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  1. It is a bug I believe, it might be worthwhile taking a winger and giving him."Hugs Line" and "Stays Wide" PPMs to see if this changes the behaviour of the player.
  2. 4-1-4-1. I have two BBMs making central runs, flanked by Inverted Wingers on Attack. It's got me back to back to back promotions from League 2 to the EPL with Cambridge United.
  3. Could be worth trying to turn look for underlap on and see if this helps you out at all.
  4. Try getting your team to underlap. @Fabregas96 With thus enabled and some central runners from deep I have managed to get the outside to inside through balls working.
  5. Do they have the Ppm cuts inside? PPMs are heavily weighted this year.
  6. Agreed. And the second one is perfect interplay. But I'm guessing to acheive this you need the plays one twos ppm.
  7. I've noticed that the F9 is acting much more like a F9 now. Dropping into space during build-up and presenting and a passing option.
  8. My guess is the wide forwards with an attack duty are coded to defend more as a striker would than a wide player would. I've always worked around this with Man Marking. It could also be a work rate issue for your wide players. It's not a particularly new issue, the fullback and wingbacks defending however is.
  9. I get the same. Every team talk and my AssMan says this. I assume this means the AI managers are also using this.
  10. Is there a way that we can choose to revert to a previous ME version? This game has become near unplayable after the latest update.
  11. I've just had on my save simultaneously the fans worried I have too many players able to play Central Midfield and my squad "Worried about the lack of depth in Midfield" It makes zero sense and it's impacting some pretty important part of player happiness.
  12. This is a pretty wide-spread bug and all we get is "Does not reproduce" I've uploaded my own save with most of my squad "Pre-concerned" about "Lack of Midfield Depth" called Kent Hodder - Cambridge Utd.fm There MUST be something that is being done that triggers this. The only player who has departed my club is an attacking midfielder/striker who left on Loan - I have signed three midfield players since and nothing changes this "Pre-concern".
  13. I've reported a very similar issue and provided a pkm - no response as yet - either they've already logged it and are working on it, or there is a conscious attempt to ignore an issue they won't be fixing so they have plausible deniability later on when more issues are reported.
  14. There is a clue in the Harry Kane accepted screenshot. "He is looking forward to moving due to Tottenham's perilous financial position"
  15. Anything further here? It's making it impossible to play with ny preferred 4231 Narrow formation when my three AMCs sit on top of each other despite specific instructions to do differently.
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