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  1. i have been using the tactics and advice you have given from this thread and it has been working ok. but i seem to come up against 4-3-3 narrow and it has become a struggle. i change my playmaker to the left midfield role as you do against the 4-2-3-1 formation. but i still struggle a lot. also i seem to get over run through the middle with through ball and one twos. do you have any advice. i have attached a screenshot of the formation 4-3-3 in case of any confusion.
  2. I just can't get the defence solid! I constantly concede goals from wingers crossing to the far post to tap in. going to give up on this now and try another set up for the new season. Nice to watch when attacking though...
  3. I tried that with my wingers and have seen better results too, I also put the outside defenders on much higher closing down on hard tackling. It has been better overall, my players don't have the quality that ozil's does to truly replicate this system but the football has been great...
  4. So you are using the same ti's but just changed your shape? To adapt to the problem. do you mind putting up a pic of that formation please.
  5. I have found that I am losing so many goals from crosses to the back post using this formation, my Cbs never pick up players arriving late into the box on the far post. Is this common with 3 at the back?
  6. Great thread. if I pick the team for my reserves or youth team, is that the team that will play? Or will the coach/manager change it?
  7. thats good advice, i do try to play the game how i was coached & keep things simple. i think i am just getting over frustrated.
  8. no matter what i try to change my tactic to i lose. i have copied and read loads from the forums but nothing seems to matter. i had a good run with the beta and got bristol rovers to the prem but since the launch i am shocking. every team rolls over me. lol I played to a high standard of football and although i am no tactical genius i can't believe how little understanding i have off tactics lol. i have read all the pinned threads in the tactics area and really enjoy cleons posts... What do i do now... should i just retire myself and realise its just a game and not as accurate as real life
  9. How come I can't save this into PDFs for my iPad? great thread by the way.
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