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  1. I went through a slight bad patch at Gillingham and I held a team meeting which was very positive and had no complaints from anybody. 10 minutes later, everyone comes to me saying that they're unhappy with the club's situation. I take over at struggling Forest and our form improves, but we were rooted to the bottom when I took over so we weren't going to be climbing up the table any time soon. Nevertheless, they come to me and say they're unahppy with the club's situation. We miraculously avoid relegation and the season is over. We have our end of season team meeting and all was positive. The players go on holiday. 1 day later......THEY COME TO ME AND SAY THEY'RE UNHAPPY WITH THE CLUB'S SITUATION. THEY'RE ON HOLIDAY FFS! If it wasn't for the editor, this would be unplayable at times. Please SI, don't include features which potentially ruin the game if it's not intuitive enough to be realistic....
  2. Flying high on top of League 1. Sudden dip in form, haven't won in 7 matches. Other teams around us also suddenly start failing to win. Despite not having won in 7 matches, we're still top. I find this incredibly difficult to believe and I'd be less angry with the game if other clubs had overtaken us because at least then I wouldn't suspect foul play. Why the hell is it the case that as soon as our form drops, other teams do too? Ridiculous.
  3. This has to stop. I've just joined recently relegated Fulham in League 1 and we have money to burn. It is completely reasonable that players from average SPL sides or even other sides also relegated to League 1 would want to join, but no. Not many players wouldn't be tempted by money these days. The idea that a player would refuse to even acknowledge an offer is absurd. Presumably the same would've happened with Oscar, Tevez, Hulk etc. in China on the game. Do they close their eyes, put their fingers in their ears and shout "BLAH BLAH BLAH"? Has the game never heard of fax machines or other forms of messaging? Why would I not even be able to make an offer to potentially change the players mind? It's ruining the game experience for me.
  4. This is always a feature that makes my blood boil. I had a few months away from the game and thought I'd get myself back in the mood for FM17. I was struggling a little bit with Palace in the Premiership (having gotten them promoted the season before last). Our form improves and we're unbeaten in 5 matches, and morale is good, everything's on the up! The board were still very confident in me and no danger of getting the sack. Then suddenly, the game realises that we're still in 18th (2 points off 15th place) so the players decide to become unhappy. I'm forced to use the editor to remove all unhappiness and morale then remains lower than the night before. Ludicrous. This feature is simply not intuitive enough and ruins the experience. You could be in some freakish situation where after 20 games you're bottom of the league but 1 win off top spot and the squad will still be unhappy because the game sees that you're in 20th position. Form and performances are completely irrelevant.
  5. Smith said that he "didn't feel as though playing in League 1 wold be a good career move". 1 week later, he ends up joining Leyton Orient who are still in League 1 and they were the team that beat us in last season's playoffs. They're also a team whose extra half a star for reputation meant that they were able to make a bid for him, but I wasn't. SI, please add a bit more common sense to the transfer AI on the next update.
  6. It's getting a bit irritating how teams offer such derisory bids for players and are yet totally unreasonable when negotiating the sale of their own players. I needed to sign a transfer-listed 32 year old midfielder from Mansfield and they're asking price was £1000. I had no transfer money so offered a free transfer but they wouldn't budge. For a £1000? No-one should ever think that £1000 makes a difference to any club in the top 5 divisions. To add insult to injury, I get bids of less than a players overall value with no option for negotiation and players become unhappy when I reject them! It's not just for free transfers either, the AI will simply not accept any bids lower than the asking price for transfer listed players and yet make stupid bids for my players. And now, Club reputation has just annoyed me. I wanted to sign Tommy Smith on a free but he wasn't interested. He didn't even want to negotiate (which is also a nonsense feature, as players wouldn't close their eyes and put their fingers in their ears to ignore an offer from a club). But now, Bury have just made a bid. I'm Tranmere and we're both in League 1. They just got promoted from League 2 and we narrowly lost out in the League 1 playoffs last season. We moved into a brand new stadium a few seasons ago and look good for finishing in the top 6. But then I see that Bury have a higher club reputation than us. I really don't understand how or why, but that extra half a star means that I can't sign a player but Bury -odds on for relegation- can. Absolutely absurd. Generally, transfers have improved on FM16. But the whole nonsense of not even being able to offer a player terms is something that needs to change. If a player isn't interested then fine, but at least allow managers to offer terms with the vague hope of changing their minds.
  7. Hmm ok, something for SI to work on for the next edition. It's still baffling that we were so far up the pitch trying to attack when we should've been easing off and seeing out the remainder of the match.
  8. Do players never take the ball into the corner in order to time waste? I was winning at home and instructed my players to go defensive in order to protect our lead going in to injury time. It's 90+2 minutes and my players are passing the ball around the edge of the opposition box trying to attack and we get caught on the counter and they equalise. I instructed them to sit back more and yet the defensive line was still very high. I told them to be more disciplined and not roam from positions so I really can't understand why we weren't being more conservative.
  9. Just finished my 2nd season as Tranmere and we've been promoted from the Conference, and the board announce plans to build a new stadium, with a capacity of about 7000. Prenton Park holds 16,200 so why on earth are we downgrading?!
  10. HmmmmI didn't want to categorically say that it's fixed, but my suspicions are hardening now that it's just happened AGAIN. We both win 6 on the spin and then both lose. And you misunderstood if you thought I was saying it's impossible to leapfrog another team to go first, but this kind of thing happens too often by my reckoning.
  11. When I'm either 1st or 2nd, can anyone explain why the outcome of my match is almost always the same as the team either above or below me? Earlier, my team was on fine form but then we drew at home to struggling Altrincham. I check the other scores, 2nd placed Torquay also drew. I decided to test a supposition and replayed the match four times. We lost once and so did Torquay, and we drew three times and, you've guessed it, Torquay also drew three times. Just now, my team was completely outplayed -at home- by Wrexham and lost 3-1. I check the scores, and Torquay have also lost! When we win, they win. When we draw, they draw. When we lose, they lose. The only difference in our fortunes that they demolished us at our home ground! This is a strange phenomena that also happens IRL, but on this scale? I'm not sure I believe in that much coincidence.
  12. I absolutely agree. Just got sacked due to a ridiculous bug. I'm done with this game. All I've done about FM15 is moan about it, certainly more than all the previous versions put together.
  13. I'm resurrecting this old thread because it's happened 4 times to me in one evening. One time, it even went in my favour so I switched off and played the match again. It's clear the patch hasn't fixed this at all.
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