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  1. All the same, unfortunately. The back-ups are corrupted too I guess.
  2. Ill send you the name of the files in a private message. Thanks for the swift reply.
  3. Hi, I had problems saving my game and I had to do force the game to quit. I have a couple of back-up saves that I thought Id' be able to play, but they won't load, neither of them. It really sucks! I have uploaded them to your cloud. Looking forward to get some support on this!
  4. Great thread, given me a lot of insights on how to tweak my 4231. Hope for for activity
  5. Anyone knows if/how setting up a straight 4-4-2 it will affect the results? I might do some testing on my Sheffield United save where I've been struggling to find a tactic with consistent results. Edit: absolutely loved Modern Warfare on FM2013 and hopefully, given a few months, we will see the equivalent on FM2014!
  6. Interesting, will try to follow this thread. First season I got promoted with Sheffield United, second season I did well thanks to signing Kevin Davies and using him as a target man. In the end I lost 2-0 on aggregate to Cardiff in the play-offs. Now, in the middle of my third season, I still feel the same way as the first two seasons: I struggle to find consistency. I am in the middle of my third season, and after having implemented some of your recommendations regarding specific player roles, I beat Crystal Palace away (2-1), Peterborough away (5-1), and then lost at Sunderland 4-3 after being 3-0 up after 60 minutes. I guess I didn't react when they tried to get back in the game, very frustrating.
  7. I would have to agree, had amazing results with Sheffield United and Tottenham using it.
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