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  1. I guess that makes it a 4-1-1-2-2
  2. Wow, great to hear that it is almost ready for the release About the CM, will he need mostly Defensive attributes, will he need mostly offensive attributer or does he have to be rather all-round?
  3. I'm guessing 2 DM's, because I can imagine one with 2 CM's being too attacking Could be mistaking tho...
  4. Great to hear that. How's the defence? Are you conceding a lot or is the defence quite stable?
  5. Well I really can't wait for the new tactic. Sounds really great. I can't imagine it being better than this one though. I'm having great successes with my Semi-Prof Icelandic Fram KF. I managed to get it through Champions League play-offs in the group stage of the Europa League. That wasn't a good campaign unfortunately. I was in one of the toughest groups: Bayer Leverkusen, LOSC Lille Métropole and Galatasaray. This was one bridge too far for my Semi-profs, however it was good to see that my team wasn't losing by huge numbers. I've made a profit of 3,4 Million last year (my total salary cost in 1 year are at 350.000 euros) and my club will be professional next year. I'm hoping to advance a little further in the Europa League/Champions league this year. I'm sure I'll succeed with this tactic
  6. I must say I absolutely do not agree with all the negative comment on this tactic. I must say I score quite a bit from corners, but way more from regular field goals. I am playing as Fram KF (a team predicted 5th from Iceland). I just completed my first season: P: 22 W: 21 D: 1 L: 0 Scored: 71 Conceded: 14. Furthermore I won the Icelandic League cup (or something like that) and the regular Icelandic cup. I only made 2 (free) transfers (one of them being Ahmed Soukouna, an absolute beast for lower league teams.) So to sum up: Great work Hough
  7. Hey FuSS, i've gotten bored of being at Tottenham (won just about everything 3 years in a row). I'm currently in 2017 and at Leyton Orient, I think I'll give this tactic a go there.
  8. I'm not quite sure, but could it be possible that it is in the tactic? I'm currently playing with 12.0.4 and having the same issue.