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  1. Adam Rooney for ICT, even signed him in a network game for WBA and he got 18 in first prem season. In an ICT game though he got average 30 a season in league as complete forward.
  2. Inverness CT - 0 Celtic - 1 Scottish League Cup Quarter Final I hate Nakamura free kicks
  3. I once spent a holiday with my parents years ago just buying football magazines, writing down players names for when I got back home from Spain, so that I could buy them in a hotseat game with my mate. They were just random players, but all holiday I wanted to play CM...
  4. It's prob already been mentioned, but it'd be great if we could somehow see the return of the Japanese leagues! I know it's something like a licensing issue, but one day..... Also, I've always thought of the Highland League being added!! I know you can't get promoted from it, but if you do well there, surely you could get a job in the Scottish 3rd division? Love to be able to go Clachnacuddin!
  5. My mate calls Shevchenko, "Shevanenko". He's just strange though. He just can't seem to say Shevchenko.
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