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  1. Is this going to work with FM21 only, or FM20 too? Also: how much are you planning on charging for it?
  2. Try redownloading and putting it in a separate (sub)folder.
  3. Sorry to bump, but I haven't got an answer to that
  4. Does anybody know how is this panel called? (It's from those tick-to-show panels in match.)
  5. Is there a way to get AI roles appear on all possible formation screens? Like when viewing an AI club, or when looking at both formations in stats -> formations during the match, or in this little formation panel during the match you can have on the screen?
  6. Hi! Is there a way to get opposition's roles and duties show up on EVERY possible formation/tactics screen? I wanted to try the old "remove rodu id" way, but there's no file containing it. Also manually importing "tactics icon basic horizontal info panel" into the panels/tactics folder doesn't do the trick.
  7. Sooo, I have something like this, instead of both formations: How can I fix it?
  8. That's my take on it. 1) Having a sweeper makes the back 3 stay narrower than a flat 3 CBs, so we don't get destroyed by 2-strikers formations. 2) Strikerless gives that very deep defensive position + very nice link up play from our "striker". 3) Volland as an IWB to emulate Moses' cut-inside-movement. Wendell more conservative (Marcos Alonso). 4) Double AP on the wings so we play to them quickly AND FREQUENTLY. They also have "sit narrower" to give us that halfspace penetration.
  9. I feel like the best way to preserve the 541 in defence and maintain the offensive potential would be to play with very attacking wingbacks, but as for Hazard and Pedro/Willian, to put them in the AM or Striker strata and give some specific man marking duties. Can't see any better solution until Football Manager allows us to define offensive and defensive behaviour (almost) independently in one tactic.
  10. If I want my team to play more of low, but whipped crosses, should I go for a TI "whipped" or TI "low"? Which one gives me a higher probability of seeing my players perform those low, driven passes into the box from both wings?
  11. Maybe it's connected to having "playing out of the back" TI on/off or the GK having some "pass shorter"/"distribute to CBs" PI on/off?
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