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  1. Spanish C Teams

    They can only be registered between registration periods, but you are allowed to play up to 6 players registered for the B or C team in your A squad in league and cup games not in Europe. I think players can swap between C and b teams freely though.
  2. Were you due to play in an important match? I know sometimes if it is near the end of the season and they are announcing teams for friendly s they usually don't pick them and the game makes a big who ha about it even though its because of an important club team match.
  3. Spanish C Teams

    Thanks for the response, no Im managing the First team lol. But my B team is doing well because they get all the good youngsters that aren't quite good enough for my team yet or the cast offs My B team like to switch the players around and send players I want in their squad to the C team which is why i would like my C team in the division. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if maybe sometime they will get promoted.
  4. Hi. Im currently managing Athletico Madrid, my B team is pretty established in the Liga Adlente having finished in the top half of the league for the past few seasons and even coming 2nd twice. I noticed that my C team is not in a league but Real M C are sometimes in the second Division B? Is there anyway my C team can get promoted to this league? legitimately no editing. Thanks in advance. Kyle
  5. Im going to give this a go. First challenge Ive done, but got a bit bored of of doing things the normal way. Stafford Rangers Facilities Manager Squad Probably not the best choice of team as they currently have no youth setup at all so the first few years will be spent building funds to be able to buy a youth academy. Will i still get a youth intake even though i have no youth facilities?
  6. He took the Spain Job on my game in 2014
  7. Nope, it pains me to see Derby do well, even in a game.
  8. I just take the default ones the game gives you and tinker with them a little to make them more to my liking.
  9. Mine is a regen for Arsenal, He has played 323 times and scored 171 goals. In the last 2 seasons he has scored as many as he has played. Includes all sub appearances. Is in his 6th season at the club enough to qualify IMO.
  10. Your most prolific striker?

    Got better every season gone by but in the earlier season's was playing in AMC/AMR positions rather than up front. Ony this and most of the season before has he been playing in the striker position. Only problem is though atm he is the only person scoring my next highest scorer this season is on 6, where it is normally more spread among them all.
  11. Arsenal - 2019-20 GK - Wojciech Szczesny £15.5m Age 29 DR - Halil Otyakmaz (Signed 6.5m) £19.5m Age 21 DCL - Teodoro Tramontano (signed 8.75m) £21.5m Age 20 DCR - Charles Omondi (signed 5m) 8.75m Age 23 DL - Edu (signed 18.25m) 17.5m Age 22 MC - Alvaro Villafruela (signed 900k) £15.25m Age 22 MC - Marik Hamsik (Signed 31m) £17.75m Age 32 AMR - Mario Gotze (signed 38m) £34m Age 27 AMC - Jack Wilshire £34.5m Age 27 AML - Neymar (Board Signed 55m) 36m Age 27 STC - Miguel (signed 9m) £35m Age 23 Most is Regens now. midfield usual rotates alot as Hamsik loses fitness really easy now. Have Aaron Ramsey and Wilshire sometimes drops into there. Hazard as backup for either of the AM positions he got injured for along time just before start of the new season so lost his place as not been firing since being back, but before that he won the goldon ball. Besides those my subs are mostly young upcoming regens.