in my 4 seasons there is 110k,I managed to sell a regen for 8.5m and I seen 1.5m of that. There's no way possible Celtic are catchable in my save unless the regens become unreal and I get some backing
  13. right you calm down. try and do all that with no regens,fact you cant....all the regens are waaay to over powered. Try and play the game with real player with their real stats not some over rated unreal stats the players you have showed us would never play in the spl anymore.fact.
  14. but I have 2 regens in my squad as like ive said I have not enough transfer budget to go out and buy top drawer players and the ones in free transfers have never been good enough. and when you see celtic buying oxide chamberlain for 15 million then you know they have too much money
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