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  1. I am trying to create a "flexible format" where teams are promoted/relegated based on performance in the league. The league should then get bigger / smaller automatically. So far I can get it to work that if there is an 8 point gap the Relegation Places increase from 0 to 1 using "Alternate Fate Places" Does anyone know if I can do anything to prevent a Lower Division Team from being automatically Promoted to replace a Relegated Team? Otherwise the league just stays the same size! I can easily set it up for 1st and 2nd for Promotion, but can it be set up to check last and second to last for Relegation? How I have it now, it creates Relegation when the gap is in the middle of the league, which I don't want!
  2. Hi DH, When I said semi-realistic, I went for the actual dates for this years Premiership and Chatham Cup. For lower leagues, I started cheating a wee bit and "assumed" the Winter season was the same across the country... I have the NRFL leagues all playing Saturday @ 3pm, from 24th March to 1st September. These are the dates I used for all leagues playing a full Winter Season. For Mainland/Southern which play a split season, I took the dates from Mainland Football. First part of the season 17th March to 9th June, then Southern Football League 30th June to 1st September. Not sure if this helps in any way as it's probably what you already had?
  3. Hi there, I read your first post way back, but didn't think much of it and carried on doing my own thing. Normally when I have seen NZ Leagues created for FM, it has just been a case of making whatever was already there "playable". A few years back someone had done that very quickly for the whole world, and although it showed up in game the result wasn't really something you wanted to play... I tried to accomplish something with NZ back with FM14, but by the time I'd gotten anywhere 2016 was out so I decided to recreate it there before sharing. That editor created some major complications getting it to work as I could no longer edit the XML... Maybe I didn't know it could export back then (if it could?!). But anyway I gave up. This time around, I have managed to get a semi-realistic League going down to 3rd Tier with realistic dates. But I haven't put in the squad rules or finances yet. Now that I've seen the detail you're going into, I am quite impressed. I think I will wait until you've finished this project then play yours instead! In the meantime, I'll think about how I'd like expansion/contraction of the HANDA Premiership to work and make my own add-on for that. I think in terms of realism, the League tends to add/subtract teams based on the value it presents to sponsors and the competitiveness of the league, rather than being a straight promo/relegation thing. Something that I don't think is possible with FM is the way some of the Premiership teams are actually made up from several lower league clubs. The way I handled this in 2014 was rather fictional, but I made it so that the Winners of North, Central and South played in the Premiership over the Summer. If they placed high enough in the competition, they were permanently promoted. If a permanent team placed last behind them, that team was relegated. Was quite interesting to see how this played out in different testing simulations. One time it sat around 13-14 teams up and down, then next time round it got up to 18 teams! Anyway, good luck editing!
  4. Sloba, you are right, the Editor is unusable in its current form. The Basic Editor can't do any more than set up the basic league structure and the Advanced Editor can't create files that will load in game. This reminds me of Editing back in 2014, when I could never get it to Verify Anything... But at least back then, you could open up the XML and trick the game into thinking it was verified, then test by running 20 odd seasons overnight.
  5. New Update: I have reloaded my BASIC Rules, which test fine. Convert to Advanced Rules. Save. Test. Throws this exact same error with absolutely no changes made in the Advanced Editor.
  6. Ok, so I've not used the Editor since FM2016, but I don't think I'm that rusty that these issues are my fault, rather than faults with the Editor. It seems as soon as I change something in Advanced Rules, I can no longer Validate the Rules, meaning they can't be used in the game. So I reload my save from the Basic Rules and try again. But I'm starting to get extremely frustrated with it throwing things that make no sense whatsoever. The latest error is this: It makes no sense. I have not changed any break periods since they were validated in Basic. I deleted the break period from the only League that has one (over Christmas) - but it still throws the same error. The other error it likes to throw is something like "Start date not found". Any insight, or a fix for the bloody editor would be great. I thought with the added features 2019 would be easier to use than 2016, but actually it seems it is much worse!
  7. Hi jcough_96, Try reading the Dynamic Relegation thread pinned at the top of this forum as it seems to explain exactly what you are trying to do... Unfortunately it didn't really solve my issue where I actually want one of my leagues to change in size!
  8. I am trying to create a new league that doesn't follow standard promotion/relegation rules. I've found the Editor/Advanced Editor in previous versions very limited when it came to doing what I'm trying to do, so am wondering if 2019 changes this. The idea is that there would be an amateur regional pyramid below a semi-pro national division. In real life, the top division would be made up of whatever regional clubs could afford to put up the licence fee and hire the players to be competitive. The league would naturally expand/contract depending on how many clubs wanted to participate and whether the organisers granted them a license to do so. As it is totally up to the organisers how many teams they accept, so they could use any reason they like to "promote" or "relegate" a team from the top division, such us: - Promoted due to outstanding results in Regional Division - Promoted due to League Sponsors wanting to expand league, or they see opportunity to make money out of the region the club is based... - Relegated due to failing to be competitive in Top Division - Relegated due to lack of club finances As far as Football Manager is concerned, I'm quite happy for the game to add/subtract teams from the division simply based on them proving they would be competitive with the other teams in the league. That could be from results in an end of season tournament, using points differential rules, or whatever else the editor may allow. When I tried creating these sorts of rules in previous versions of the game, the whole thing fell down when the game refused to allow me to promote someone without relegating someone else to replace them! Are there any ideas out there on how I can achieve this with the FM2019 Editor???
  9. I started a new game with Gremio... Have done extremely well (maybe unrealistically so) and prior to the update had extremely high moral. I have never had such a successful first season with any team, though it is the first time I haven't hired/fired anyone in the first season too... After the update, I continued playing as I had been. I saw a very sudden drop in moral and lost several games in a row to the point where I nearly blew the championship. After these losses I got handed 4 transfer requests from player who had been perfectly happy at the club a few weeks prior. Then I had a couple of easy win games, so managed to bring moral back to average and have maintained it there ever since. What I have noticed with the new update is that individual players are getting to very high/very low moral depending on their form but the team as a whole is harder to get into the highs... As someone else said - in real life it is rare to find a team that has v.high moral all of the time. But in this game we are very limited by what we can do to help the players fix poor moral. Real life issues that hurt a players preformance don't automatically make them want to leave the club like in this game. I do think the moral is better now, but it is kinda frustrating when steam suddenly updates halfway through your season, you have big games coming up and you now have to learn a new moral system!
  10. I am now *OFFICIALLY* pissed off about Football Managers move to the Steam client. I just tried to open FM2012, but instead I get a message from Steam saying "Game Not Available* Upon closing this I get another message with a status bar. It says "Updating ~30minutes remaining" After a couple of minutes, this is replaced by a message saying "Steam Network Busy" and my update is PAUSED. I am now staring at a game - a SINGLE PLAYER GAME - that I am unable to play due to network issues. This is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Before Steam, when there was an update available, I could download the update when I felt like it in the background while playing the game. When the download had finished I could then install the update - when I felt like it.
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