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  1. Often this will happen to my team (that I've noticed) but within the first 20 seconds of the replay, one of THEIR CBs does the exact same thing!! We didn't even score, but had we scored I'm at the point now where I would've re-started the match, even if it benefits my team.
  2. I use 2 ball-playing centre halves, and recently I've noticed a lot more of CBs with the ball will either pass it straight to the opposition, or just stand there, lose the ball and the opposition run through on goal. UEFA Cup semi-final against Porto: Virgil Van Dijk stood still and lost the ball, and I kid you not, 5 times in the first 40 minutes. All 3 of their efforts on target in this time (including 2 goals) came from him just standing there and giving the ball away. I know it can happen IRL, but this is laughable. 5 times in 40 minutes? OK, sure! Please fix, SI.
  3. I don't know if this is in the right forum section, or if it's already been suggested (apologies if so), but I imagine this Corona situation might impact the release of FM 2021 in some way. If football hasn't resumed thereby making the release of a new FM somewhat difficult, how about releasing a throwback version of FM with every database for the past, say, 20 years available to use with the current game features? I know there's unofficial databases released from previous seasons, and although they're great to check out, they're not complete. Is it at all possible to take the existing databases from previous games (and add in extra attributes not previously included) and make them playable on FM 2020? This is something I'd totally buy, especially as I'm undergoing a huge nostalgia binge for 90s/early 00s football at the moment.
  4. Sorry, but that reply was utter nonsense. You say "poor management" when you ignored the fact that they didn't "play better", they turned it around from out of nowhere. Why on earth would I change my tactics when there was no indication of them playing better? 99% of the time, I lose matches because of a variety of reasons (and I lose my fair share), but the AI manger's teamtalk is never mentioned post match. This happened twice in a row in the same fixture and is no coincidence. I've lost to teams when they play better but no-one praises the half-time team talk. Just had the exact same problem. Replayed a fixture because of the " [name] praises manager's team talk" and saw it twice in a row in the same fixture: on an 11 match unbeaten streak and leading at halftime. In my half time teamtalk, I assertively tell me team "Don't get complacent" and they all respond positively and morale is high. There was no possible way to motivate my players any better. The Blackburn AI turns it around out of nowhere twice in a row. I can't emphasise that enough: after playing the same fixture twice, exactly the same thing happened when it hasn't happened in any other fixture in this save. Same as against Wolves, it happened in the same fixture twice in a row. Don't tell me that's a coincidence, and don't tell me my management is poor coz that's a cop out answer for a clear fault in the game.
  5. Last game of the season, nothing to play for and away at Wolves. 2-0 at half time, go in to the 2nd half and continue to apply a lot of pressure. Wolves score on 60 mins from a set piece, 15 mins later and out of absolutely nowhere, they're winning 4-2 and we continue to miss a hatful of chances. After the game, I see that fateful headline "Ampadu praises half-time team talk". Out of disgust, I replay the match. Winning 1-0 at half time and, again, dominate the match, only for them to turn it around in the space of 10 mins having barely threatened throughout the game, my right-back just stops with the ball and concedes possession gifting them a goal and yet again....we miss a hatful of chances. And guess what? YET AGAIN, someone praises Phil Neville's f**king half-time team talk. This is beyond infuriating. The AI seems to get a guaranteed win whenever it feels like. What the hell is the point if this is against the player's control? Is there anything I can even do to prevent this, or is it ordained in the bloody stars each time? I can understand a manager's teamtalk inspiring a better performance, but they didn't even manage that and the goal come from absolutely nowhere. Eventually, we played a 3rd time. Missed a hatful of chances for the 3rd time, but even though we lost 1-0, at least it wasn't coz of some bloody half-time team-talk.
  6. At least we don't have to suffer alone! Who on earth decided that this was acceptable to force upon us without giving us the option of at least protesting the transfer? The feature is even worse as it seems every board are paying over the odds for players that no-one needs. At least IRL owners can be a bit more discerning about what they might actually need!
  7. My new owners just spend the entire transfer budget on a central mid I didn't need. When he signed, the board rated this signing a 'B' - they didn't even rate their own signing high enough. At least IRL managers can remonstrate or give their reasons why it shouldn't happen. Thank Christ for the editor as I can move him back and pretend it didn't happen. The other player they tried to sign rejected the contract. Thanks a lot, SI. Really bang up job.
  8. I saw the same post as you (probably) and it's ridiculous. Why on earth can't SI give players a choice? Same with the stupid Brexit feature that they forced on us a couple of games ago. If the budget stays the same and they pay for it in other ways then I guess it'll be less of a problem and I can either sell them on or leave them in the U23 team. Sure, sounds interesting for some and I fully understand why some would enjoy this feature. But I get more satisfaction out of buying my own players and seeing them thrive. I'm gonna experiment and try moving the players to other clubs with the editor and see if they try buying more.
  9. Literally just came on here to complain about the same problem! Just won the PL, I have a transfer budget of about £60m and the board have made a collective bid of £150m for two players I don't want! SI have messed about with something here. As realistic as it may be, it stops being fun if I can't buy my own players. This has to be the most infuriating FM for many years (and I've played every one).
  10. No worries, I reloaded the game and the schedule has fixed itself.
  11. I have Chelsea away in the league and FA Cup in consecutive matches (something that I've noticed happening a lot on FM 2020), but both fixtures are on my schedule as PL matches. These games will happen next week so I haven't played them yet, but is there any chance of a cock up or will it sort itself out?
  12. Additionally, the other 3 teams who finished in the top 4 last season (Man Utd. Chelsea and Man City) also all had slow starts to the season. Man Utd and Chelsea are mid-table and I find it a HUGE coincidence that my lot too are now struggling. Something is definitely fishy about this.....
  13. Yup, I've noticed that too. It's much easier for morale to plummet, but a lot harder to get it back to normal. I changed tactics and moved some players around, and all of a sudden we win 3-2 away. That seems to have fixed the scoring issue, but now I notice they're responding a lot better to team talks too. Before a match, I'd say "Pick up where you left off" and there'd be no response, but now they're all looking more motivated since we managed more than 1 goal. It's been a strange season so far....
  14. That thought occurred to me. We were expected to qualify for Europe (top 7) last season, and this season we're expected to qualify for top 4. However, we've been a consistently strong PL side for a few seasons so I don't know why the sudden change. Formation was the same as last season. We had no problems scoring last season, and it seems as if my team gives up after one goal. Morale seems OK. We grinded out a few 1-0 wins, and I always make sure to praise the team to raise morale, but it seems like they're not playing with as much confidence this season.
  15. Finished 4th in the PL last year, but only made 1 or 2 first team signings for the new season. Played 11 games in the new PL season and cannot score more than one goal. Some of the chances we've been missing have been shocking, too. I've played matches in the Champions League and Carabao Cup and have no problems scoring there, but just can't get more than one in the PL. Is it just me or is something screwing me over?
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