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  1. I'm not going to bother at all. It's been ELEVEN years since the first 2D match engine and still it's not convincing enough to fully immerse me in the game world. The last save I truly got into was Limavady Utd and FC Copenhagen CM01/02. As a professional developer I appreciate how difficult a thing a football match engine is to program with so many variables and moving parts, but I'd like to think after 11 years work I'd have got it closer than this. Yet they're still rushing round putting out fires, trying to stop players doing inexplicable things. Maybe time to get in another football consultant or two - after all, if the programmers don't know what a player should be doing and thinking in a given situation, how is the AI they program meant to?
  2. I've played with some very good players, including a winger who was on Norwich's books, and at 35 and hungover was still the quickest player in the league, while the ball was pretty much glued to his feet. He didn't make it because he liked the booze, birds (and more...) too much. He had the technical skills and I dare say the physical skills to make it, just not the mental skills. By your reckoning his technical, dribbling and set-piece skills would be below 5. Any free-kick less than 25 yards out was an automatic goal - the keepers may have been dodgy as a rule but most of the time he stuck them right in the top corner anyway.
  3. A symptom of how SI rates lower league players - they generally have really poor attributes across the board. As I'm sure you'll agree, to play at Ryman League level you need to have something about you, whether that be technical, physical or mental ability. The reason they play non-league is they only have 1 or 2 of the 3, and are really lacking in one area. Obviously there are also some players that are just really average across the board. Even at Sunday level we've all played with players who can strike a dead ball better than 95% of pros, or are strong as an ox, or quicker than Michael Owen in his prime. A guy in my Sunday team is literally one of the most lethal finishers I've ever seen at any level, he just does not miss. But he doesn't have the dedication or belief to get himself in shape and play even at Ryman level.
  4. Indeed. When they can't even get basic things like throw-ins, transfer offers, contract demands in lower leagues and (shock horror) successfully keeping track of the score right, it's quite a leap to assume the AI is capable of dissecting your tactic at a micro level and putting a fool-proof counter-plan into action. And if it is, it should be only some opposition managers that do that - if you're up against managers such as Wenger or Holloway, who don't focus at all on what the opposition is going to do, they shouldn't have the benefit of some global AI counter-measure that all the CPU managers are somehow privy to.
  5. As a player who watches every game in full, the ratings system has never really made much sense to me - I rarely agree with what has been awarded. You could have two midfielders, one of which who strolls around not putting tackles in and keeps giving the ball away with aimless punts despite being told to keep it simple. Then another who closes down well, wins the odd tackle, and completes 90% of his passes. In injury time the lazy git who can't pass water pops up with a tap-in after a goalmouth scramble - and his rating jumps above the guy who hasn't really put a foot wrong but because he didn't score or assist a goal, there's pretty much a ceiling on the rating he can get. A tap-in where the ball just happens to fall to a guy's feet in the box should only give a very small boost, on the other hand if a guy beats five and then smashes it in the top corner, he should get a bigger boost. More blame should also be apportioned for goals conceded. Who failed to stop the cross? Who played the striker onside by not pushing up in line with his team-mates? Who didn't track their midfield runner? Who was too slow to close the striker down before he got in the shot? All this can surely be measured quite easily, so often I want to give a player a rollocking for one of these things but he's sitting there on a 6.8 so I can't or he'll get the hump rather than the kick up the arse he needs.
  6. In a word, yes. The average salary in the Championship in 2010 was £4,059 a week. Probably closer to £6k now but even so £17k does seem a bit over the top.
  7. Yes, it's a beta - but it's also a 'only 2 weeks until gold' beta and yet looks way off the finished article. So many issues with the ME need fixing, and testing, testing, and testing again to make sure they don't have an unexpected knock-on effect elsewhere.
  8. I tried deleting all the players from the game, and then use 'Add players to playable teams', but it just creates a load of young, largely useless players on low wages on every team.
  9. I tried it out and it's the same as before, the real players with fake names. I'd love to play in a completely fictional universe
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