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  1. Hello. when I try to start a new database I want to start in 2017. When I try to select the option via the Brazil league the start dates are greyed out. How do I solve this? thank you
  2. Hi Everyone. On some occasions i can't approach any players whos contracts are expiring. For example, Sam Byram has 3 weeks left on his contract and i couldn't approach him. Then his contract runs out at West Ham and he's still there and valued at £6M without a contract. Anybody else had this?
  3. I have just been promoted to the EPL in my first season with Derby. My question is does anyone have any advice for me? Mainly to do with style of play?
  4. Hello! A quick question to everyone, how many tactics in a season do you use? When starting a save i always create 3 tactics, Normal, Attacking & Defensive. However, i normally just stick to one tactic throughout the season. Is it more beneficial to use more than one? Do you have a home and away tactics?
  5. Thank you for the replies. What sort of team talks are best for certain situations? if i want to calm the nerves of my team who are over achieving what do i say?
  6. Hello Everyone! I've been playing Football Manager for years, think since 2007 if my memory is correct. From all these different versions i have been able to adapt to the changes which were made to have a fun playing experience. Until now, I started a season with Bury and my aim was to make the play off's. I had a fantastic season and was 2nd for around 38 of the 46 games. In the final stretch to the end of the season i lost form and ended up slipping into the play off's (I lost against Gillingham). I just couldn't overturn the loss of form! i tried everything and it just didn't work. My second season i went to Middlesbrough who were relegated from the Premier League. I had a fantastic pre season, bought all the correct players, set up my tactics, won all my friendly's against better opposition. Then when the league started i couldn't buy a win for the life of me and was sacked in October with the team in 23rd place! in all honesty my team should have walked the league! So, questions 1. Why does a team lose form, what could be the cause and how do i fix it? 2. Any other useful tips you fellow managers can give me? Thank you very much and i appreciate your help. Ryan F
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