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  1. The only thing I can think that might achieve what our want is a three man backline with the central defender asked to be a touch more advanced than the others. This might defeat the purpose a little bit though, because you'll end up defending with a flat 3 rather than a triangle. I'd test a BPD/Stopper role with two CD/D either side and see how it plays out. You can play your DM in that BPD role too.
  2. 4-1-4-1. I have two BBMs making central runs, flanked by Inverted Wingers on Attack. It's got me back to back to back promotions from League 2 to the EPL with Cambridge United.
  3. Could be worth trying to turn look for underlap on and see if this helps you out at all.
  4. Try getting your team to underlap. @Fabregas96 With thus enabled and some central runners from deep I have managed to get the outside to inside through balls working.
  5. Agreed. And the second one is perfect interplay. But I'm guessing to acheive this you need the plays one twos ppm.
  6. I've noticed that the F9 is acting much more like a F9 now. Dropping into space during build-up and presenting and a passing option.
  7. My guess is the wide forwards with an attack duty are coded to defend more as a striker would than a wide player would. I've always worked around this with Man Marking. It could also be a work rate issue for your wide players. It's not a particularly new issue, the fullback and wingbacks defending however is.
  8. If I notice a fullback is causing me lots of problems I'll often ask my wide player to man mark. This can pull them out of position a little going forward , but I'm happy with that sacrifice I'm also experimenting with man marking vs 3 striker formations with a 4 man defense. Fullbacks mark the outside strikers, one CB marks the central striker and the other plays as a bit of a sweeper type, with close down much less.
  9. Would the Carrileros perform their hard coded roles with the wide players in the Wingback strata?
  10. Off the top of my head another options to maybe strengthen defensively would be playing a pair of attacking inverted wingers in the midfield strata creating a 4510 type formation. The deeper starting position might help with the defensive stability although still would have some issues ib the transition phase.
  11. I'm not 100% sure how everything works under the hood, but how you've set it out woukd be exactly my interpretation of it. I guess the big question revolves more around how much the freedom is limited. Does Fluid become Flexible, Flexible becomes structured et al.
  12. Tough at the top of the league. The DoF needs to get his act together and sign some decent players.
  13. I was so intrigued by this that I've created a slightly modified version for my u18s to use to see where we get to this season. Only change was pushing one AM up into a Striker role to create a true WM formation I haven't been watching matches or consistently following the results, but I've seen some big scorelines against teams I shouldn't have a chance against. When I do watch among the most entertaining aspects of this is the pressing from the front leading to goals from mistakes or long balls to my CBs to mop up and re-start the attacking phase. It's definitely a concept I'll be playing around with.
  14. I'd say win that African Champions League and then you can move on.
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