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  1. Thanks for the reply. How do i expand the touchline tablet to 2 boxes? Ive dragged it fort he left and it doesn't expand but only to include the squad numbers.
  2. Hi can anyone tell me how i view both team line ups on the touchline tablet at the same time. I seem to only have the option for one or the other? thanks
  3. Can anyone tell me how i view/have both team line ups on screen (touchline tablet) at the same time? I seem to only have the option for one or the other? thanks
  4. Hi, does anyone know how i can see both line ups during a match rather than just one in the touchline tablet?
  5. Hi, any idea when the game will be available to download via steam on release day in the UK?
  6. Can you supply a link to that forum please. I was told by another researcher to post this in here. Thanks
  7. Erling Haaland has a release clause set for £69m (expires 31/7/2021). I dont believe that be correct. Lost rumours about a clause that comes into play in 2022. Surely with facts, there shouldn't be a release clause at all? Will it be removed from the full version? thanks
  8. Hi, hoping this is the correct place to post this. This season the age restriction for players to play in the 1st team has been reduced from 17 to 16. Has this been changed in the full version as in the beta its still set at 17. thanks
  9. I thought reporting data issues with Germany should be highlighted on this thread??
  10. Bundesliga have lowered the age limit on when players can play from 17 to 16. In the beta its still set at 17 years old. will this be changed for the full release? thanks
  11. there should be no release clause for Haaland without factual confirmation. Will it be removed for the full release?
  12. Erling Haaland: Can i ask why he has a release clause that expires on 30/6/21? Without facts about his 2022 release clause, i understand why it cant be included. But i guess there shouldn't be any clause included based on the lack of clarity?
  13. Erling Haaland: There is more substance to a release clause in 2022 than 2021. Dortmund have confirmed that no release clause exsits in 2021 so i agree with you it needs to be excluded.
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