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  1. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback Just to be clear Nvidia Geforce 750M GT is better than 9600MGT? Its a mac i have so i don't think their is anyway for me to upgrade the graphics card
  2. I have a Nvidia geforce GT 750M 1024MB apparently! Can anyone let me know if this is ok to run the new Football manager 18 please?
  3. yeah it was more of the way we were losing. we would just get smashed. we went from giving everyone a good game to being terrible. i went with a wacky formation and high pressure etc for the braga game and won 4-0. went back to my old formation against watford and not a shot all game. i will start a new game in the new year. i am sure its me, the old "oh no the updates ruined my season" used to make me laugh. now i am one of those people lol Thanks for your input westy.
  4. my teams form has dropped dramatically since the update, and i have been finding it really hard to salvage my season. gone from having pretty even games to getting 1 shot per match. its the first time i have rage quit in 10 seasons lol sad i know. now i have quit i don't have the heart to load up the previous save as it feels like cheating. the game is lost. (sad face) i didn't think their were that many changes to the match engine, only the IV/WB. Has anyone else had anything like this the update was installed before the stoke game 29/12/16
  5. i have been using the tactics and advice you have given from this thread and it has been working ok. but i seem to come up against 4-3-3 narrow and it has become a struggle. i change my playmaker to the left midfield role as you do against the 4-2-3-1 formation. but i still struggle a lot. also i seem to get over run through the middle with through ball and one twos. do you have any advice. i have attached a screenshot of the formation 4-3-3 in case of any confusion.
  6. i seem to take lots of long shots too, probably me being a divvy with my tactics is all but any feedback would be great.
  7. here is my formation, i am struggling to get anything above 6.4 from my striker unless he scores. even my wingers are starting to to perform at 6.3 now. the strange thing is i am top of the championship with 8 games to go, but it really bugs me that i can't get my striker to perform, any feedback would be great.
  8. i just can't seem to get my striker to have good ratings consistently, he only does have good ratings if he scores.
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