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  1. FMers shouldn't have an advantage from searching club to club rather than using the regular search function when playing a network game. Its really frustrating when playing against others who gain advantage by doing this. Some people have time to do this while others don't so its not a level playing field. It would be nice to fix this.
  2. The costs of scouting would be nice to have in the game. It would stop FMers wasting so much time clicking on scouting every player in the database. In multiplayer careers, this would have most benefit.
  3. Being able to filter staff on percentage capability of role. e.g. only seeing those staff who are 100% comfortable being in a coaching role. (the green bar being full in their profile). Would save many clicks.
  4. When you are told of a rival bid for a player in a news item, then tell detail of bid and your bid in the news item. There is space for it in the news item, and saves extra clicking to the players transfer info, where you can garner the bid info there anyway. Would save loads of clicks in total.
  5. When bidding for a player, having some indication of the criteria for a player to get a work permit. Perhaps also a percentage chance displayed if it is touch and go if requirements are not quite met.
  6. Players with ambition may perhaps learn the languages of the league they would like to join in the future. The kinds of players that would do this ought to be discussed. It shouldn't be that too many players do this. It needs to be limited. Those players with ambition/professionalism could also start learning a new language if they have a future transfer agreed to a club in another country too. I reckon this would be relatively easy to impement (in the general scheme of things)? It would be a nice enhancement.
  7. Sugeestion for parity when playing multiplayer - search functionality A person who does lots of searching for players using anything other than the search function has an immediate advantage over those players who only use the search function. For those that don't know, those that only use the search function will only find a limited list of players. I think that there should be an option where any player that is looked at by any player automatically becomes "tagged" so that he can be returned from a regular player search. This will negate the advantage of those people who search club--to-club or by nation or those who infuriatingly take ages to search in this way in order to gain the advantage over their opponents who may have less time to play.
  8. Press spacebar or hit the continue button to pause. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I really ought to stop skim reading posts!
  9. The game should become more intelligent to understand when you are rotating your players. This can be done by seeing you are leaving out your better players who are fit and happy. If you go on a bad run, then the squad rotation policy can be brought into question. Some players may be more accepting of rotation policy than others.
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